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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Celestial Dictators

++Lol, how much of a nerd do you have to be to use the orphan J in place of a happy face? Pretty niche.

++I don't know who he is or what he did but everyone seems to be making fun of Dylan Byers, like some kind of Dylan Byers Club. #dadjoke#needsworkshopping

++Will never understand why people hated on M83. Hm. Loved that Midnight City song at the time and at the very minimum they contributed that cover art that I'll keep in my quiver for a "Tfw" tweet should I ever decide to tweet again.

++I was watching a short snippet of an interview where Stephen Fry explains why he is an atheist and he makes a pretty compelling point (essentially, what God would create an insect that bores through the eyes of children causing eventual blindness?) when you consider half the Net is terrified of bugs. You gonna win a lot of support on that point alone, big man.

In the comments section, one of Fry's critics accused him of haughtily wearing his intellectualism like badge and, hey, if you're searching for a true, hardboiled man of reason look to Peter Hitchens, conservative brother of Christopher. That lead me to these two spirited debates on drug treatment versus criminalization with Hitch 2.0 versus the former Chanandler Bong, and Russell Rockets Brand. And then on to the video above that's probably one of the longest and greatest I've posted (and I'm only halfway through it!) where Chris goes head-to-head against Pete. It's frankly a marvel to behold because to me an honest debate is one based on facts, rather than personal attacks. While both men are guilty of low blows at times, they're both persuasive and erudite in their arguments. This year of British programming I've been subjecting myself to has been less about Anglophilia and more "lalophilia"?

(Probably my favorite line in all of this is when Christopher talks about how essentially religion is surveillance from cradle to grave, like North Korea, and then even after death you are still monitored. "At least in North Korea you get to die!")


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