Sunday, December 30, 2018


Well, guess it's back to Ye Olde Grinde, which had to happen eventually I guess..but I had a vacation that was a perfect blend of adventure and being up to my eyeballs in books. Lol, that last sentence was horribly constructed. It will take me a while to get back into things here. Here are some odds n ends and bits n bobs from this past week's perusings:

++The electrifying Liam Wong has a book called TO:KY:OO coming soon, with images featured like the one above. I wonder if this couple is having the same experience as this couple once had? Ah young love.


++I thinks the times they are a-changin' because if we were still in the 80s there would be long woman's hand with a talon sharp red fingernail tugging down on this shade.


++Someone was telling me the cheesiest Madea joke where Eugene Levy was asking her if she had WiFi that she misheard as “waffles” and I can’t wait til she does some play on the word “Ebola.” I haven’t thought of what that might be yet but I’m working on it. [Other holiday fun included quoting Julia Roberts lines from the Boy Erased commercial.][Maybe Madea could mishear something about "bowling"?]

++I'm excited for Tilda's daughter Honor Swinton-Byrne's [right with Moms and brother Xavier] career to take off, not because I have stake in it or anything. I just want Jack on Will and Grace to curse using her name and because collectively we on the inturdnet want a new "burn" phrase, me personally having way overused "Burn clinic."

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Lutheran Sushi

++Sometimes when you're eating food either at someone's house or a restaurant, it's best not to think about the big meaty hands that prepare it. 636171499840060396-photos-107110872Careful not to get a goblin if you make these! (Where can I get me some of that self-unwrapping cream cheese, ELON!?) (What I don't get is the choice not to show the hands unwrapping the cream cheese but yet show the hands all up in your wrap. Sweet mysteries of life...)[Update: So what I have learned today is that Iowans seem to apologize a lot for liking the food that they do..and that salt can be smoked with cherries?]

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


++Watched the Jimmy Carr show The Fix on Netflix and while it isn’t totally terrible it ain’t got no Sean Lock, eiiivvver(cockney). DL Hughley did have a frankly kind of viable/amazing solution to the gun control issue, though. Also learned that in the UK miniature golf is called “crazy golf.”

++Every now and then you achieve that perfection you're pushing so hard for and then it's like NOW WHAT. [Rinse. Repeat.]

++Now y'all just gettin silly.

++Even before looking up Maneskin, for some reason I had a hunch they were either X Factor-y or Boy Band, but there's no denying the growling life force or mojo in the voice of the lead singer, (Damiano David) that indefinable sumpin sumpin that transcends language. Was the viral chick trying on the high heels not available?

Don’t worry everyone I saved us all time and looked up the translation of the title and it means “beep hole.”(I suppose I’ll have to insert a link to that tweet here later to not look insane. Err, more insane.)

++Graphic designers never f-ck around with O's anymore like they used to in the 70s. There's so much you can do with those buca di beppos O Holes..

++Here's where the description section might have come in handy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

McCall's Cookbook

++This writer seems super concerned about my budget in this first paragraph. But really, how much more effective are they than throwing a rock at something? And rocks are free! Also, Twitter's real excited about hovershoes but you could also get rollerskates? Steampunk!

++That would be such a bummer to work your whole life innovating just to get called Yoda by the NYT. I love how Knuth looked stylish by today's standards back in '63.[Update: This is seriously one of the best articles I've read in ages. I will bulletpoint some highlights later, giving Knuth the same treatment I did as the Kash Doll video.*]

++Oh boy, I'm going to annoy someone singing this in the future, aren't I?

++I'm as respectful to the dead as the next gal but just once I'd like to hear someone say "Gone at just the right time."

++Well cantankerous old fool that I am this morning I'm gonna throw it back to an oft-posted fave in case some yungs out there on the WWW are rooting around in the dirt looking for some musical truffles. Just like Knuth's look from '63 I'm sure this song will still hold up 55 years from now:

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Monday, December 17, 2018



++Alison Wibmer: Oh what fun it..would be to wear some of these patterns instead of regular ol' floral or polka dots!


