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Monday, August 25, 2008



-A couple of stills from the 2009 Land of the Lost remake starring Will Ferrell and this year's breakout star Danny McBride. I think the father from the original looks more like John C. Reilly, or maybe Jay Leno? From the source:

a new picture from Land of the Lost, the Will Ferrell/Danny McBride adaptation of the classic (and, in retrospect, terrible) kiddie show featuring dinosaurs and lizard men. Those lizard men are the Sleestaks, but they weren't always hissing monstrosities - they once had a civilization and were known as the Altrusians. A time traveling Altrusian lives in the Land of the Lost, a dude by the name of Enik, who guards a time portal (in the original series, at least). Enik could talk and wear clothes, unlike the degraded, devolved Sleestaks.

Anna Friel (pictured) also stars.

-Rebecca Romijn plans to name one of her twins after Dolly Parton. Because, as Romijn explains, Dolly Parton has been her idol since childhood. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that, subconsciously, twins made her immediately think of Dolly Parton. Nope, not related to that at all...

-Several months ago I did a short post on Francis and the Lights. At the time they were just starting to blow up and now all of a sudden they've become Tumblr huge, which means a small circle of important New York Tumblr people, who are all friends, are talking about them!  (I won't link to those Tumblrs because I'm scared of them, frankly.)

Francis and the Lights were nice enough to share an mp3 off their album, A Modern Promise, which is available now. As mentioned in that first post their sound is really laid back and chill, with some elements of acid jazz and not like anything else out there. Here's a sampling, and click on the first link above for a few of their older songs.


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Did you know that basketball "tough" Bill Laimbeer played a sleestak during the 1974 season of Land of the Lost. It's true. IMDB does not lie!

Yeaaah, that musta been a real stretch.

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