Sunday, May 06, 2018

True Grit


++Not to sound all snobbers, but twice this weekend people were telling me info that they thought would be a revelation on subjects I turned out to already know about, and quite well. These were pretty nerdy obscure things! I fly my geek flag high,'sup? 

Anyhow then I came across this tweet, and had never heard the name Hannah Hauxwell before and was like, hm, is it a terminal patient? Up and comin' youtuberess? I decided not to Google her name but instead watch the documentary below with fresh eyes. The story in and of itself is quite slow, and requires patience. The reason I write about the experience is because I recommend watching it without knowing what happens next, ya biggole Andy Cohen. It was a feeling I hadn't had in a long time. I kind of enjoyed the glacial pace and not having read Rotten Tomatoes ratings and critics' hot takes. Next to having bought a hummingbird feeder based on stories about Spencer Pratt of all people, "the not knowing" has been one of the fun parts of this year.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018


 ++An exclamation point! Well then, this requires some investigation. Sean Penn is really trying his hand at so many different projects these, rat keeping, pyrotechnics. What can't he do?

Index Fullsizerender--24--656x472

++Not really interested in people's personal lives and conversations but my ears will tune in to see what other people's Starbucks' orders are... So specific! My Starbucks orders are super boring. (I'm listening to Molls' real time podcast where she eats spicy nuggets to be like Tricia Paytas and it is all so meta that I may have entered a black hole.)

++Yay, new Tirzah produced by Micachu! (H/t Gorilla vs. Bear!)

++I'm sure someone's already made the observation that Ajit Pai's name sounds like Agitprop.

++Whenever I hear that commercial that says "100 megs for $19.99" I always wonder if Neil Strauss would charge the same amount for "Negs."

++4:00: Have always loved that line and laugh every time I think of it...flirting used to be such sport.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Mau Mau

LM-10 - different colour_0

++Most, not all, but most roads lead back to Sondheim.

++Either my hair is in a transitional phase or someone outfitted me with a wig from the Americans.

++Close, but no Stussy S!

++There ain't too many bloggers around anymore but the ones that still are, are still gettin' it done. Both PotW and LoBF recommend Lily Moore, so let's slap a little something by her up here, yassir. It appears that Moore hails from Brighton, a busker made good.

Monday, April 30, 2018


++This video actually made me ask myself, "Why don't they make group Segways? Or Segways built for two?" (Update: Nah, that's just a golf cart.)

++Much like yung Victor in those French learning videos, sometimes I will be composing writing something and overthinking it or making it too flowery instead of just writing the first thing that comes my mind when a voice comes from above, from a disembodied God-like figure like in the videos and says(...).

++There's this one commentator on the news who looks just like Thomas Haden Church (can't find him now), which should not come as no surprise since a lot of people look like Thomas Haden Church.

++Weird how it's hard to sit and read a book but I'll read a thread with gifs about an unhinged Mom wanting parrots til the end of time. Ooh ooh, if you can make take small crooked screenshots of a Toyota Corolla Craigslist ad I'll read even more!

++Sometimes I'll click on video just for the title 'n' comments. A lot of critics have said Post Malone needs to lighten up but he does inspire people to make funny comments. Some of us are Jason Mrazs some of us are Post Malones.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fools Walks Away

++Ok, time to ease back into bloggin'. The good news is this week I'm moving into 2016!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


++I've got this thing where I have to shout out when I recognize a location on a movie or TV (and this keeps happening more and more lately) that "I know exactly where that is.." Super charming. I can't not shout it!


Or at least elbow whoever has the misfortune to be sitting next to me along with a self satisfied smile.

++Ok Post It Notes in "Rio de Janeiro" colors. That'll do. That'll do.

++I think that much in the same way that the plural of radius is radii it should be emojiii (and the symbol would be three eyes)

++Little known Prince first draft.

++Easily my fave thing on YouTube right now. #LeaveVictorAlone!


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Karaey Oke

++Birdcloud: This week if yer lookin for pipin hot music from 5 years ago brother have you come to the right place. Very rarely do I come up with new reference points but dun dun dun dun(!), we at SOG hereby declare a a perrenial reference link for the keyword “Maaaan.”

The yungs sure do like their short songs and I gotta say, I’m not mad at it.

And sure Birdcloud may be satirists or racists depending on your POV but maybe just maybe I would have gone to see their tour with Walker Wheeler Jr back in 2016 just for the sheer number of genital references.

++Internet's been eye opening in a variety of ways, whether it be helping you discover the best secret dive bar you never knew existed, or the disturbing world of Chad and Stacys you never knew existed.

++It gladdens my heart that everything has turned out fine, if not surprisingly well, for the girl I knew in college who dropped out because of a Diet Coke addiction.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Me Encanta

I don't know how I missed out on Andrea Alvarez but I'm here now!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Roadside Attraction


++Be as bitchy ("exhibits are dusty and poorly maintained") and spoiler-y as you want Wikipedia. I would still stop by. The older I get the more I am entertained by things that are a disappointment/letdown. That's my jaded idea of a theme park. There's your mimicking of the real adventure in life: disappointment.

Lemme toss some music up here in jes a sec....Update: Hey, whaddaya know. Sometimes you find a good one off the bat, from this morning's MBE:

..Ooh, fascinating. I tried to track down Art School Girlfriend's real name and the best I could come up with is "Polly." "Mystery, What Is It?" as it says in the poster above.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thinking Out Loud


++ Bella Hadid models the latest trend sheer socks (Sheer Hanes? When will I tire of randomly referencing Ed Sheeran, dear Oracle?) but we all know who did it first and best.

