Sunday, March 03, 2019


++In a video I was watching the other night someone suggested a man didn't have a real beard, rather, a toupee of a beard and Ayoade one-upped them and said, (paraphrasing) "actually his head is made completely of real hair and he put on an artificial faceplate over all the hair." Wildly quick on the uptake. Thought of that when I saw the image above.

++I guess I've become completely nihilistic cuz I used to be alarmed by these kinds of stories and now I'm like, meh. Nothing'll ever be the surprising after that Buscemi/Jennifer Lawrence meld.

++Sometimes you get little sparks of creativity that have nowhere to go (hence the blog! Quick! To the blog!) such as: A face in your car's back up camera [Next Mission Impossible?] or when some realtor talks about the "house settling" thinking about the house talking about how she didn't marry the one that got away? [New Yorker cartoon?]

++The baby in this pic looks like he's thinking "What exactly have I gotten myself into, here?"

++Found Jonathan Lloyd while watching a Tory Burch show, a different though equally simple and stunning song..surprised he doesn't have more content on Youtuberz. (Unless he's also Johnny Lloyd?) Delightfully Kings of Convenience/classic Geico commercial airiness to his sound. Oof, I'd put him on my sidebar but his sound is so easy on the ears it's likely to get swooped up by a corporation and ruined foreveaaaahhhh.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Time to close up the week with some music and boy what a video it is. A commenter asks "Bjork and Nina's love child? "And gotta agree with that. If music doesn't work out for serpentwithfeet he could go on HSN too cuz his jewelry game is strong.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Scooby Dooby Doo


++Noticing a preponderance of couture capes (and A-line shapes in general) lately and the part of me that loves old-fashioned visual/cartoon(Looney Tunes?) comedy pictures a skit where once the lady removes the cape her body is cone-shaped.

++Haha, the reason not to click on horoscopes is because they use phrases like "grow with the flow."

++Saw a grownass lady in Whole Foods the other day wearing Heelys and heelin' on thru the produce section and had to stop myself from visibly, well, you know, Scanloning, obviously. I mean the reaction was not from the woman living her life, I was just surprised that they still made Heelys. I've never had them and think they maybe should have given Bird scooters and one wheel scooters more of a run for their money. Ooh, what if you rocked both? Oy vey, must work now. This seems related, somehow:

Monday, February 25, 2019


++Another busy today! Here's something else that You Tube recommended to me recently, and while the method to my madness in discovering new music has always been snoopin around in unexpected places, I'm wondering who exactly the YT robot thinks I am?

++Funny trend I've noticed among small Mom and Pop shops lately: naming stuff "Jr."  Probably because they're running out of names and much better than the ill-advised "#2" suffix.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Glory, Fame and Fortune

DrLupo-reveals-who-the-best-Apex-Legends-playerand-its-not-shroud++Aack, have even less time than usual on this busy StSSunday, and in a first, am at a location where I'm not even able to listen to what I'm posting. Ah well, this is for my own reference anyway from a tweet that I will link to later here where fans of Dr. Lupo photoshopped 6000 ways from Sunday. Dear future me, enjoy listening to whatever it is you are about to hear below, open for a surprise, you cutie:

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tell Me Why

++I think my massive accumulation of crystallized knowledge is finally starting to turn on me. My inner voice is now mixing music, metaphors and idioms into one huge nonsensical blender. Putting on superthick clothing before bed last night I sang "Black Sweatpants at Sunnnsettt." And muttering things to myself like "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for me to find my favorite lipstick in my purse. "  Addle-ment is nigh!

++Sounding of sound effects, imagine getting dissed by this guy. He'd have so many more varietals of the sad trombone "waah waah."

++Make up your mind spam:keto or CBD? Pick a lane.

++Politicians are ruining all my old fave songs by using them in campaigns.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


++Mid 60 degree temps starting Friday? Can I get an amen?

