Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Spectacle


++If you have a song in a musical where a word at the end of a line rhymes with the exact same word of the next line I will be forced to strike my chest and curse your name to the skies until the end of my days.

++Trader Jose is trying, bless his little heart but he needs someone to teach him the laws of uniformity in shaping his tortillas. I can't be having one perfectly round tortilla paired with another shaped like Chile, my man. 

++I read a tweet yesterday about Estonia's own Jaan Tallinn (double letters must be a real thing out there) the co-founder of Skype, pictured above, who is backing efforts to help us all what he calls "develop our [ethical] muscle" when it comes to the use of AI.  The word ethical in brackets is my own of course, because that's a slippery slope, like, whose ethos? The good news is that someone is looking into the whole thing. I watched this video where among two of his major areas of concern currently are nanotechnology and the Unknown Unknown, a phrase theoretical physicists use to label things we don't know about what we don't know [better known as mindf-ck, mindf-ck][ brackets again mine.]

Trademark jadedness aside, I was surprised at how cheery Tallinn is, he legitimately sees both sides of the advancement coin, as did the late Aaron Swartz, and the documentary YT recommended after watching the good Mr. Tallinn's. It's funny how the two men likely didn't know each other and had near identical answers with regards to the duality of change.

Anyhoo, my other takeaway from the Swartz doc was how some serious felony level laws in the US are based on the movie War Games and also how the intro to Tallinn's early video game is kinda a jam?  [Editor's Note: Went against instinct for once and did not name this post "Livin In Your Radio" -Toby Keith or "Living rent free in your mind"- Avenatti]

Monday, May 20, 2019

Five Nights At Freddy's


++They say there's more freedom in our society now than ever before and yet the "powers that be" still refuse to accept that people will scrub their dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. Just LET US PREWASH OUR DISHES!

++I didn't read this article or watch Endgame, but I assume they were all in that last movie at once?

++This picture reminded me of small smile I smiled at PFT's tweet about Pikachu, not being allowed to be sweet. Especially the line in the next thread where he says "I want to hug him and not hear him say "Yeah that's gonna leave a mark." lolololol. PFT, one of the only voices of reason left in the world.  The original Sonic was not that guy, but still..it'd be a real game changer if they made some of these characters more emo, and maybe just maybe "leave a mark" on young boys' psyches.

++Pretty tight! So that's where my suitcase lost in Florida ended up #f-ckinFlorida:  

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wiggle Room

++This thought should probz stay in the drafts folder but two Generation Letters (insert time lapse video here) came and went in the time I just waited for Photoshop to finally get off the pot and open.

++Was about to make an un-PC joke about blink-182's song What's My Age again but into the inappropriate joke vault it goes!#room101#vivaSkinner

++Watched a ton of old Howard Stern interviews and all I got out of it was that David Spade dated the teacher from VH's Hot for Teacher.

++Too busy to get into it now but the Irish singer-songer of two of my fave songs from my Yoot died so so very tragically. Cinematic.

++While all the kiddos are listening to Joji who is not to be mistaken for Our Lady of Jojo Siwa, (what they call a "mood") I'm all over here searching for the feeling I get from listening to the voice of the guy who helmed Ambulance LTD.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


++Watched the trailer for that Will Poulter movie Midsommar and all it did (didn't scare me) was remind me of an indie video perhaps the Stealing Sheep Apparition one I posted a few weeks back.

++Asked my husband if he found a certain popular comedian funny and he said "No, he just has a loud laugh." And the more I thought about it, so many of them do.

++Not really feeling this new episode of Black Mirror.

++I feel like Schmendall Jehnner is always being left out of fam activities and volunteer myself as tribute to go into therapy on her behalf.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Gonna get a headstart on StSS today...with a few random gleanings from my talk show watchings:

++ I Am Spartacus: Gillian Anderson's accent here...

...vs here, is something to ponder. Almost like two completely different people.

Actors are such chameleons even when it's not for a role? Maybe she's like how your phone automatically switches over on Daylight Saving Time.

++And more randomness Alec Baldwin & Russ Brand, from Rock of Ages, presented without comment. The commenters on YT were surprisingly complimentary! 

Wednesday, May 08, 2019



++While I've had a pretty well documented love for the Pop Socket, I wonder why they don't have a little door you could slide open to allow it a suction feature. Curious. (oh man, that's a real venn diagram for ya that when you look up suction cup toys on eBay, adult toys are also lumped into the same category. Be sure to click on the right one all ye shoppers, so the people you're sending a baby gift don't get a surprise not-so-special delivery.) 

++Here’s another matchup in my song theme point/counterpoint brackets: Geowulf’s Saltwater vs. Frank Ocean’s Swim Good. Maybe they can go against whoever wins in Kendrick vs. Emmy the Great’s  competing Swimming Pools.

++Much like they examine the rings inside trees, future scientists will be able to assess what was happening in society by the thickness in women's eyebrows at the time.

