Thursday, November 15, 2018

Good Luck Out There


++In kind of a weird mood...just happie that skinny local legend P-22 is still out and about and feel like listening to Crue? All's well, really.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Magic Ship

++Oh no, won't be able to play this song around my husband, cuz he'll make an anatomical frat boy joke about the title. Feist backup singers Mountain Man play the Masonic Lodge on Friday. Nice simple song, nice dishware.

++On the 14th Day of Christmas: Two hunks scrapping, is what I'm feeling the emotional equivalent men feel when ladies catfight and they're like "rrowr"[catscratch swipe motion].

Henry Golding-GQ-December-120118-04

++Pretty sure Henry Golding once had a screen legend cameo on the Flintstones.

++Speaking of dudes, I remember a few years back there was kind of a zeitgeist moment when every dude I knew was talking about wrestling all of a sudden...and now I've noticed they all know penal codes and scanner shorthand off the top of their heads and they'll casually rattle them off during conversations or emergencies. Must be a new CEU course offering at Dude University.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Pursuit of Happie-ness

++I know a few semi-famous people and I'll be honest, it is kind of surreal when I see them on tv or CNN..I kind of feel like Kevin James seeing his friend Lou Ferigno on King of Queens.

++Been in a super chill mood this morning, just watching my usual Seth and Jay Swan vids. I'm running out of British panel shows to watch which may be a good thing because the other day someone half-facetiously said to me when learning someone hated me "How can anyone not like you?" And I said "I'm like Marmite, I either love me or hate me or hate me or stalk me, really." Must remember I'm not in England. Must remember I'm not in England. Am not even an Anglophile, just like their tv personaes.  

Anyway, two sides of the happie (who was the blogger who used to spell it like that?Memory decling rapidly..) coin and two takes on past versus modern life. SJP reminiscing about the medieval metal instrument that shoe salespeople used to use to measure your foot that the audience kind of moans in a moment of recognition/reminiscence and Jay so excited about his new sponsored bed. Modern matelas delivery systems! Nice to see things taking shape for him. I personally have never bought a bed online but what a great ad for the company. I feel I'd like to buy one just to watch it self-inflate. There should be a movie where they send a spy a bed that self inflates with a message on it that then self-destructs. Okkkkkaaaaaayyy, time to wrap up this ramblin' post. So there's today's post: shiny happie people!  

Monday, November 12, 2018



++Kenzee Wee Hon Ming: One thing I like about pixel gifs is that the harder you squint or move away the better they get, unlike most pictures. Like most things, how would you know when to stop?:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

"Professional Magazine Article"

++Heyyho, back to a regularly scheduled edition of StSSunday! Today, alls I got is some scatter shot thoughts on AI. Was having a convo with some people and mentioned that my husband, who is in the writing field, speculated that the strange interview Drew Barrymore denied giving to Egypt Air magazine (and that the publication stood by as having been legit if I remember correctly) was actually the product of an AI program. There's such a thing, I asked? Apparently all you have to do is enter some subject parameters, he said, and the article will write itself for you. If all of that's available then why am I still doing this blog? (buys program.)(The bot will certainly make fewer word omissions than I do on the daily.)

++I remembered laffing so hard at that recurring Jason Derulo falling down the Met stairs meme* that I literally went searching for a way to follow it on twitter (the meme, not Derulo) and discovered that our man JD is now considering an opera project, a lifelong passion. Good for him. Just please don't perform at the Met Opera House or anywhere with stairs, and if you do, invest in some slip proof shoes boo.

++OKP: Can't wait for when movies finally get over the 80s and 90s and start dissecting the 00's. That can't come soon enough for me.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The Nitty Gritty

++Ha! The caption under this video: "It's pretty obvious which one." Also love the nervous twittering laughter from the audience, recognizing "oh no, are we witnessing the kickoff of the hippie movement in real time?" Also his dance partner's body language kind of wishing he'd settle down...and the camera man zooming in on the action. It's all perfect.

++This face always flashes in my mind when I'm evil happy about some development.

