Wednesday, June 07, 2017


++Two fun words of the week: Budtender, ambisextrous.

++These lyrics are a little simple, farm in the dell you might say, but who needs complicated these days, anyway?

++How does the dog feel about the Sally Kellerman comparisons, I wonder...

Highway Queen


++Nikki Lane: Heard this on Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday and there was a line that reminded me of the old John Wayne quote, "Don't let the bastards get you down." Decided someone might benefit from me posting it...and here. we. are!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Faithless Now

FIFA-747x309 Maxresdefault

++Hard to tell difference between FIFA 17 Marco Reus and real Marco Reus. Is it cuz his face is sculpted or cartoony? Mebbe both.

++Everything in California wouldn't be named Santa Rosa if it was Santa Rosacea.

++Someone's pointed this out, right?

++Speaking of Da Feef, Declan McKenna wrote the song Brazil as a protest against the corruption within the organization and he became so popular they later used him on the FIFA soundtrack getting the rare and somewhat subjective use of the word "oddly" from wiki.


Monday, June 05, 2017

What If 2 More Row Never

++How is this a real sign? This definitely looks like on a sitcom when they slap a fake sign on a facade. 

++Nice little mood created by this new Fiebre song featuring the vocals of Teresa Reyes. I know people don't buy albums anymore but why is there such a long delay between when singles are released and the actual album comes out. I understand artists wanting to build hype but the lag has always seemed too long for me. Just talkin out loud here.

++Every time I watch Dr. Phil I applaud how well they conceal the line around his bald cap. Flowing Fabio locks under there, for sure. He lets it all hang out at home, on his BarcaLounger like "Wuddnt that a great show today, Robin?"


What If 2 More Row

++Life of Brain: Lolololol, this reaction video is one of my favorite things I've seen this year. Warning it is REALLY long cuz the Lil Dicky video itself goes on forever. (start it at :30)Worth it tho! The best part is when "rapper" Brain finally comes in for a verse and how their eyes light up. Wanna live in their chill world and invite Dave.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

What If 2 More

++In a year thus far that has been filled with musical revelations one of the biggest surprises for me is that Herbie Hancock is behind this song. They only straight up say "Blue Note" at the start of the song Sherlock ..haha,oh my duh-ness, sometimes I'm just not paying attention. (What a legit genius he is..)

++Like, how pressed are you for time that you hit the double speed button on a podcast? 

++Was going to joke "Hey Linguee, this translation is a hot mess!!" Frankly though the examples make for an excellent understanding of proper usage, dammit.

++Photoshoots everywhere. Everywhere.

++Just the whole idea of Meredith from The Office tickles me, because she's so precisely the kind of lady you meet at a bar.

++Simultaneously proud and embarrassed by all my relatives being extra and academic on You Tube. #intellectuals #wishyou'dkeepitinthecloset#geekgenes


Thursday, June 01, 2017

What If 2

++Daiso in the hoooouse! I too am a big fan of zip pouches and plastic bags while traveling. She's got it all figured out. What mystifies me is did she get the footage on the plane after she had already filmed the video? I love good production on a video and amused by thinking they might have created an airplane set for a 7 minute tutorial.#moonlanding

++The kids have brought back the word "salty!" A+, could never have anticipated that one making a comeback.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What If


++Good enough of a review, for me. These blind items revealed are getting pretty dull.

++Superglad that my mans Andy got over some of those original band names and didn't become, like, the parody song guy.

++Still not emotionally ready to talk about that water droplet sound effect that substitutes for a word in the Noah Cyrus song.

++What if my grommets on suede prediction materializes? It's summer and my only thoughts are of flannel and suede, lol. (Update: Huh, I said grommets when I meant to say studs on suede.)(Both are wacky and would be unexpected.)

++Spanish pop songs go hard on the word "Contigo."

++There's a lot of lessons in this documentary, but the most important might be, according to You Tube commenters, is learn how to pixelate faces properly, dammit! (Hm, but perhaps avoid joining a culty tech trade skool to learn how.)


Country Road

++People usually respond to hearing Alyson Alonzo with a "that voice, tho." That voice, tho!

++Had no idea Elvis' version of this song was so funky. Maybe Avener will get his hands on it.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Whistle It, Just a Little Bit

++Kygo is NOT Kayzo, which is no reason I can't post one of my favorite tweets in recent memory where he looks like this sly bird. (It me! When it's not me.) Kayzo is the one with the buzz right now, though, so much so that people Я doing remixes of an unreleased track. I was listenin to some podcast complaining about a lot of music being so going soft these days. And I meeeeeeeannn Kayzo isn't doing anything Skrillex didn't already do years ago but it's kind of fun to hear someone shake your bones again and wake your cold dead soul.


++I read a tweet the other day where someone said Your Love by The Outfield came on in a store on the overhead speaker and all these strangers started singing it together, spontaneously. This might be the third time I've written of my amusement at people's latent and late blooming affection for that song. Also apropos of nothing, it's been mostly warm in LA and all I ever wear is flannels. Cuz it is always my heart. All these musings seem related to video above. (And back to the Outfield, critical praise is great and all but wouldn't that be something to be loved by the regular retail store-going masses? That's the metric of success in my mind,)

++I like how there is a poster for the word poster.

++Press is funny. Like they get you all excited about a Studio Ghibli pop up and then they say, but the lines will go on for blocks. So maybe don't go. But they might have freebies, so go!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chinese Slippers

++Wow just like I think I was the last person on earth to hear of the My Neck My Back song from 2002 I must have seriously been living under a rock to never have watched Searching for Sugarman, about Sixto Rodriguez, who I touched on yesterday. From Jools to Dave Matthews to even Leno, everyone already digested this story about a decade ago. We're now literally 4 years past his subsequent renaissance/revival. Can't be ahead of the curve on everything, I guess.

