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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

No Significance At All

++It's no secret that I adore Califone but the real reason I am posting this video is because it was directed by someone named "Jeff Economy."

++Saw someone literally accosted into wishing someone else a Merry Christmas (to you too, in reply) today. It was a somewhat violent transaction.

++🎶That guy is a real crowdpleaser.🎶

++The most mundane of David Stassen's tweets are the ones that crack me up the hardest.

++Gaddam, still the queen.

++Drove past Target yesterday and said "Tarbitch" and laffed to myself. Then imagined a scenario in which I got into an altercation with a Target cashier and got the chance to call her a Tarbitch. BURN!!! Because I am a total hammer. (Ahh, it was used in Focus, that's why people keep saying it. C'mon, I've put some thought into this but this much thought isn't needed.) (Alternately, you're either a Fatty Patty or a Pretty Nicely.)

++My husband on an actor with, um, distinctive looks: "He has the weirdest head shape. And no one seems to be bothered by it!"


++Uh huh, honey. Whatever gets you through the night. (Anyone who's ever done an experiment knows what "significant" means.")


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