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Tuesday, November 28, 2017



Here it comes...another intimidatingly long video! Just could not resist posting this "The Art Assignment" video because it's fantastically enlightening on so many levels. I wasn't familiar with Gordon Matta-Clark and the cut outs he did of buildings. #badlieutenant#badtenant

You really get the sense that he was fascinated by the rules of the physical world, and poking through and blurring those rules. There's also something charmingly philosophical about wanting to see through and break through the barriers that close us in, literally.


Other stray thoughts:

++Frog legs in their natural form look like tiny human butts that I want to put in tiny pants.

++Finally found the point in time that I'd time travel to; that restaurant! Back to the "Food"-ure, haha. The ideas, the intensity of the people involved, the music and those meals. And it only lasted 3 years..

(loving the snark and craft that goes into this series, mostly the ones that involve cooking. Hannah Hart's 5 picks episode is recommended, too!)

(The real question I'm left with is does the creepy omniscient voice narrate their every waking move on the daily?)


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