Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hall of the Mountain King

++What's this all about?? Cool sign tho.(Update: Sounds fun, it is about a female Tom Sawyer character, has dancers and will star Jason Ritter's wife Marianna Palka).


++I feel like David Spade and Ari Grande got the weird plot lines in this simulation we call life.

++I guess when you go to see Sophie Tweed-Simmons perform sometimes as a bonus her Dad Gene Simmons can be seen rockin out in the audience. Or maybe it's Tommy Wiseau, who's to say.

++Big year for potatoes. Dogs named potato, people being compared to potatoes. Hm.

++It is almost the end of a week that has me FRIED! FRIED, I say!! And the humidity is killing me! Anyway, the only thoughts I am willing to share right now are: 1)"Why don't they make clear soda (or La Croix) cans? That way you can see how much is left inside? 2) Is Jessica Chastain unstoppable, just in general and 3)  I've seen two billboards for Ray Donovan where his face is wrinkled. Is it the billboard paper or is face thrashed on the show, I got no time to either watch or figure this thing out.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Owen Lars

++As someone who favors deep colors, am glad Valentino is bringing back reds and pinks. Will others follow (tiered) suit?

++Been a while since I did a compare n contrast, with a recent cover of The Gun Club's Sex Beat courtesy Katy Goodman and Greta Morgan. Please to listen!:

++I've got a mountain of projects I need to attend to, so of course I've been budgeting my time wisely by watching 30 minute long survival videos (but what if you had no knife?) and seeing what Sharlto Copley is up to...and that is a movie called Gringo which may or may not already be out, who even knows anymore. Cast looks great tho, and hm Joel Edgerton has a brother Nash who is or isn't more attractive? Really depends on the angle I guess.


Monday, July 31, 2017


++So what's up today? Stumbled across this band that kinda has an appealing sound and a fun name so here we are. They are produced by Bronson Tew and some of the fine people at Dial Back Sound, who do a great job of making their clients look mysterious and wise and talented and legit.

++Minor celebrity waved at me through a store window when I pointed him out this weekend. Was he standing there to be recognized? Very Hasselhoffian.

++I was telling someone that the only way you can know if something is fake news or not is to see it with your own two eyes..but then what about MAGIC? Loophole.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Twombly Dee


++Hee hee, sometimes when I am feeling lethargic I wish there was a typeface or font that would indicate that I dgaf like how Twombly writes the word Autumno here. Oh to sign off on emails like that, live to dream, dream to live.


++I didn't think I needed to know this much about strawberries, but here I am. Will just tuck away the fact that these cuties lack the "Fra a1" protein for personal gratification, not to like drop mic when I'm talking to smart folk. That'd be too much. OR WILL SHE? I do know too many know-it-alls who I spend most of the time nodding my head at, not being extra.

Last week I had the pleasure of being cooked something straight out of a restaurant's garden (not at this place) and it seemed both decadent and how life should be all the time, every day, every meal. Was literally sitting in the garden while I was eating the garden's byproducts, which seemed kind of cannibal-y for some reason... if those plants could talk. It woulda been cool if we were allowed to be barefoot in the dirt, truly at one with the experience (at which point the angry plants would wrap their vines around my ankles and pull me into the earth, out of vengeance.)


++Oy vey, as if I didn't have enough to worry about with the current political climate here, nows I gots tah be thinking of Venezuela? Don't usually pay too much attention to world's economies but seems to me if the US is breathing down your neck, you owe Russia money and need China coming to your rescue, there's trouble a-brewin. Maybe I'll just go back to watching dumb Lil Dicky videos.

++This made me laugh so so hard.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Another Lover

++Was watching more Lil Dicky just now, Professional Rapper, Ex-Boyfriend (lolol!)and Lemme Freak, and some of his rhymes are really hilarious. The humble, Jewish almost Weird Al unabashedly dopey-ness of his whole schtick is pretty amusing but he needs to shorten his songs by like, half. They're too long!

++Most of my lifelong actor crushes are aging quite nicely, thanksyaverymuch!

++The word "down" is usually featured prominently in all my favorite YYY songs.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017



++I have a fairly high opinion of myself and I think maybe Caleb Landry Jones might be prettier than me. Also has a touch of creepy which has worked and will work for him in the future. Good face for period pieces, too. I have put too much thought into this.

