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Sunday, December 31, 2017


++Since everyone's on the topic, here's my Black Mirror story pitch: Someone's road raging at another driver and they look inside the car for someone to yell at and the car is not only driverless, it is passenger-less!😳 I'd call it "GHOST RAGE."

++Would be nice if they had told me it was a 360 video in the title so I wasn't lookin at the top of everyone's heads thinkin I was losing my GD mind.

++I've been reading this page of pictures of high school students with captions expressing their opinions on a variety of topics and it is absolutely kiiiiilllllling me.

++Been watching a bunch of old Craigy Ferguson videos and Tim Meadows and Jon Hamm were frequent guests. What most people don't know about Jon Hamm (and Rich Hall) is that they pop up like crazy on the Brit panel shows. I like this line from Travel Man where the palm reader tells Hamm he is the year of the pig and he goes "Pig, Hamm, get it?" Fast on his pig's feet, that one. 


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