++Sure, people out there Я learning all about Bruuuce's life but if you want to break from the crowd to learn what happened to Faron Young, well pardner you've come to the right place! Who? Exactly. Even all these years later poor Young still loses the spotlight to the vivacious Billie Jean Horton Williams (pictured), at least in the comment section of the video by people who continually note that she was taken away at gunpoint by Hank Williams from Young and was later also linked to Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Press Pound

++Oof, it does not bode well for me that I'm already tired this early in the week's bloggo cycle. Anyway, allz I got this StSSunday is a video I clicked on because it has Cole Bennett's little milk carton logo (I know it's not a milk carton.) More later if I can manage to wake up![As someone who was recently in the market for a used pickup truck, he should take better care of that thing. They are hard to find.][Side note, I never did buy one, but if I were to have boughten a truck the F-150 from the 80s would have been my choice. And then once you take note of them you see them everywhere, where you once never noticed them at all!]


++Ya always know yer high class more expensive wall calendars when they tell you the exotic location you're looking at. The dollar store calendars be like: "You have Google, you figure it out!"

++Update: Ooh more great milkcartoning below...crazy flow. I like this one even better. J.I.D's real name is Destin Choice Route, which was already a ready made moniker to begin with but do you, JID.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Drama Musical Romance


++Well, I'm not going to name names, but I regret to say that I have found the worst interviewer in my long and storied history of interview watching. And it's a professional, too. Not even one of those kids from high school who get to meet their idol. Perhaps I'm holding him/her to a different standard. So she/he gets paid to do this butchery. It reminds me a lil of this tweet, heheh. Then again, you almost have to admire someone who makes oodles of money without knowing how to do it well.

++"Roped in"...interesting choice of words.

++Thinking back on it now, I'm pretty sure we all collectively dreamed those Hangover movies. Those weren't real.

++Two wildly different opinions on this lucite backgammon set. Seems to me that if the board starts melting it might make for more interesting paths of movement.

++Hoping they spin off Dorgle, though I never saw even the movie. Just like saying Dorgle.[Update: Close, but no cigars.]

++Waves: I swear I don't mean to keep writing about Lucas's now become that old thing teachers used to tell you: "Don't think about your feet inside your shoes." I was just minding mah own business checking to see what director Trey Edward Shults was up to and there's our hero again. So instead let's focus on Canada's gorgeous Taylor Russell, who currently has 4 films in post production. Waves is classified as a "Drama Musical Romance" which makes me wonder what kind of music it'll have cuz that's whatttaaa I like-a!

++Fun dynamic happening between a group of women I was observing like Nick Carraway yesterday: Women who have grown to despise men staring daggers with their eyes at the other older women who have clearly grown to appreciate men and sex told some stories. I guess this doesn't have be about women necessarily but people generally either age gratefully (I see what you did there...that's gotta be on an etsy pillow somewhere) or they don't?

++Alrighty then, let's close off this week with some old fashioned Drive By Truckers, where he talks about making it through 2014. 2014! Yells everyone in 2018, incredulously.

Monday, December 10, 2018


Screenshot_2018-12-10 MICO ( mico_sis) • Instagram photos and videos

++Fun game I’ve been playing all week is when hearing Christmas songs replacing the word Christmas in my mind with “Isis.”

++I wanted to see if the field full of crooked, wooden birdhouses [3:19] turned on their sides where MICO (or She is Summer) is moping about is the same field where Florentijn's Hofman's pianos have gone haywire, cuz I'd recommend sending someone out there to straighten things out. The internet never gives you the info that's REAAAALLLY important! (Sadly, I did actual research for this short observation.) This song doesn't have a predictable structure but stirs up some pleasing old DeBarge memories for me, bout midway through.

