Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Like No Other

++I suppose it’s great that Rachael Ray came up with an abbreviation for Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO)...but every time she mentions the concoctions she came up with herself I wonder why she didn’t coin them Rachael Ray “Racipes.”#alliteration

++Hm.Y u no show it lit up at night?

++I can’t be the only one who whispers “chk chk” whenever someone emphasizes a text.

++I have the opposite of imposter syndrome where I suspect no one really knows what they are doing?

++Totally did not expect what started out as this small online story I'm following to turn into an epic chaotic saga written by David O. Russell.

++Just looked up where Tony Hawk lives.#beprepared

++Apparently I only have a fondness for art or people born in 1977 and 1978.

++Here's some schtuff I'm listening to today. Join me won't you??

Saturday, February 27, 2021


++First noteworthy music I've heard in a very very long time! From the Gucci epilogue a few mos back.

++Carlin would've haaaaaaated the phrase "food insecurity."

++I hope they don't cancel all the old cartoons like Tom and Jerry/Looney Tunes cuz where will their kids get their knowledge of classical music/mania.

++Dang Jamiroquai was right, the future WAS made of virtual insanity. #SOGdecadesofjamiroquaiobservations

++"A shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price." Perfect.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Still The One

++All these weeks off and the only idea of substance I’ve had is if they were to do a versions of The Californians that was more accurate the characters would say “Yeah,no” “No,yeah” over and over. It would be really easy to write! Secondly, (and I don’t know how you’d convey this)’s kind of an affliction to Southern California in particular: The guy who wants to come off as super laid back and chill but is really high key neurotic inside. It’s a little puzzling for anyone who is outwardly neurotic, livin’ out loud crazy.

++Havin fond memories of that one barely sanitary sh-tty lokes-only water park I visited once knowing that there's no way that place will be there again when I go back one day.

++On one of my shows the other day Rich Hall talked about a time he was between jobs and he had "out of money experience."

++Totally love the subdued dancing and overall look of this video from mah girl. Toss in the random handclaps (will always wait for those and do them in my car endangering me myself and surrounding drivers) and how she's showing up for us old broads and it's all such a good scene.

Sunday, September 27, 2020


++Not a lot of themes have changed!

++Feed the tree algorithm : Got all girl detective the other day when a Twitter thread was "promoted" for me. Granted, it was interesting and right up my alley for shore..but who has sponsored this thread, pray tell? Who's payin for these eyeballs? I dug around a bit and there wasn't a company behind it just what Twitter thought I'd like.  Uh huh, right. They did it all for the cookies, maybe?

++Yesssss! Nooooooo. Nuh uh.

++Most of the internet could be chucked just please keep Know Your Meme's doors open, for us olds. We beg.

++Most people see the word for male junk when they see the word PEN15, I just see "Covid19." :(

Saturday, August 29, 2020


++Long Listen: I don't dismiss any of Ronan Farrow's accomplishments, I just wish Jane Mayer would get more credit and more ears would listen closely to what she has unearthed. Incredible.

++Please tell us again how the best beauty advice you got in the 80s was not to over-tweeze your brows. (No really do tell us. I love that story and it was sound/wise/valuable advice for the time, from someone who really cared about you.)

++Podcasters and guests be usin' the word "apocryphal" like some kind of systemwide memo got sent out...

++This is the idyllic period of the movie right before he finds out she's an NRA spy. Why are wet cars more attractive? Didn't work this time marketers, cuz now all I want is a dripping wet soda. And for that you can thank the subliminal marketers who came before you in my childhood, who laid the ground work in mah brain. (7:46 no need to explain the necessity of the grab bar, just stay it's there because 2020. At 8:46, my God man, let the middle seat thing go!#teambreadloaf)

++Seems like this would be a good idea for a book or movie imposter shows up out of the blue pretending to the Panchen Lama sorta like Will Smith in that one movie. I'd write it myself but 1) This would require a lot of research into the history of the matter and as we know, I have the attention span of a gnat and D) what do you do with the faux Lama after he's got them fooled?

