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Sunday, November 26, 2017

His Lilywhite Hand

The truth is out there
++A thing I think about all the time is how people used to get enraged because A-Punk would be the first song to sometimes unexpectedly start playing on their iPhone (or the A Team theme depending on the nostalgic depth of your musical library). If Vampy Weeks did that on purpose, well played? It is the equivalent of AAA Plumbing companies back when people used to use phone books.

For years we all managed to trudge through our lives bearing this miserable problem until the clouds parted and a guy composed a song to tackle the issue. There was rejoicing on the streets and a collective sigh of relief that the scourge had been lifted. And yet every now and then some youngster will still tweet that the A-Punk problem vexes them. It kind of amuses me. They walk the earth, still spinning about in their rage not knowing help is available and that it does get better. Keep searching, Twitter stranger. The answer is out there!

++Met a guy the other day and asked him what business he was in and he said "Monkey business..." with a smile. Corny but I will steal it for sure, when in a small talk pinch.

++Found that old Skeng song from the cryptic article in my last post, tryin' to figure what he's rappin about (love it). I think he's in a doctor's office trying to call a nurse about a problem with his urse.


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