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Tuesday, June 12, 2018



++Lita Albuquerque's partial to blue, of the cobalt(?)variety, just like a certain Beastie Boy.

++All of a sudden everyone's all, "blockchainblockchainblockchainblockchain."

++Hah, the Gilette slogan has been around since the late 80s and I only now realized it has two meanings, or works two ways. I've been like one of those sleeping people in that weird Chris Pratt movie, oh that's right, Passengers.

++The Sicario skull isn't menacing-enough looking for me, maybe they're not feeding him enough Reddit.

++Think I Lost My Head: Been awhile since I checked in on Fifa's soundtrack. Off filter, 90s and catchy, I'm in love.:

(Hints of Carrie. Where'd ya go Troup Gammage? Miss ya.)

...Update: Oh here they are from 2015 below. Damn, still got it. They need a better band name. I've only been wishing it for about 6 years now! [Interesting phenomenon happening today where I only like the first 15 seconds of both of these songs.]


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