++My yen for more obscure yet useful items knows no bounds. This is getting to be a problem. Was also noticing over the weekend that my OCD is now starting to extend to the outside world when in a restaurant couldn't stop noticing the light fixtures that were just slightly askew. Also I've never been the grammar police or perfect speller but when someone's selling something and they misspell the name of the product, the word people will literally use to search for their product, I just wanna help. Nope, still wrong.

++Don't sweat it everyone, I did the footwork and Taron David Egerton is in no way related to Joel Edgerton or even Dave Eggers for that matter. So relax, all  you Henry Louis Gateses. And yet, Jim Moret is the son of James Darren, so there's a lolly for ya.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Clever Wordplay

Ooohwee, another busy day today but I've been clicking on some old interviews with Aaron Hall (which I don't recommend doing lol) and Too Short and gonna put this one up that I haven't actually watched yet to listen to later to learn more about MC Hammer's amazingly rich and storied history that should be made into a documentary or at least a Documentary Now? MC Hammer..who knew! Catch ya on the other side tmrw with some analysis on all my findings.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Running Tally

49 Painting of Juan Domingo Peron and Eva Duarte Peron painted by Numa Ayrinhac close up Casa Rosado Buenos Aires
Per usush, I've got a million and a half things to do and two million ways to procrastinate so I will most likely just keep adding random thoughts to this post for today's StheSSunday.

++ I know I keep harpin on this but New Yorker's cartoons have REALLY been killing it lately. (Said like Larry King/King's Things) Some editor decided to finally skewing them younger, aimed more at millennials, I suspect. I especially like the little whimsical doodles in between the margins of the articles. Whimsy!

++Ruined the flasher's fun that day, I'm sure.

++Now I have *two* superdirty almost Aristocrats-level jokes locked away in the forever never-to-be-told vault: One about Robin Thicke and one about the song Despacito. Need to create an alter ego blog that's just completely vile and foul mouthed. Back in the day I would have had a ventriloquist act for this purpose. (Would style my puppet to look like Dave Atell.)


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Spectacular Landscapes

++Ooh I still gotta meet the weekly quota inlight-a not posting yesterday due to yesterday being a total disaster.. a day that included dropping something on my left big toe. (Though for some reason today my right big toe hurts? Is that possible? Like identical twins? Sympathetic toe pain, perhaps. Hm.)

So lately besides some nostalgia-based buys, I’ve been on this kick of trying out Amazon’s highest customer rated items whenever making purchases. Didn’t used to be this way. One would think that in a sagging economy it would be best to save those pennies, instead of seeking comfort in luxury goods but [link to sassy gif here later] ‘I am not the one.’

Anyway! With the chilly weather I decided to see what the evil lordmaster’s pick is for best blanket and I’m afraid while it does look cozy, the pubic poll results here are skewed for a blanket printed with upbeat messages for cancer patients bought by those that love them. Which is all fine and well but not what I was expecting. On the upside, because of my meanderings I finally, after all these years, discovered the name of the pattern you see above. From my minimal groggy early AM research I believe the classic version is made by Pendleton and called Glacier National Park for some reason? Allz I know is growing up, both IRL and on movies and TV rich people with Volvos had this blanket or pattern on their jackets and clothing. Now in this perfect storm of nostalgia and luxury I pointed out earlier I will have no choice but to “add to cart,” dammit!!

Another thing I noticed is adding the word "sherpa" to any blanket seems to mean you can up the price by at least $40.

While it's a little too on the nose, this song from our old friend John Grant shorrrre is pretty. More blanket backstory here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


++Yikes, it's real subtle, almost unnoticeable but I've started to pronounce the word "occurred" as "okurrrrred" in everyday conversation on the super downlow. Send help!

