Tuesday, March 14, 2017


++So what's weird is that Vince Staples sounds like a country singer's name but Chris Staples? Nope, not at all.

++Is it me or has their been an exponential multiplication in the number of surfbros lately? Everybody is a Broooo..

++Was thinking about my younger brother today and how I have known him all of his life, but he hasn't known me all of mine, cue Jaden dissolve photo!

Monday, March 13, 2017

See Me Sometime, Big Boy

++My favorite part of the Google link to the wiki description of Holi is the final line where people have to get intoxicated before facing family. Government sanctioned dysfunction.(Where's the Schoolhouse Rock jingle for that one..)

++I mean, on some level, after a certain amount of success I'd suppose part of the appeal of being a director would be to get actors to do whatever you want with them. They *can* play God, man!

++I guess this one depends on the person you're always compared to? Some of us ain't hatin! (On a side note, my overused go-to, Mae West, has the best quote gifs out there.)

++Poor Steve.

++Where da chocolate?

Sunday, March 12, 2017



++Photog Richard Mosse's latest (Star Wars-ish) work on immigrants is way too bleak for me to handle on pre-Daylight savings time Monday, so here's something he did in '12 [above].

++For about 5 years now I've wanted something that has moved me as much as Orb's Salt, but nothing ever comes close. This Kode9 from '15 may be on the right track.

++Googled to see if there was any stock art showing someone's body hooked up to IVs but like the cords are charger cords to their devices, and couldn't find anything. This is now an ongoing quest like trying to find my latest favorite Irwin commercial that made me laff so hard last week.

++Caught ya on tape, sandalwood. Busted.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Kind of a Funny Story

++New music from Jack Johnson and Yoni Wolf! (Why?)

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


++I've long found one of my favorite writers Brian Moylan's love of Erika Jayne and her whole music career "cute".. indicating a sort of snobbery on my part. That was until this morning when I just keep hearing the phrase "None. Not one. Zero zero zero,done" rattling around in my head. (This is because I am fighting with someone.) And for some reason, it's mixing with the Work It melody. So that's where I'm at today.

++With a name like that it seems like they should sell pot? (They don't sell pot.)

++I'm pretty accomplished but how do people get the confidence start sentences with "I mean, look..." conversationally? #authoritative.

++The chemical reaction that occurs whenever you open up a new jar of kimchi will never NOT amaze me.

++Nerd Siren! Longread with some thoughts on MC Mike Crichton after the jump:

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Edgar's Birthday Show


++By most accounts Miles McMillan is the model of the moment. Kinda cute but sadly, kinda taken!? Who can keep up with these things, anyway?

++Half my battle in writing this blog is not sharing my many many celebrity encounter stories. And I've had more of them than probably anyone I know from being able to spot them (Catch'em all!) and having lived out here for so long. They're mostly kinda boring stories. They are always shorter than you expect. To quote a Gelson's cashier this past weekend: "They never look as good as they do in the movies. And they're always teeny tiny. One time Salma Hayak came in here with no makeup. Teeny tiny!" #teenytiny.

++Fine, random band I just found...you gotta song called Stop and Go? AUTOPOST!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Pritzker Prize

++Hey sax, where you been!?


++I mean, obviously the prestige of the prize is what people are after but $100k ain't nuttin to sneeze at, either.

++Trump is making Barbara Streisand gain weight and Lena Dunham lose weight. Any celebrities chiming in from the weightless contingent? Any zero gravity celebs out there got a say in all of this? Speak now.

Monday, March 06, 2017

High Forever

++I like the general feeling of this PTM song, but don't know if it is sped up? What's real anymore?

++Another recurring theme in many podcasts: People's fear of things coming up through the toilet while they are, uh, seated. 

++Jeez, Annie Hardy has had a rough few years.


++Wonder if Ryan Murphy ever gets tired of people telling him what to do/commanding his next move on Twitter.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Some Kind of Wonderful

++A good, James Brooks-ian/Carrie Fisher-ish line for someone to yell at someone else would be "I hate you and all your multitudes!" (Just thought of that this morning.) I think when people lament the demise of the romcom or films that are mainly about human interaction they are missing an era of witty if dysfunctional repartee and truisms that seem to be of a mostly Jewish screenwriting tradition that ruled for a time in the 70s/80s. See also anything involving Nora Ephron, Shirley MacLaine. There's a huge void for someone who can write funny dialog that is screamed through tears.

++Only one hour? So much for maga.

++One of my favorite kinds of trolls in any comment section is someone who writes in excited, overly positive sentiments that are sure to get someone's goat. For example, with regards to any female in the Royal family "Our next Queen!" or "Long live Queen Kardashian!" I mean, if you're gonna troll do it with gusto?

++In another edition of, I always take the wrong thing away from videos, I watched this and am all, where do these people eat? Aint there a Japanese imagined superstore, bodega, or even a gas station in the beautiful lands where they can least grab a quick bite?

++Someone once taught me a bunch of phrases in Spanish to fend off gross guys and I think of that list whenever I hear this old song (instead of the word hopeless). 

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Cartoon Bubbles

++Oh, so, not the Castle guy then...

++A couple of short essay ideas I'm playing around with: 1) "Can dental receptionists be classified as domestic terrorists?" (There are too many ways for them to nag nowadays.) and  2) "Outsourcing your texts: Gotta get that urgency and pathos just right, PA."

++I think "Andy Garcia Drags Disneyland" would have made for a much more provocative lede.