A Giant Story

++Just a placeholder here on this busy morning...I'll be honest, reader, I have not yet watched this video (that commenters seem to love??), an ad for Intuit, that at first glance seems like a ripoff of Iron Giant? I only know about it because I looked up whether the company still exists because The Rapture could sell them their old song if they wanted to....[MORE LTRZ!][Update: Ok, I watched it and I'm while I can't say I'm a fan, (it steals egregiously from the sentimental Pixar playbook, pullin at the ol hearstrings like pl-cking Chet Atkins) I will say that the animation is nicely done.)

++Ortho-K: I don't think I've met a real living person who is ever as polite or helpful as the writer who writes the answers to a FAQ piece.

++Josh Grobes is a heck of a lot braver than most of us...forget Free Solo, this is true livin' on the edge to hand over your phone in front of a live audience. Kind of surprised me that he is friends with so many fellow singer-songers! That's one of my favorite aspects about music and the arts is how collaborative/supportive it is compared to other fields.

++I got super absorbed by the coverage from roving NYT reporter Liz Alderman of #GiletJaune on the streets of Paris. The camerawork is hilarious tho, totally what it would be like if I was the cameraperson because I am always looking around and scanning the surroundings, focusing on the wrong things, like an ADHD Continental. As I was watching, I yelled out the following things to my husband who only has a passing interest in all the events and kept say "mmhmm" to the following: "Now they're talkin' FREXIT!".."I thought the jackets would be a little more amber in color"...."Canada, too?"...."Like, 8 bucks for gas and half of that is taxes?!".."Belgium,too!"..."Oh yeah, Russia's helpin everything along!"  And so on and so on. Fun times last night.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

How You Like Cooked

++I rail on tech in modern life as much as the next connected girliegirl, still what amuses me to no end is the sound effect of thunder before the veggies get sprayed at the grocery store. Not only is it harmless aka non-annoying but as far as all of the bells, whistles and alarms in everyday life go it is not only functional but kind of clever and childish in a fun way. I thought for sure that You Tube would have this thing I'm talking about, and perhaps it does, but I wasn't able to enter the right search terms. They do have ASMR of the checkstand scan noise along with background crowd noise, that seems to me would annoy some people? Also, depending on what part of town you are from this might sound incomplete with the sound of the meth/crackhead screaming profanities at you, asking you to stop staring at them?

++Gonna make it a short StSSunday, and just toss this older article about chef Agustin Balbi who when asked about food and music recommends okonomiyaki (or "how you like" = "cooked"), the Strokes, Jamiroquai and Argentina's Soda Stereo:

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Rich Text

++I'm not sure where I stand wrt to this week's self imposed post quota, I think I'm all up-to-date... I'm really just here posting because I think it would be really funny if Julia Roberts was so legitimately mad at Lucas Hedges (and not just hamming it up for the audience and Colbert) that she did one of those Conor McGregor type face-offs you see above with him and the fight got so big that they went f-ckin CAGE MATCH. (Will try to link to the aggro wrestler announcer voice I'm imagining here later.)[Footnote: I adore Roberts' summary of mahjong and concur completely.]

++Hearing murmurs that the next installment of Seven Up! will be coming early next year. I bet Michael Apted taunts (the also longitudinally-inclined) Richard Linklater whenever he sees him, hm, maybe like that pic above also??

++10 Tablespoons of butter?!? Martha, you got a death wish, girl.

++Scientists keep barking up the nuclear fusion tree but they should really pursue other people's ability to disappoint you as an unlimited energy source. (Wah wah wah.)(Tesla was sooo close.)

++If I could the head of a Pulitzer committee for excellence in computer generated articles my nomination, nay, the prize(!) .. would go to this one by about the great Aaron Hall. From the punctuation in the title to the the spam pop-up at the end? Chef's every way for its category.

***Anyway, here's a post that was in the drafts folder below, from earlier in the week:***

++I am not setting out to intentionally keep talking about that one Keane song but over the weekend, serendipitously, several of the Brits I follow kept referring to the newest “John Lewis advert” and I discovered that the company puts out a new one every year that is wildly anticipated and then torn down by everyone as is of course human nature.