++Oh man, I am mindblowingly busy today, which I suppose is good, but doesn't leave much time for my sweet, beloved little blog. :-/

PLUS! I've been reading a lot more books, and spending time off of the internettten on this thing called "OFFLINE?"..always a good thing. I was thinking about starting a feature similar to The Cut's "I Think About This A Lot" because in all my years of surfin' there are a few stand-out items that forever, haunt(?) me, I guess? Anyway, per usual, I can only fixate on one thing at a time and at this moment it is a joke that Rob Brydon generously gifted to Steve Coogan cuz he felt it was more suited to his caustic personality... "Where do you stand on Michael Buble?" "On his windpipe" [lololol.] One of the weirdest things about getting older is the range of people you find attractive, like years ago I was disgusted/bewildered with what Kathie Lee sees/saw in Craig Ferguson...and now I embarrassingly kinda get it?! one tells you when you are younger how aging works! 

Monday, February 11, 2019

I Was at Home, But


++Ok, I get that maybe in the description of this movie there might be "existential questions" to be reckoned with, but for this one I'm going to have to ask what town it is, because if the days seem to "stretch on without end" it's most likely a geographical not a metaphorical issue.

++Ugh, listening to some Ray Charles like some kind of neophyte 90s director.

++I wish I knew how to do TikToks or gifs cuz I'd put 4:31 along with Munch's Scream. Laffing just thinkin on how the video director's entire concept was probably based on that moment when he pairs the scream with a kick in the nuts, lol. (Some Jonathan Schmock type grandly gesturing to his storyboards: "The nutkick will be my centerpiece!") I didn't even watch the whole video, was just looking for the scream and was well well rewarded, hahaha.

++Talked with someone from out of state who pointed out that Californians put the word "the" in front of our freeway numbers. "Why don't you just call it 405 or 101? Not The 405 or The 101?" Know what? I don't know why! There's a question for ya, Europeans.

++Kind of off to be posting a song called Friday Morning on Monday morning, right? Just so gorgeous..and if you put out chill toonz you get the chillest, most appreciative comments as well..:

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Pathe, Perfect

++So just a casual and quick StheSSunday today. Since I've been at bloggin for so long I've probably mentioned that an old timey song that's forever stuck in my head is "Am I Blue." And! My favorite version of it is by one Annette Hanshaw, one of the most popular radio singers of her time. By 1934 she'd sold 4 million your FACE, Kate Smith! 

Anyway, because she didn't meet a horrific end the way most of her contemporaries did, by say, absinthe..and despite being an introvert she lead a mostly charmed life playing society parties. And that lack of drama will probably never get us the biopic starring Julianne Moore that we deserve.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Half Gypsy

++And in an unexpected move, they also decided to kill off Urkel, just for the hell of it.

++Hotel rooms are funny. ( Post has the "ladies with mates with hotel problems" beat covered.)

++This dog ain't mad atcha.

++Of all the people mad at Kevin Spacey, the actor who kind of resembles him is probably one of the most mad.

++World’s greatest pizza delivery guy: The comments under Kojima’s Death Stranding trailer are all you would expect and more. They can never the randomness of waterfalls right in video games.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019


++Oh my goodness, I've been so totally wrapped in work that I've lost track of not only blogging but the day of the week. I've literally got nothing to blog about today except that last night I was reading John Roderick's twitter and he kept talking about "tet" which made me look up Four Tet, finally, a name that's always sounded exotic and "oriental" to me. Might it be a play on the word "quartet"? And if so? DUHHHHHH. The end.

Monday, February 04, 2019

Greatest Hits


++After the game last night I looked up Edelman and weirdly though I rely on Wiki on almost a daily basis, I love to catch the jokester/hackers in action, in real time.

++I'll probably get around to posting more later and I realize that my obsession with BritPanel shows is now getting out of hand, but besides books and the occasional exercise, they're the only thing that relax me anymore. Anyway, I've watched every episode available of "Would I Lie To You?" and am now at the point of re-running them. But I think I did finally find the one episode that I'm going to put up here, mostly for my own reference purposes that is probably the height and the saddest moment of the show. Hilariously powerful. It shows the chemistry/connection between Mitchell and Mack and when they kinda break the 4th wall and joke about the absurdity of the their current lot and existence. Love how the tables turn and just any time David Mitchell loses it. I'd go into it more, but would give it away. So here it is, and as a bonus if you are looking for the funniest line ever delivered of the show it comes at 8:05 of this episode. (As always, I recommend NOT fast forwarding through any part of either video to get the full effect.)(Much like Muppets, Wombles had such a huge impact on the lives of Gen Xers in the UK.)

