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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Facing The Music

++Like all great things, Steven A.Clark vs Boys Noize is everything old and new all at once. Very 90s Cherry. Might try this at a faster playback speed later?

++Michael Kiwanuka and Tom Misch? DO tell me more.

++Media kind of overestimating my attachment to Sears.

++A few weeks ago went down a super fascinating wormhole about a dangerous hacker's recent activities but got too scared to post about it. #chickensh-t #mamaaintraisednofool

++While it is obviously wonderful that justice is being served, the use of DNA matching in solving crimes is a lil bit of scary frontier, technologically and privacy-speaking. Amazing how close they got with the composite pix to the real thing as well. I'm sure Justin Theroux breathed a sigh of relief when they caught the real guy. He and Mark Ronson are like [clink] with their champagne flutes.

++Yes I know they couldn't have named the show Bad Girls because that would have been too obvious, still, a missed opportunity to have used this for the theme song. One can fantasize about what might have been.


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