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Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Little Stranger


++Woah, Craigslist now accepting cryptocurrency. #Gamechanger #bodilyorganssoonforsale. I saw a guy yesterday wearing a tee that said "Do you have Bitcoin regret?" Totally bro, if I bought when I first blogged about it, I'd be ballin right now, tee-shirt query man. Thanks for askin.

++Been sniffing around that Chaos Walking movie and discovered the wiki entry for Patrick Ness' first book titled "A Monster Calls." While the plot summary of Chaos Walking didn't knock my socks off I was really super Sophiatherobot intrigued by the Yew tree in Monster Calls and the narrative device of the four stories and then! Then! I comes to find out the story was made into a movie that I missed late last year. So I watched the trailer and alas, it was not what I had imagined while reading the plot line. (It was a ten minute emotional roller coaster.) Maybe cuz I saw the awesome cover art first:


I think I'm alone (most YT commenters were jazzed at the trailer) and no diss to the dazzling direction and visuals, just once in a while I think a much simpler form of animation would be refreshing, like pencil sketches or like Waking Life and black and white would stand out. Maybe it was an association on my part with Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and less Robert Zemeckis, which is not to say Zemeckis isn't appropriate for high fantasy. (Just learned the term "low fantasy.") Are American crowds too soft and spoiled for dark B/W tones in animation anymore, like Young Frankenstein? That would be a shame since so much mystery and evil hides in the shadows like in the book cover above.

++And on the same topic, now that'sa a good teaser of a summary! Wonder if the Ayres family ever parties with the Leonides clan, mm?


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