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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Synograph Across My Heart

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++I have a passing interest in tech upstart companies, mostly the ideas behind them... and one problem that a lot of tech magazines and sites have is that often people who are businessminded aren't exactly the greatest at communicating creative or innovative ideas and use way too much jargon. I won't link to this frustrating article that I'm reading.

What they should do is hire people who fall on the side of being more visually oriented & who are able to put together easily digestible videos for dilettantes like me. People like Rideshare Guy or Jay Swanson, who back up their words with a sense of helpfulness and a lust for life for the common humanx. In college there used to be an unsaid prejudice on the parts of arts and science majors that biz majors couldn't communicate effectively ...ya see it more than ever in today's world.

One thing that would be lovely is for content creators to get dat cash and bypass the infrastructure that often leaves them with only pennies once it all trickles down. In this video Ben Lee talks about the questionably named Steemit, (been reading too much Urban Dictionary) and also exciting is Portia de Rossi's new project she discussed on Ellen about the royalty system that she is employing in partnership with Restoration Hardware.  As with all new tech, my guess is that Synograph-y won't render traditional brushstroke art obsolete, but create a new paradigm similar to how there's both movie theaters *and* Netflix. I'm honestly surprised that the 3d printer hasn't been used for this yet..this video of a Synograph makes the process look more like a copy machine than a printer.


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