++Such sad background music. Is it because people are too busy to enjoy their lonely beautiful backyard spaces??

++My boys aren't impressed with the latest offering from the freshman class, rightly so.

++Congrats on your adoption, Maxine. You won't have a roof over your head but there will be PLENTY of avocado toast.

++Woozone: Do they put "woo" in front of everything at corporate HQ, I wonder? Like pig Latin or oppgopp(sp?) You'd probably go home at the end of the day and wouldn't be able to stop putting woo in front of things like a Jeopardy contestant who could only answer in question form.

++Ooh, someone give this info to Simone Biles for next time she tells her haters to take a couple of seats. Gett'em with that exoskeletal device burn!


++I've been catching up on some of my talk shows after last week's maelstrom of a work week and was completely caught off guard by Ashton Kutcher. He's surprisingly articulate and a savvy investor to boot.

One of the tech companies he's interested in right now is something called Hooked, which uses text messages to tell stories. I don't know how successful that will be but the idea itself is so creative. As he notes, there is such a built in emotional connection/reaction to texts and given people's shorter attention spans.. well, the whole idea of using texts as a medium is compelling. (Footnote: According to the comments, Kutcher is also a front line warrior against human trafficking. Who knew!)

[Update: I've just been told that I'm the last person in the world to know about Hooked and that the ads are all over ever social media and mediamedia channel ever invented. Just what I get for living in a hole!]

++Just thought of Trump Stamp, someone's prob already covered that base.

++The one called Verdigris is Verdigood.

++Am down with a slight variation in spelling and some good old fashioned garage-y-ness.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Are You A Spy?

++Every now u read something and do a double take and have to step back and be like, what?

I decided to see what was new in Vogueworld and found that someone created a rainforest inside of an an old zeppelin hangar in Brandenberg, Germany not far from Berlin.  Wait, what?? I generally do not care for artifice or simulated realities but this carries promise especially if they can put some un-corrupted seeds in there once our current seed supply goes to Hades. Or the world goes to hell. Obviously the park won't be as hazily beautiful as Maciek Pozoga's photos [up at the top of this post], but let's look at some of his other work while we're at it....since he made something artificial look so very appealing. 56_00500005v2
Floaty! Maciek-New-Top-Image


Sunday, July 23, 2017


++Wow, I think I set a personal record speed time for money spent after signup using the Wish app. Might be a lowkey publishers clearinghouse type scam,lol. Whatevers, I'm a huge sucker for cheap kitchen gizmos that peel garlic (fkcn garlic and shoelaces are the bane of my existence) or little plastic men that hang from boiling pots for some practical reason. Also hilarious how picky I got when selecting free giveaways. It's the kiddie dentist freebie treasure chest all over again! I think sites like this, depop and Poshmark will give the big stores a run for their money, until they get gobbled up by the whales of the commerce sea.

++If I had my shot at asking a celebrity question, a shot at the "big time" with Parade magazine, I might not waste it on a personal attack against Marion Cotillard, but that's just me. The supposed French good time girl ain't helping her cause with her next film, though.

++Serkis stuff: Just had a dumb thought (not even clicking on article): Maybe he's really a chimp that's been trained to be convincingly human.

++I heard Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want at the store again yesterday and since I've made it my life's mission to take this song apart (this might be the fifth time I'm writing about it?), this time I zeroed in on the line "He says all the right things." Constructive criticism, maybe work on the high opinion of yourself?

++Sometimes I listen to songs like Ms. Skeptical, like I think Amine might be too young for flip phones. Also the Rihanna song where she's poppin off football stats, I'm like, Hm I don't think so... That'd be hilarious if she was really a huge sports stat head...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Most Ripping Victory

My husband and I have alternately ragging on and waxing admiringly on LDR's God Bless America #powpow! (tm MIA) and I said to him, "you know, the bridge is quite lovely and jazzy..." Him: "How does it go again?"  Me: [Hums]. Him: "That would be funny if she just ripped off a verse from Coming To America and tossed it in there for no reason. Me: Even funnier if she had just sampled it, and pasted in Neil Diamond's actual voice out of nowhere. Today!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

JEF World

++Sorta feel like buying one of these, and I don't even golf. Who even am I, anymore?