They are a wee bit sappy for me as I have a dried up tube of Flex Glue where my heart used to be..BUT, I do love the music in several of them. Usually covers.  I stopped going back in time watching each year’s offering at U Guessed It... that version of the Keane song by Lilz Allen we all fell in love with so long ago. Sure it kicked off many horrible covers since then, unleashing a plague that none of us have ever recovered from.. perhaps I’m being dramatic.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Like One of Your French Oranges

++Boy Pablo: I didn’t read the comments under this video, (still a little traumatized from Ice Me Out if I’m being honest) so I’m sure someone will make fun of how lo fi it all is..but consider the talent when the guitar has no strings and who’s laughing now. Also the ending, can someone please get these guys some handrails?

++Not sure why this person has chosen to write this “In Defense of” essay on something that no one ever attacks.

++Lifetime Movie: "I Ordered Everyone I Love Velour Tracksuits"

++Listen, I would be an inventor too if I "had the capital." All of us would. (Like, why not make the pizza box out of pizza crust to save space in the trash can? Then u just unroll the pizza and bam! No trash. I can’t work out all the hygiene issues right now. Do I have to do everything for you people?)

++Eternal Sunshine was inspired by a Yoko Ono like art experiment where someone wanted to film the reactions of people receiving a provocative card in the mail that said “You have been erased from ______’s memory.” Amazing repercussions from the artist’s (who received co-screen writing credit) one thought that you could say went on to inspire not only Michel Gondry but a multitude of other thinkers for generations. Was his work AS inspired or inspiring as the guy who created the really stoned looking cat on an herbal collar product I saw over the weekend? Apples and oranges, I suppose. Or as good as the shy Cutie orange who looks embarrassed at you are removing her outer peel? Genius too in my book, all considered.


Monday, December 03, 2018


These are the finest, the creme de la creme of the comments on this Kash Doll video, as of this writing, anno domini. (My faves anyway...)

  • "Everybody please stand for our national thot anthem.
  • Frostbite has left the chat
  • None of these hoes is Nicki's sons
  • She must really like ice
  • I might be wrong but I think she wants him her out?

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Dance Party UK

++Gonna get a lil jumpstart on tmrw's post right now.I wanted to see who wrote what is probably Keane's best-known song that seems to be experiencing a revival these days, Somewhere Only We Know. (Or is it like Mr. Brightside in that it has never gone away?) Main songwriting credit seems to go to Tim Rice-Oxley, who has one of the more succinct wikis I've seen and a Life and Career section that appears to have been edited by his parents? Or someone who is totally pro-parent anyway. Hope he paid them back for those lessons.

A few You Tube hop, skips and suggestions later I remembered how much I used to love young Bryan Cranston Damien Rice's song Volcano and that terrific cellist who should've gotten way more credit. Had never seen the video above that starts off slow but soon matches his intensity and emphasizes the need for pier handrails and safety. (Normally I'd deliver a caustic remark about a certain big headed British presenter in this space, he who we shall not speak of..). Anyway, would love to see a Thom Yorke, Damien Rice, Lorde dance-off...they'd probably all really be in sync. Also here's a vid from Tom Rice-Oxley's subsequent side project, Mt. Desolation.


++Lots of stuff happening in the Fine Brothers logo..I don't totally hate it?

++We have a next door neighbor I not-so-lovingly refer to as Dottie DingDong who we've caught going through our trash and any time we hear the song "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum I ask my husband if he's ever heard the Dottie DingDong (as the nickname sounds like "Norman Greenbaum") version done in the style of Weird Al, with lyrics that include "Gonna go through the trash that's the best."

++Some say Twitter is now the fastest news delivery system but I've yet to see any news rendered faster than me pointing out a Google search where I looked it up and I was in fact right and the other person was wrong.