++Inneresting trivia I discovered while watching more Britpanel last night, Andrew Lloyd Webber once had a hit techno single under the guise Dr. Spin with a song all about Tetris. Gonna link to it later here, just so I'm sure I haven't lost it completely with that bonkers sentence. (Update: hey now, it's real and it's not horrible haha?)(My husband who is a big fan of the failed Starlight Express vision posits that ALW prob would have had performers dressed in geometric costumes spinning around and eventually “coupling.”)

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Doo Doo Doo

Holy crackers, even busier than ever these days. Sleep? What's that??

++Anyway, in my ever elusive free time I chortle to myself about a line in this episode of Not Going Out where one of the main characters talks about how she's a fan of all the surrealists: Dali, Dada and Dido..becuz Dido forever!! (Update: I was going to goof on Dido for saying 'I am what I am" like Popeye so I wiki'd her and her real name is way more complicated than any joke with a Paddington connection, no less.)

And also weirdly I've been listening to massive amounts of Rage Against the Machine, and if I can find it I will link to a hilarious meme of Ned Flanders saying "F--k you, I won't Diddly Do What you tell me!

Side note: In one of RAtM's video's directed by Michael Moore, they zoomed in on a sign presciently proclaiming "Donald Trump for President." In ya face, Nostradamus!

++In my imagination if I pit Mark Knopfler in a song debate against Lucinda Williams, the winner of that fight would go against whoever wins between Dusty Springfield and Leslie Gore in the brackets. 

Sunday, May 05, 2019


Gonna ease back into postin' again..

++I'll keep an open mind about Rami Malek's next venture as a Bond baddie, but I think he really should have stayed within his wheelhouse and pivoted toward (you know the old wheelhouse pivot) another biopic, this time: Julia Louis Dreyfus.

++Forget all these intersecting superhero plotlines..what I wanna know is when the backup dancers and nannies working to infiltrate and eventually take down Hollywood will join forces..

The Love Witch had a midnight showing at the New Bev that I toyed with seeing last night just because I'd not heard of it, and that's always fun. That and this casual dazzler by Geowulf came out in 2016 and darned if I hadn't heard this song either til it was used in a commercial this year. Where was I in '16?? (Update, I just watched this trailer and it's nsfw, looney and I love it haha.)


Wednesday, May 01, 2019



++I don't know where I rate on the food snob scale but it is somewhere between laughing at the snootiness of a waiter making a "big production" (as my Mom used to say) and much fanfare over pouring an "excellent selection" of bottled water and being horribly disappointed at the arrival of bad sushi.  Above, a shot of my furrowed brow as I receive my bad sushi.

++Been noticing so many men wearing navy blue suit blazers and let's keep this trend alive for a while fellas. (approved stamp thunk sound effect)

++Still on my Russ Howard trip lately and his convo with spaceman Chris Hadfield legitimately gave me the chills, in a good way! Love how scientists like Brian Cox and documentarians like Theroux get the rock star treatment in the UK. (Also highly recommend listening to Erin Lee Carr, daughter of David, chattin' with Terry Gross. I was one of Carr's mentioned cult followers, a fangirl like Gross and as the daughter of a one time larger than life parental figure am pulling for her individual career success.)

Monday, April 29, 2019

Merrily Merrily

++I wasn't sure if I dreamed this song and my husband didn't recall it, but luckily 7.7 million views backed me up. Way weirder than my recollection, lol.

++Generally stay away from anything with the word illusionist, but kinda curious to see the movie  Derren Brown is pushing in this Russell Howard interview. And if anyone wants to cry for a million years may I recommend this chat? As someone who might have seen all the talk show interviews You Tube has to offer, my goodness it was so brave and unflinching on the sides of both men. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cute Little Eskimo

++Anyone wanna hear my new (more?) racist rendition of Travelin' Man?

++Lots of ladies dancing stiffly in pharma commercials these days.

++While this is a cool ol' win I feel like the courts should be frying some bigger marlin, whale even, when it comes to things we need to be looking at in relation to the Constitution.

++This new Silversun Pickups video seems like a throwback of a throwback.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019


++Sean Hayes is quickly advancing on my must click list of talk show guests, somewhere behind Spade, Spader and Mikey Shannon. And in terms of ligh'nin' quick wit he's up there with Lee Mack.

++Poor Stephen Dorff and I have the same problem where our alter egos/avatars have lead more exciting lives than our IRL selves. The stories Andres Balazs must know behind that Cheshire expression of his...

++Here Comes My Girl, Here Comes Your Man, Here Comes Santa Claus.

++Idk why I find it so funny that I always get spam emails about terrible things befalling Kelly Ripa. But I will tell ya that every time I read one, it's always Cartman's voice saying "Oh my god. They killed Kelly!"

++Guess I’m Reading Letters to the Editor Years Old.

++Emmy and the Wild Beasts guy? To quote James Corden(sorry Frankie Boyle) :"100% yes."