++I thought Molls' podcast Plz Advise (w/c I only listen to in passing) with Jolie Kerr was just great and bonkers on all kinds of levels. Kerr is adorable, and surprisingly, half-Indian. Ya never do know! It never occurred to me how being an expert on cleaning would open you to all kinds of new worlds and experiences.

++Got the brows wrong today, leaving me lookin super-plaintive.

++They always use the dogs playing poker trope, so out of curiosity I looked up what other things they capture dogs doing and now may never sleep again?

++Gonna post the same Declan song I've been posting for years because this week is KILLIN me!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Sun-with-face Bill-cosby-face
++So happy that the sun is out again, she texted to someone. And then thought of Cosby, once more.

++What about the mind-"butt" connection? snickered the Little Idiot who lives inside me.  

++I'm old as the hills and just now realized PITA is an acronym for Pain in the Ass. Noted. #willuse (Update: Also, I finally had the time to look it up and turns out baby oil does NOT come from squeezed babies, which is a big load off my mind.)

++All anyone ever has to say is "Glows in the dark" and I'm always partially in....

++Just happy. (too easy)

++Wondering if Zap Mama's necklace tastes like candy corn or corn nuts. Guessing Corn Nuts.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Let That Radio Play


It me on Mondays!

++If I ever meet Melania Trump's sister one day, I'll ask "Qu'est-ce que c'est, Ines Knauss?" [above] Just cuz I love playin' with words and that's a mouthful!!

++While everyone else online was melting down over the Oscars ending, my husband was telling me a Faye Dunaway story I wish I could unhear. Wild night.

++Found out that Jakob Dylan's son Levi (below) is modeling while trying to find out what ol' pops has been up to lately...




Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

++I don't know what's being said in the video but *someone's* obsessed with Sonny Boy. Something about Blake Shelton's sister and a commode.

++No one will ever be able to convince me that Joel Osteen isn't a Martin Short character.

++ Probably have said this before but now more than ever, I really revel in having my own deep seated, highly unpopular opinions in this pushy, surveilled world.

++Huh, sometimes you're expecting more of a backstory and it's just that Cheerios is just a shortened version CheeriOats. Someone needs to punch that up.

++Lololol, the top comment on this Girl With All the Gifts trailer: "How horrible,they make all the zombies wear Crocs."

(Moviemakers are always creating these far out dystopias to freak people....Honestly if they wanna scare me all they have to do is have Glenn Close look straight into the camera and deliver an intense speech. It could be something innocuous like the ingredients of chicken nuggets or the Cheerios wikipage and I'd be hiding under a blanket.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Change of Clothes

++Wish I was a cat person so I could name it after Ms. Huppert.

++What's with all the ladies in tux jackets lately. Love that look. Very hard to screw up.

++A lil older but here's quite a pretty cover of DCFC's Photobooth by Julien Baker.

++Speaking of old ('14!)This made me laugh SO hard:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


++Post Smiths sparkling literate guitar pop, you say? With one of the members a total Archie? Signs me up!

++He's just a little guy but I'd say it's a decent accomplishment to have be pictured on Wiki in your bathrobe.

I Am That Girl


++Well I finally became a California cliche and gave into getting a diffuser. I chose the small one above, highly recommended by Amazon and I don't necessarily believe in the "therapy" aspect of the aroma, HOWEVER, the sci fi girl in me loves the way it changes color, making weird parts of my brain tingle whenever I walk in the room.

++I was reading about Rebecca Minkoff's fashion show at the Grove in the LA Times over the weekend and thought it was kind of a novel setting for a runway (The trolley tracks.)

She also was able to draw out a bunch of young Hollywood names and Milck who I remembered from seeing in coverage of the Women's March. I like her striped variation on the classic Baja hoodie,tooooooo.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blood, Sweat and Bass

++Funniest thing about this video is that these guys are talking about some of the very newest tech and yet they only have one microphone they keep passsing back and forth and Squnto doesn't have an aux cord so he listens to "crusty" old classical CDs in his van. I keed, I keed, you can't help but appreciate Squnto's enthusiasm and passione.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

No Such Thing As Sobriety

++Quit hasslin' me!

++I always hear Brits praising "riddim" and think I understand what they are talking about. Maybe. Shiny jackets comin' back in? Hm. Approved. (Really loving some of these lyrics!)

Friday, February 17, 2017


Candy Floss from HAUS Pictures on Vimeo.

++I know so little about music!

++We got bigger things on our mind these days than pancakes, LA Times.

++Blue Jasmine:I was snoopin' round to see what Sir Ian has been up to lately and while I couldn't find anywhere to view his short titled Edmund the Magnificent (about a pig, apparently)I *did* find this little treasure called Candy Floss also by Haus. Quite engrossing! The lead actress Grace Hogg Robinson looks like Emma Watson's wayward twin and the accents are thick and satisfyingly too sludgy to understand (which I love). But the real star is the direction and use of color in lighting. Sure it was probably mostly naturally occurring light but I like to think they had a frantic, master gel man on hand.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Callahan In the City

++Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder: Wow, this song is quite pretty in its simplicity. More on John Callahan here


++Update: lol, people are SPENT today.

++I think I've mentioned before my occasional love for the kinda nast and lowbudge Little Debbie's Nutty Bars. Well a few a weeks ago they up and changed the name to Nutty Buddy (NAAAAHH,thumbs down), without nary a "Now with a new name" label as a headsup. You can't just pull sh-t like that after 20some years..reminding me of the time Ace Hardware gaslighted me by changing "helpful hardware man" to "hardware folks" to be more PC. This is for anyone out there searching to see if they're right. Fight the power!

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