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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Lamp Lit Prose

++Hey look, I love memes as much if not more than anyone else but the Millie Bobby Brown one ain't even all that funny unless I'm missing something. We gotta maintain standards, people!

++I never read The Circle, but I imagine this is similar?

In Argentina, Israel and the Netherlands, workers tend to take lunch together and prepare their own meals. These locations need larger pantry areas; a queue for the fridge would be a “bad user experience”. In New York, people tend to eat in smaller groups and often use food-delivery apps.

WeWork’s research department makes these observations by using presence sensors in buildings to track how people are using the space and asking for community feedback. Recently, the research team, led by Josh Emig, conducted a study on the friendship networks in a WeLive space in New York. It consists of around 200 apartments with one to four bedrooms, each with their own, rather basic kitchen and lounge areas. There are then larger communal spaces and amenities, including a laundry-room-cum-video-game-arcade and a terrace with hot tubs and barbecue grill.

Every three floors are grouped into a “neighbourhood” that shares common spaces. Emig’s team wanted to discover how this affected people’s community ties, so they surveyed residents and found that those living in the same three-storey grouping were more likely to be friends with each other than they were with people in other parts of the building.


++Ooh, Sylvan Esso will perform at the Greek on 7/10, so bring your coffee.. fanboys and girls alike, unless you're Millie Bobby Brown. Plus Amber Coffman tags along. Not sure if Amber is still associated with Dirty Projectors, if it was a "must like birds" situation? I get the feeling that this song Break-Thru won't be a mega-hit (or even a dolt-bomb) but like Drinks, it'll probably be sampled one day when I'm least expectin'.

++I like to keep a nice tight ship's galley kinda kitchen and am minimalist in that sense, so I am drawing the line at buying a Chemex, however I need to bite the bullet and finally get a mortar and pestle.

++Weird turn of events that Val Kilmer's character becomes an immigration officer?


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