[Then again, when I look it up and I'm the one who's wrong then that info quietly disappears faster than a Friday night news dump.]

++I know several flat matts, none of them beautiful.

++One thing no one tells you is that you hit a certain age and start to seriously f-ck with velour tracksuits. Won't be long now til I take up bridge or mahjong.

++Developing: This new Jodie Whittaker impression I do is not only mocking but downright annoying. The key is to blur all the words.

++Just saw this article. Winds be changin' again?! I can't keep up.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Light Lunch

++I'm gonna put this here as a placeholder for now, cuz I got nothing else. It's pretty old but I recommend watching the whole thing because it made me laff my socks off. Good grief what a violent game with a strong father-son dynamic, the one thing that filmmakers always is the most powerful thing to include if you're trying to go for the jugular with me. Okay, here they maybe take that going for the jugular thing literally? What do I know about male bonding.This can't be healthy for teens at all, not to get all Tipper Gore...yipes.

++I could live, like, a million more years and not know whether or not the general public thinks the Dave Matthews Band is cool. It is not a cut and dry issue (unlike some other band-o's!) I think they should be put on the stock market. Married couples, siblings, music critics, street vendors, your local pastor.. all have different takes, and whenever the wind blows a different direction that take might change! I feel like they're up this year.

++For kix, I decided to see if there were any Groupons for Grouper. Answer: No! Howeverz, there was a site that was a clone of Groupon that got bought in 2011, for a nice little payout even for the one guy who didn't get the memo that day to dress in black. For further disambiguation this is the grouper fish, and this is live footage of the alleged groping founder of La Croix.

++Aaand to close out this folk/spiritual week, a little something more moderne from The Milk Carton Kids!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


++Ugg, meet bootie. Bootie have you met Ugg? These seem to be trying to appeal to two totally different women. The Shaggy/Sting of shoes.

++Condiments for cannibals? Mmm, skin.

++I didn't know Netflix runs old classic episodes of Jeopardy, a development that is delightful for those of us always looking for comforting non-musical white noise while working.


++I'm always either working or blogging so I don't get out much anymore, except to very exotic far flung places. When I do go out into the everyday world I'm always startled by booths and popup type constructions created for the express purpose of taking photos or selfies. Not my thing, but you kids go have fun. That being said, I would be beyond down for an app where I could chase down works by Forentijn "Giant Rubber Duckie" Hofman and collect'em all.  I suppose there would be a danger of posting them on social media (gotta get one those social medias), because the pianos in particular are my mood all day every day these days.  (Tho I am occasionally mischievous like an industrial bay hippo. Fun! Does anyone remember laffter?)

++Ooh, shall I do a theme week this week? Spirituals and folk songs? Why the folk not:

(Aside: Speaking of PBS, people were none too amused over Thanksgiving when I kept shouting out "3-2-1 PIE CRUST!")

(just like no one ever laughs at the laundry basket on backside Kim K impression. humorless, I say.I even waddle!)


Monday, November 26, 2018

Hobo Kin

++Okay, back on the horse here after that day mixup debacle! Just a few more oldie thoughts before moving on here...was playing the very simple "Blowing in the Wind" on the piano over the weekend and my husband informed me that it's generally accepted that the melody was lifted from an old slave spiritual, heard above.

++I'm sorry, but there's no way I can see Green Book because in all the trailers Viggo Mortensen looks like and has the same facial expressions as Al Bundy. Stick a big red wig in the backseat and then maybe you'll get my dollars. Also, how many more movie parents is Lucas Hedges going to torment in a movie? They should form a support group. Look alive, Chalamet.

(Speaking of sons, when you Google Viggo Mortensen, one of the first results that comes up is his son. "Viggo Mortensen's son" prob gets into "Whos On First"-type sitchs when he's meeting people for the first time, I bet.)