Sunday, February 03, 2019

An Apple Whirling

Time for a sleepy non-sports-related edition/running stream of consciousness (sounds like a fancy suburban enclave) of StSSunday: Probably goes without saying that I've been on a bit of Steve Coogan kick as he is an adjunct member of my Brit Panel universe and so I got around to seeing The Trip to Spain and I didn't really care for it! I mean in comparison to the first two. Might have been moodiness on my part or now having grown accustomed to seeing both men shine brighter in contexts elsewhere. Who knows. I will say that I continue to be completely impressed by non-American's wide ranging view of world history and anyone's ability to memorize long passages of poetry or prose. My favorite line of the movie is where Coogs says: "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."* A line some attribute to Groucho Marx but has not been verified? Ah the internet is like a circle in a spiral, a lyric from the song that provided the movie's overarching theme.

Anyway, I told my husband that the movie centers on Don Quixote, waiting expectantly to see what literary or historical reference/gem would pop out of his mouth and he said : "The Muppets once did a skit about Don Quixote where they kept getting blown away by the windmills." LOL! (And that one of the Zappa brothers was into the Muppets and also has been working on a 75 minute piece of music for years.Amazing how a lot of roads lead back to Zappa.)

Continue reading "An Apple Whirling" »

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


++Ah, all is well here with a tweet showing the classic usage of nice, a word that’s making a comeback I think.. in all its varied forms. Kind of a boring word,overused, so it was due for a change up. The bro way of using it seems to be on the decline?

++I DVR Martha Bakes every week and she usually brings in some Connecticut or Vermont-based expert like she did with the latest topic: "Lemons." When will she do "Meth?"

++Weatherladies on tv recommending packing your lunch in anticipation of the rains tomorrow. Pack those lunches, LA!!


++Time for this little piggy to cap off her week with some actual music that I’m blatantly stealing from Needle Drop’s 2018 Best of List. The first song gets a pass because it’s Jaar and despite the sirens which is always a no for me because it’ll startle me while driving. EXEMPTION GRANTED! {rubber stamp sound effect}. RIYL: my arch enemy Tellier.

The second despite me thinking that by all accounts Kanye was cancelled but this melody is so dang pretty. And the third, well cuz the beats, even though you have to wait a minute to get to them, are incredible. These things never change. (Deacon lives?)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


++Seems to be a correlation between evil and how much fake tan someone spackles on. Just a theory.

++Everyone's grandma had that tomato with all the pins stickin' out, when really a cactus makes much more sense.

++Will these two ever put aside their button differences and hook up? Stay tuned.

++Woke up with the thought that it would be fun to "subvert a genre", just once. And the true literal definition of the word subvert makes it sound even sexier a concept. Alas, no kittenish quote from Elizabeth Taylor to accompany this one.

++Speaking of definitions, I kept reading and re-reading the first sentence of this article trying to figure out if they up and changed the meaning of the word "nice?" (There's an AAA commercial that they play round the clock where a lady says "I told him to go back and re-check [her rates] that I can't find anywhere and wish I could link to here.) Anyway, I guess the word nice is going back to, like its Soul Glo-era use, in this context.

Monday, January 28, 2019


++Here’s a jolly good interview with Russell Howard and Bandersnatch’s Will Poulter. I like what feels like real camaraderie here with Howard taking on a not-overly sappy brotherly concern for Poulter, a long time admirer. Poulter’s next project is helmed by budding horrormeister Ari Asteroxenfree, whose most recent pic was Hereditary. Because I am too chicken for horror it’ll be interesting to find out the plot of the movie that Poulter does not give away...on Wikipedia and in the safety of my own home! And let’s have some Kasabian, who for many of us now brings back old memories.

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