++Wondering if his voice will still sting and sizzle on the long promised El-P solo album. Nervous smile emoji. Thinking looking up emoji.

++A Director who has blocked me has a new project out with a performer I’ve always been so-so about, so knock yerselves out buddiez.

++In the past 24 hours learned that Sam Harris (the philosopher not the Star Search singer)is the son of the lady who created Golden Girls from a tweet that I will link to [here] later, then I read some of his stuff, then I read some of his critics' stuff, and come full circle feeling like I've learned nothing. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kiefer Live


++This message seems political. Should I maybe be triggered or something?

++So totally down for a Brazilian-French connection today...

Monday, April 22, 2019

A Little Too Tall

++I got nuthin' against but breeders, but c'mon early morning news programme breeders, take it down a notch.

++Ooh, so let's ease back into this week with this older Night Moves jammy that's a very LA Priest kinda mellow, no?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Also Known As Snotnose

++Just watched a Ted Talk by a British lady so dystopian that it made the rants of the British climate change guy on Frankie Boyle's show the other day look like Mr. Rogers. Oh brits, you entertain me then give me nightmares.

++Husband telling me about one of the ZZ top guys musing about how the word Tush is Yiddish. Paraphrasing: "I don't know how a Yiddish word got to Texas. All it takes is one guy from New York."

++The digital jukebox in my hand decided to randomly shuffle on to one of the golden oldies I used to love so much, and I said to myself, yeah "M-GA" but to that sweet spot in the mid to late aughts when music was great. And also 1977-80ish. Can you calibrate the the M-GA time machine to certain 5 year periods? How dat work. 

Anyway, this is one of those songs I post erry couple of years. Realizing I knew nothing about this band, or as is sometimes the case these days, I once knew but now forgot I looked them up and two of the main contributors from back in the day have the best names: Robertdale Rulon Crow, Jr. (of course that zen sound comes from Encinitas. How could it not.) and Armistead Burwell Smith IV. Just to keep things simple they go by Rob Crow and Zach Smith. So Encinitas.

++I'm so insanely busy and easily confused to begin with that my mind is like scrambled eggs (hold the tossed salad) and my favorite saying, almost Tourettes-y (less popular than Etsy competitor) is from the David Pumpkins sketch "I'm in the weeds with _____" 

"I am the Queen of Addled Thiiiiiinking!"

++I have often have this same expression when listening to music, spirit album cover:

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


++Geez Louise, it's comical how insanely busy I am today..I'm just gonna post this video and call it a day!

Monday, April 15, 2019



++I was at Target a couple of weeks back, and it had been a long time since I stepped into one and was kind of wandering around in a deadeyed daze as one does in Target when I ALLASUDDEN noticed the coloring of the flooring beneath me had changed to an industrial rubberized surface and the colors got muted. I suddenly felt the urge to pop a frosty cold one and don a fedora (above) because I'd inadvertently entered the men's grooming store, where they sell products like this:


..It's kind of a bold move and amusing to me that Target is doubling down on the gender roles as Gen Z becomes increasingly non-binary? These are things I struggle to work out in my head just like how I've never been able to craft that NeneLeakes/Wikileaks joke that's been germinating about a decade now. Gonna go with the obvious related song because I've got too much to do to think about NeneLeakes jokes!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Gated Residential


++Entering into Studio Feixen's website looks/feels a little like seeing a cross section of the inside of my brain, busy-ness wise.

++Samantha Fish: At one point this video starts to get wobbly and looks all fuzzy and hazy. Maybe it's nothing or maybe the heat coming off the performance creates something like a mirage?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


++Frankie Boyle's very Un-PC joke about Biggie Smalls has had me chuckling to myself for a few hours now. I also find it hilarious how much he can't stand Ricky Gervais and James Corden. The climate change guy's ravings will haunt me in mah sleep, tho.

++Jiminy crickets this week is getting away from me. Aack, won't make the quota this week!

Was listening to NPR this morning and they did one of the best pieces I've heard in ages, quite long by their standards, about the "Hippie National Anthem" played so endlessly in movies and on soundtracks that to my ears it has become almost like white noise. Didn't realize there have been so many covers of the song, and like Ram Jam's Black Betty (Leadbelly!) the origins of the song go way way back. They played a not so stellar Carpenter's rendition.

A lot of singers/cover-ers fall under the spell of the  two opening sentences in particular:

"Love is but a song to sing. Fear's the way we die."

I like when a reporter spit-shines an old gem and makes it shine again so you see/hear it anew. On a separate note, Cokie Roberts is a boss ass bitch how she wields her sword of knowledge but that's a topic for a different day. Up above, my beloved Kingston Trio's take on the whole matter.

Monday, April 08, 2019


++Haha, I love the first comment under Black Betty: "I don't listen to this song very often. But when I do. So do my neighbors."

++Sure, music is great but have you ever had someone laugh hard at your joke?

++One of those teeny modern gripes I have is that I wish the picture that shows when you play The Trip would be this one and not this one.

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