++Also, I keep hearing Dolly Parton's Here You Come Again in various commercial contexts and it seems like she missed an opportunity to duet with Reagan. #modernbaseball

++Only a brave soul takes on a classic!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Persistent Memories

++Hm., use the eucalyptus oil to get stain and paint off hands or risk multi organ failure. Decisions, decisions.

++Residents of Slovenlyville often complain that because it is an express, the Hot Mess Express doesn't stop in their town frequently enough. But because they are so slovenly, they can't get it together long enough to address this issue.

++Well my well has run dry on this Shoot the Sh-t Sunday, probably too much tryptophan from the turkey still in mah system. This lead to a dream where I was in a kitchen where the countertops were too high. I'd love if instead of haunted houses, they would do more surreal fun houses for adults to partake in (because as Simon Pegg says we're all now in a state of continual, arrested development & nostalgia, so I say throw some temper tantrums to get what we want, too!). Saw an old fun dead Mr. Bean-ish relative in my dream. Maybe they'll (Oculus go, is that still a thing?) give you the chance to pick out fun relatives you want to see again in this memory fun house I'm imagining.

I once stayed at a place that had bubble mirrors (like the one above)(if you suffered from double vision you'd probably have to do fractions in your head to determine what you looked like on that day) which sort of reminded me of funhouse mirrors. Anyway, as I said, that's all I'm contemplating on this StSS... too high countertops and bubble mirrors, perceptions and reeeeeaaaaallllity. What does it all mean!

[Update: Husband informs me my musings were already an episode of Black Mirror. I assured him on my quest he would NOT be played by Domhnall Gleeson.][Second update: It’s only Saturday! Haha, tryptophan doesn’t mess around!]


Monday, November 19, 2018


++Well, because of the holidays, posting will be truncated. More so than's post will most likely be it. For the month? For the year? Where will the sidewalk end? Hmm. This may be one of those AI generated articles I spoke of the other day. Because halfway through I was like..

++Always a little difficult to accept that that nerd you knew became a popular DJ? (Or documentarian?) Like, I used to be much cooler than that dude.

++Not one but two Bieber stories involving eggs today? What is happening?

++The only fun thing that's happened this year is Hugh Jackman's hair in that new movie.

++Speaking of 2018, if I had a slam poetry show I'd show a pic of America and dramatically yell "WHO DID THIS?" really dramatically instead of the laffing emoji, shock that audience with the crying emoji.

++The only time I'd ever call myself a Nazi is whenever I'm deciding which chocolate to eat, my index finger waving and twitching like a divining rod over the options in the box, and I finally settle on my selection in a JFK twigs voice, "I choose you Uber Alles." Even though he didn't say Uber Alles. Uber Alles/Ich Berliner, let's call the whole thing off! (Ah, I should've told this story about donuts and not chocolates.)

++Forget Montezuma's Revenge, now there's Romaine's Revenge?

++Aw it's too bad the reunions aren't done in front of an audience otherwise they could have all joyously yelled the word "Cocaine!"the way they do in the Clapton live version.

++Have I really lived life if I've never felt passionate enough about anything to challenge people to "@ me!"?

++No joke, am legit fascinated by this  Elliott couple tying the Koch Bro’s to Brexit. Not intrigued enough to click on the long read..but sufficiently piqued to throw off a bullet point!

++How long will I avoid listening to Billie Eilish? I suppose I need to at least click once, but today isn't the day...instead I'll just post some Coup from a few months ago, just my speed, howzzat? (Will youngbloods of today even know who Aaron Neville is?)

 ++For no good reason at all I decided to Foofle the name of the creator of La Croix to see if there would be anything of substance there, and of course there was. "Scurrilous" makes the groping sound extra furious, bringing to mind squirrels. 2 Fast 2 Scurrilous? Here's some live footage of the groping in question.


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  • St. Paul and the Broken Bones
  • Girls
  • The xx
  • Jay Reatard
  • Local Natives
  • Vivian Girls
  • Miike Snow
  • Passion Pit
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Oh Land (Not popular but das my girl right there, CHEA!)MGMT Forever