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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Well, guess it's back to Ye Olde Grinde, which had to happen eventually I guess..but I had a vacation that was a perfect blend of adventure and being up to my eyeballs in books. Lol, that last sentence was horribly constructed. It will take me a while to get back into things here. Here are some odds n ends and bits n bobs from this past week's perusings:

++The electrifying Liam Wong has a book called TO:KY:OO coming soon, with images featured like the one above. I wonder if this couple is having the same experience as this couple once had? Ah young love.


++I thinks the times they are a-changin' because if we were still in the 80s there would be long woman's hand with a talon sharp red fingernail tugging down on this shade.


++Someone was telling me the cheesiest Madea joke where Eugene Levy was asking her if she had WiFi that she misheard as “waffles” and I can’t wait til she does some play on the word “Ebola.” I haven’t thought of what that might be yet but I’m working on it. [Other holiday fun included quoting Julia Roberts lines from the Boy Erased commercial.][Maybe Madea could mishear something about "bowling"?]

++I'm excited for Tilda's daughter Honor Swinton-Byrne's [right with Moms and brother Xavier] career to take off, not because I have stake in it or anything. I just want Jack on Will and Grace to curse using her name and because collectively we on the inturdnet want a new "burn" phrase, me personally having way overused "Burn clinic."


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