++As repeated many many times I love these two and this incredible song forever and ever amen and am glad forces in the world came together to make them meet but two thoughts went thru my mind watching this:1)This is what showboaty guys at Guitar Center *dream* they sound like and 2) it's still obviously amazing but imagine if the song had a massive drums behind or a drop. Ah ah ah, never satisfied. (Also, that stage projection work/lighting is A++)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


++I was watching the The Batman trailer last night...wondering if they'll reference Covid or how anyone will. Will it be insensitive, will it be too much? Yes.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Silly Little Song

++It's getting a little annoying how at the start of every Pioneer Woman episode there's a voice that yells "EAR DRUMMERS!!" #reworkinganoldjoke

++Sure I'm late on this, but as we know, where the Hot Chip remixes go, I follow! Their take would be perfect for running/cardio. Love the way at times they strip down and make her vocals stark and other times make it bananas when compared to the original. (Update: Figured out why this song seemed familiar, finally. Same opening notes as Keyboard Cat!)

Friday, August 14, 2020


++I'd never be able to be a book reviewer because I wouldn't feel free enough to say pompous things like "a writing style reminiscent of St. Thomas Aquinas" causing the internet to puke all over my comments sections before virtually burning me at the stake.

++Something about George Winston makes people comment-y, I guess. The paragraphs come pouring out like in no other YT comment section I've ever seen!

++Watchin' all my talk shows do the Zoom thing makes me wonder if plastic surgery has increased cuz the celebs are now being viewed face forward, as opposed to only the sides of their heads.

++As a ladyperson, sometimes it's with such great relief when you get old that you feel like writing a "Goodbye To All That" essay about no longer getting harassed. (Lol, you never really stop getting harassed on some level.)

++Too bad they couldn't secure the Big Sean song for those Trelegy pharma commercials.

++Over it.

++Sometimes I'll read stuff and mutter to myself "total Elysium," never having actually seen Elysium.

++Zoomers can look at a photo and know instinctively if it's been Photoshopped. It's in their DNA.

++I told someone that I watched the exceptional Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix, quite reluctantly at first because I thought it was going to be mostly boring Thriller rehashing hype.  Went into it looking for footage of Rod Temperton, really. And there was just one scene where they flash an image of him up close with the Spinal Tap/Documentary Now font underneath that says Rod "Worms" Temperton. Anyway, before I even got into it all the person I mentioned this to said "Did it have any footage of Rod Temperton?" I probably need to associate with more people with more varied interests.

All these years I had no idea that Pharcyde sampled the song above. Brilliant. Everyone on You Tube says he should've reconsidered the "angry mother" pose on the album cover, haha.


Sunday, August 02, 2020

So Tenderly

++Yeah, I probably wouldn't let that one go, either.

++Trying to differentiate if this memory I'm having really happened or was in a Nora Ephron movie.

++Kinda don't understand why all these podcaster dudes don't divorce their real wives and marry their work wives?

++Feel like if he were still alive George Carlin might voice that these You Tube ads against pentatonic scales or for plastic devices for stronger more defined jawlines are trying to create a commercial need for non-existent problems and are weird hills to die on...

++The other night I was on YT looking for footage of the interior of the restaurant at the top of the Twin Towers called the Windows of the World that I'd eaten at once..just to see if it matched my memory (14:25). It all did, however, the interesting part is that whoever posted the viddy used this song by Dionne Warwick/Bacharach in the background that was written in 1967 and in light of all the subsequent events now sounds super prophetic and a tidge creepy.

On a much lighter note, either having seen too much Python or too many memes made me keep waiting for something terribly comical to happen to Jay Leno and his Swinging Accountants and the truck making noise in the back.  Maybe it did? (Something something quote about all stories having a happy ending if you end them on time?) [Ah, of course..son]

++I call BS on the new letter added on to the end of the Myers Briggs personalities, it's a "hat on a hat."

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