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Monday, July 02, 2018

Swing For Your Supper


++The internet is waking up and for whatever mysterious reason wanting to try to make a mold, something shiny like the Oscar, and then picturing yourself sometime in the not too distant future chomping on gold golf balls, all satisfied. The trajectory from passing thought to eccentric reality's so fast now. Preeetty sure I've had this urge in the past, time to explore the SOG archives.

++I hired someone to do some chainsaw work the other day and it lead to me singing "___person's name__" with a chainsaw all that day and the thing about that song and some of Magnetic Fields' songs that I've always enjoyed is taking dark matters and singing them lightheartedly in a way not enough singer/songers do these days...and then along comes Simon (will always link to Association in all matters, they are like my DaRude Sandstorm):


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