++Woe is my poor neglected bloggo, victim to my quest for complete world domination. Kidding, sorta.. Let me see if there's anything I can scratch up to keep this thing going...

Hey here's a song from 2014 by Jelani Sei that sounds much much older and somewhat psychedelic and I am ok with that right now.


Monday, July 17, 2017

He Who Dares Wins

++Agnes Deynspotting! I don't have any plans to watch this but I love this lady's demeanor and encyclopedic memory for a looks. She must be constantly mentally bookmarking style ideas and she goes about her days.

++Also I won't be watching this Blomkamp short in its entirety but will leave it up here to zoom around and look at the cool paused stills. Those is some clunky ass creatures tho...

++Please, do go on...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gouda On Ya

++I've always had a certain fondness for The Strokes but didn't realize what an impression (mmmhm) they made on the music scene. From the Lizzy Goodman book to this guy professing his love for them through mandolin on NPR I'm sure even they don't realize what an impact they had...they're probably way too cool to worry about clunky ol' "impacts."

++Well the Terrace House fever has finally been broken and I can go about living my life again! By this I mean screwin around watching random YT videos. I got interested in replicating some of the Japanese recipes on TH (am somewhat of a demon in the kitchen) and it lead me to the most amazing series of videos. I hesitantly clicked on the "Cooking with Dog" thinkin 'Uh oh if that's one of your ingredients u may not wanna post that,bbs.'Think twice and' #petaminute! #Ulintroublenow!

Thankfully the series is named for the dog sits and observes the chef at work. That is one well trained dog. These videos have all my current interests rolled up in one piece of dried nori: Japanese culture, ironic narrator, jaunty music and dogs! I like how they give the dog something to eat to try to pretend like he's talking at the start.

The other fun video I watched was on Stroopwaffels, which you sometimes see for sale in stores in boxes, a sad lifeless replica of the real thing made with treacle, the British word for molasses. (What a vivid visual next time something is described as treacly!) While it's a fun sounding word it just translates to Syrup Waffles. They were originally created by baker wishing to repurpose leftovers/leavings, which next to accidentally coming up with a new flavor is one of a cooks favorite things to do.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


++I mean, technically any conditioner can be a leave-in conditioner.

++Like, who *isn't* attracted to Macron's wife??

++I don't know, maybe if you're making this recipe, "low sodium" isn't at the top of your concerns.

++I like when the audience sounds like it has your-friends-and-your-roommates'- friends-coming-out-to-support-you kind of laughter. [above]

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Totally Forgot

..about Glasvegas! This song!




Sooo I haven't had much to say lately because I've (still!) been so absorbed in my belovedly boring Terrace House and binged/mainlined it so hard that it has fully entered my bloodstream. ...(Longwinded read after the jumpy jump)


Continue reading "Kampai!" »

Monday, July 10, 2017

My Game With Me

++Megan Sue Hicks: Not sure what she's singing about but it's kinda witchy/wiccan and I'm into it.

++Snopes back at it again, ruinin it for all of us.


Sunday, July 09, 2017


++Checked the SOG email box for the first time in ages and got amused by the name of this band, who recently played Good Room in Brooklyn, where everyone may or may not be green monsters (pic below).

++Media overestimating my interest in the "hot felon."

++I don't know what the rest of it is all about, but I am tired of having patience, too..XXXTentaction.

++I loved her as one of the sons on Mr. Belvedere.

Good room

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Something So Real

++Imagine if you were, like, a Dave Coulier type of character... and the object of someone's ire. Just tryin to enjoy your beer and then you got some ex-gf on the radio chewing you out, lol.

++Ooh, hooks a sistah up with some of them DeLaRentas, Phildawg.

++Heidi-san sporting, you guessed it....GROMMETS!


++I've hopelessly devolved into a serious Terrace House addiction and won't be of much use to this world until, like a stomach bug, I binge it out of my system. No one send help!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017


++Hoo boy, this week is already taking off from under me. Here's a placeholder for now. I like music that's just a little off-kilter. When are they going to start making movies about the aughts so we're told how we're supposed to feel about the decade...and what stood out?

++Everyone on the internet makes fun of rosé...but what if you actually liked it? It would have to be on the DL like being a Republican in Hollywood. A secret love.

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