++I've been catching up on some missed Conan remotes and this one really made me laugh out loud, esp. the James Joyce reference. Since I already slapped some Rodriguez on here yesterday I'll go with an old FF today and try not to write anything else prescient (it happens so often! RIP Tim Russert) to close out my week.

++Tfw you're expecting someone to have a glam childhood and when u look it up they're from Alhambra. #Alhambra

++The way they structured this article made me really angry.

++Oh boy, can't wait for all the punny/wordplay posters based on the word "bull."

++I just HAD to go and look up the word gusset.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Seesaw Kids

++Lol, lots of dissension in the comments section of this song, making it live it to up to its name. From 2015! Where have I been. (Update: The original by Sixto Rodriguez dates back to 2008. Husband asks: "Is this Charles Manson?"

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Man's Drink

++Speaking of London, (and things Brittania, this week's theme apparently) one of my big gripes these days, is I'll be watching a trailer for something and I don't know how old it is, or where to find it. First world-y problem fer sure. I guess the larger feeling is given the ability to DVR or watch things on demand is the increasing meaninglessness of time or format? Distributors don't need to specify this info anymore.

Even tho people are(were? Who even knows) jazzed about the realistic real time, on-take action of this movie, who *hasn't* had a long hazy night out with a surreal Owen Wilson encounter? (Update: all these U.K. related posts were scheduled before the Ariana incident.💔)


++Do You Vant to Know?: Still the same formula. Still kinda works for me!

East End

++Was reading about Nobu opening a hotel/restaurant in London [above] with a sort of mild interest, and how he chose Shoreditch over the more popular Mayfair neighborhood. Shoreditch, what a weird name! One legend has it that the section is named for Edward VI's mistress Jane Shore whose body was disposed of there, later dredged up with her story commemorated on tile. Seems like a good thing to build a town around. Or simply from the royal surname "soerditch" or the ditch of a sewer, logically.

The church bells of Shoreditch are mentioned in the popular British nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons, but the creepy version above (dead/uncanny eyes on those bells won't haunt children for life) doesn't include the original ending's lyrics about beheadings. (That my husband remembers being used in the movie 1984) Ain't the macabre backstory always the way with these nursery rhymes? Or IS it? Snopes types be ruining all the fun.

The Three B's

++I was so inspired by Richard E. Grant's cranberry juice infused vomit porridge the other day and now after watching a related video cot damn I guess I'll soon be making Shepherd's pie! Man that looks good. (Update: get the good quality grater, totally worth it.)

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Sandman


++Was listening to an old Fresh Air podcast with Noah Hawley, above, creator(?) of the Legion and Fargo programmes.  The best part of the conversation centered on the discussion of the word "uncanny," when the interviewer said that in Legion you don't know if the scenes you are seeing are real or the main character's (a man with schizophrenia) hallucinations. Hawley said that the original title of the X-Men includes the word uncanny, and that Sigmund Freud's definition (which is too long to elaborate upon) is the (and I am paraphrasing Hawley here) sense of uneasiness one gets when you are expecting someone to act in a certain way, say, according to societal norms, and they veer from the expected. He gave the example of a haunted house, or as I like to think of it as related to the original X-men's meaning/intention in today's parlance...the Uncanny Valley, or that feeling when you see a robot that's seems so close to human but something' How difficult that must be to have hallucinations and he gives the audience a taste of it. Just great, thought-provoking stuff and even there is too much media to possibly consume these days, I love the variety of stories and perspectives available.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Doubting Thomas

Longread: Some thoughts on The Road Not Taken, after the cut.

Continue reading "Doubting Thomas" »

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mind Rhyme

++Definitely some alpha male power play posturing from the big sax man trying to control the narrative and spice it up til Shaw toots at him in a special musical code (that we can't understand) "Boy, sit yo arse down!"

++Speaking of oldies, dis my bish ri' here.

++Why does Messina get an "Outside Interests" category? Never seen that one before. They need some standards for uniformity out there at Wiki hq.

++Pretty seamless outro from last 30 seconds of Reckoner into first few seconds of La Ritournelle.

++The Guinea Pig Club: Convalescent Blues sounds like a Jack White song waiting to happen.

++Just had an amusing thought: in Australia do they pass the dutchie on the right hand side?

++I no watch-o HGTV so had no clue what "shiplap" means. Looks a little spooky to me and those floating silouhette heads ain't helping matters either.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Go Easy

++Coathangers and Babymetal should co-headline together. The daughters of Courtney Love tour. Alas, there are tour dates on their video but they end at Phono del Sol in SF. They'd be so perfect for a Dia De Los Muertos show. Oh you betcha I got planz.

++Give me all u got of Zach Woods (hilarious; I don't watch Silicon Valley...his delivery is so subdued) and Richard E Grant(cranberry juice on your vomit porridge ? U lovely twisted f-ck!), internet.

++I see.

++One of my favorite things is to look up meme origins and all weekend long my husband and I were laughing at how the recent spongebob one comes from Spongebob's reaction to the sight of plaid, and the blinking guy is his reaction to the word "hoe." (Or does he think it's "ho" at the time, which makes it even funnier?)

++For me the alarming part of this nature video isn't the sudden emergence of all the snakes, it's how much my own clunky running style is so iguana-like.

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