++The new Ari song sounds a little like Bruno and Cardi's Finesse. Is this part of a larger vengeful scheme on Minaj's end in the ongoing feud? Jes sayin.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Big Time

++This song is checking off all the boxes from songs I used to like, and pushing all the same buttons, but you know what? Those buttons all still work. And we won't let my husband hear this song lest he get off the topic of late stage capitalism for a few minutes and start up on how influential Johnny Marr was...another favorite conversational file. Or god forbid, Husker Du. With my brother.[shudder] Everyone else calls them the Holidays. Here they're the Huskerduays cuz that's all anyone talks about. (Gotta workshop that one a bit. Hm.)

++Am I more invested in restaurants still being around more than most people? Maybe. Hey.. that person you had actual conversations with is long gone but the place that once served you a kickass ethnically different creme brulee is still hanging on? Cool cool cool.

++Why would you name your son a name so close to Turd Ferguson? Why would you purposely make me struggle through a conversation without laughing at the name of your son whose name sounds remarkably close to "Turd Furguson?"

++Well, I didn't get any of my hotly anticipated Michael Shannon talk show interviews (thinking about starting a March for that) which was a huge bummer. And I should be careful, like, sitting round 24/7 waiting for some new Sean Baker action because an opioid film in his hands might be too much for my little soul. It's fitting how even he needs a break from his own stuff. I guess I'll  be killed happily.

++This is not typical Vanity Fair, fare.

++Wait a cotton pickin (wow, really? Great article..) second. Thinking back, was Chocolate Rain really a good song? I mean, lyrics aside, the melody? Talk amongst yourselves. At least as good, melodically as Sirius or anything Manheim Steamroller if ya asks me.

+Speaking of old memes (#modernbaseball), yesterday I was part of a webinar and had a fleeting fantasy of getting on camera and twitching my head to one side and glitching like Max Headroom if it came my turn to talk. Could blame it on the tech.

++Got paid the best compliment yesterday: "She's strange but not weird like you. You're an interesting kind of weird."

++Ah so then now news is not just  considering but also planning.

Baker's inspiration for Florida Project:

Monday, November 05, 2018



++Several lifetimes ago, I ordered a styrofoam cutter similar to the U shaped thing you see above but infinitely cheaper because it's from China. It finally arrived in this lifetime and I didn't have high hopes for the thing because it kept falling apart as I was inserting the batteries. Also it probably cost less to manufacture than to ship to me. Anyhoo. I'll be damned if it isn't the funnest, most relaxing toy I've played with in a few decades. I have been carving out all KINDS of obscene and weird shapes. The challenge and appeal of it being such a cheapo item is not to move too fast lest the product disintegrate. It's like a mix of Jenga and Tai Chi based on the principles of patience and poor quality. Highly recommended!

++Kept finding actors with interesting names and faces I'd never heard of before.They're doing a tribute to Clu Gulager at the New Beverly the 16th of this month. He's been in a ton of roles, including the one above that any indie band is I'm sure welcome to use for a cool lookin' video. Ginger kids who couldn't read the word Dynamite in big letters were so big back then. 


..Also, John Hawkes (or Jawn Hohks if you're from Philadelphia) who stars in the new movie Unlovable. I searched far and wide for the "trigger" song played in the trailer. Turns out it might be an original because besides acting Hawkes is also quite the singer songer.

++It's funny to me that even things that people are "considering" get reported on. Anything's news now, I guess. What's he considering for lunch?

++He's doing all this and still wearing the gingham shirt? A regular Megan Markle! 


Sunday, November 04, 2018

I, Object

Born Lippy: Well even though I'm in a relatively cheery mood, something about the time change has me feeling tired and discombobulated! I don't have my usual StSS energy. I *was*going to do a massive post on my research about honeybees alongside a video I took where I revived a bee, but that ambition left me yesterday eve. So instead, I thought I'd post an interview with one of my faves from the Britpanel universe, Jo Brand, where she offers some lessons learned through her storied life. What a warm, cozy delight she is...and friggin hilarious, not at all a "national disgrace" lol.  If I did one of these my only life advice would to always steal the free chopsticks at restaurants because for people who love to bumble about and fix things like me..those always come in handy. Hey, no one said it was sage advice just "what I've learned."

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