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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Go Crazy, Get Stupid

++Seriously, how did I not know that Van Morrison sang G.L.O.R.I.A. His discography is immense and intense. My only criticism is that he should've used the sound of a real foghorn sound effect in "Into the Mystic." Ha, imagine. Here young Bobby Flay looks mildly annoyed with whatever noise they're trying to use to simulate the foghorn.

++Many times, I don't get around to posting not because I have nothing to say but because TOO much is zippin' through this little acorn of a mind* that I just never get around to writing about. Like when Penny Marshall died they showed an old Today Show interview where she and Cindy Williams are explaining what "Schlemeel, Schlemazel" means and Marshall said (paraphrasing) a Schlemeel is a dummy or goof who trips and falls (then Williams chimes in) and a Schlemazel is someone who is even dumber who trips and falls over the Schlemeel. Lol, the explanation and the comic timing even in the description itself was just like the dynamic of the show and the two of them.

Speaking of language, I found the comments under this Wikitongues video to be fascinating (also this lady is adorable!). My husband** laments the loss of comments on imdb every few weeks and I tend to feel the same way where sure, you have to wade through the usual toxic landfill of the majority of human observation (the reason imdb had to close it all down) to get to the good comments but when most people take the time to contribute, especially on videos of this nature, they have worthwhile thoughts...for example the natural connections between some of the northern Euro countries' dialects that you wouldn't expect to exist. Unrelated to any of this, I'll still take Soup to Nuts over "From the eggs to the apples." What? Just doesn't have the same rhythm..

*Lot of mind bandwidth also being taken up by thoughts of the dancing airport lady betsyshuffles meme. So fluid and graceful [must've watched it 100 times now?] but when under the tweet she responds and it shows the song she was actually listening to it was no where near as good a bop as the beatbox chant thing the guy filming improvised. Like, this and whether I should go see the Spiderman movie and find a way to watch Blockers on the cheap. A lot to pack into a little acorn.

**..Can also probably write a dissertation, maybe a book, on the contrasting life philosophies of Andy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest.


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