++I don't know why when reading reviews and looking at pictures for the Venus Flytrap in a jar on Amazon I said in a stereotypical Italian accent bordering on Bela Lugosi, "I want to see pix of when it eat-sa the BUGsa!" Yeaah, big finish!

++I remember when they first came out as a couple there was a rumor that the way Meghan Markle won Price Harry's heart was by cooking him Barefoot Contessa's "Engagement Roast Chicken."  If this were the true storybook romance people say it is, there would have been some obstacle to their nuptials, like his goofy cousin Winston shows up early and eats the chicken before Harry and falls for her and she's all..."Oh drat, you damn magical chicken!"

++Great, now I wanna buy a dressing gown.

++Is there a word for when pulp mocks pulp(50 Shades)? Spoiler alert: At the end the Book Club Ladies get attacked by the Finding Your Feet Ladies who come at them with an aggressive dance off (Don't worry they're held off by the Book Club ladies hurling Joneses furniture at them.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Benny Sings

++Hey, wouldya look at that, our old pal Johnny Flynn keeps on moving up the ranks. The YT commenters all seem to know who the killer is..the visuals are enough to make me wanna find out for myself so we'll see!

++I was going to make my predictable Anomalisa observation about the Rex Orange County video but it is the end of the week and I am OUT!

++Did someone order the shade?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Meissen Trimble


 ++Does anyone else pronounce Chvrches "Chuh-vurches" in their mind? She said to no one in particular.

++Plot twist: The shrimp fried rice lady is also the Cat Person lady.

++A great name for an architecture firm would be "I Can't Believe It's Cantilevered."(or I Can’ti Believe It’s Levered?)

++Pretty sure that dog wants to get with that pot.

++Lol, I used to write articles like this. What!? people found them interesting?

++I entertain a lot of flights of fancy thinking about what Joel Fagliano's day-to-day life is like...

++Ha, if I got a coding degree for writing about that $uicideboy$ album, then do I get a masters for typing out 6ix9ine? And do the old skool Sixx-Nine(TM) get a cut of that action?

++Marian Hill: This is a little low budge and retro but I'm into it? What is happening. Looking for that Kayzo remix.

++The real question of the day is if they find Stormy Daniels' attacker will he become the new Hot Felon?

++That's some Kelsea Ballerini level PR effort right there, son.

Monday, April 16, 2018


MV5BMzRlNDU3NDMtNDQ3Ny00YjNkLWFlMTEtMjg5MmMwZGQ4ZjBhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzIzMTExNzY@._V1_SY1000_CR0 0 701 1000_AL_
++Justin Benson: I love the honesty in the answer about being compared to Lovecraft and admitting to not being familiar with Lovecraft. Not too shabby to be compared to Lovecraft and Linklater in the same sentence. Cults and monsters in the woods are big this year.



Here's one coloring book where the words "Adult Coloring Book" should definitely be on the cover.

++I meant to post this a week or two back, one of my fave things I've ever read that someone tweeted about and I had never read. I think about it all the time now, such a sharp response that applies to so many scenarios.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


DamrKfgW0AE7FFs.jpg large

++Sometimes when I hear the tone associated with a new email on my phone it triggers a slight feeling of dread. I wish you could download another tone, like the sound of a nickel slot machine paying off. Cha ching! Bye dread!

++Much like I long for a Death Grips version of Havana, I would not be opposed to a banda version of Milli Vanilli's Blame It On the Rain, should the Universe feel like making either of those two events happen.

++Been just hashtag blest at the bounty of entertainment riches I've been consuming lately but it's too boring (and too much!) to delve into because it is just the same old talk show hosts I've loved and talked to death for years. I watched the Letterman interviews with Obama(finally) and HOV and both and made me emo! And the other night I went through all the Conan and Jordan Schlansky in Italy videos which lead to a YouTube livecast that is now nowhere to be found. I was sleepy at the time, and it was aggressive and perverse and Andy Kaufmanesque, unlike anything I've ever seen. Was I watching it live as it streamed? Hm. Don't think so.  Was I dreaming? Anyway, Netflix and Youtube have become an interesting playground for hosts and comedians with nothing to lose, often freeing them from the constraints of network TV and for the more cutting edge, smarter of the bunch it has opened unexpected doors into their personalities and made them woke (see Chelsea Handler) in a variety of different ways. Personally enjoying some of these revelations very much! Next time: movie reviews.

++Wanted to buy a black and yellow shirt, after seeing Declan McKenna's bassist, and maaaan men get all the fun patterns.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hooli Hoo



++The Three Nines: Dios mio! I've fallen short of my posting quota for this week so I better throw something up here. Last weekend I was privvy to meeting some hackers (long story) and I like how this Plaid article pretty much lays out a blueprint on how to hack in. #servicey! After reading that first paragraph I'm having a hard time separating real life from Silicon Valley.

++Eternal mood, always and forever, emeritus. Apparently those old Aerosmith videos had a huge impact on my psyche?? And I don't even like Aerosmith. Go figs.

++This'll probably be my 14th time posting this song, but I never tire of its groove. All time fave. Where dat weekend at?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Gotta Keep Goin'

John Wentz

++From what I gather this podcast with artist John Wentz will be about slowing down and not getting distracted by media, but I plan to listen to it later, as a distraction. C'est la vie! Will report back on whether or not he's related to Pete, next time.

++Me in my mind, delighting at my own gift giving skills.

++Am always intimating that I have inappropriate jokes or mean little observies that I don't share, and this is one of them. Can't resist: For once I'd really tune in if Today did the "Where in the World Is Matt Lauer" segment.

++Haslemere: I don't happen to be in this particular mood today, however if anyone out there is feelin' kinda Connan Mockasin or LA Priest, here's yer guy. How'd such funk come out of a picturesque place like this?

Monday, April 09, 2018

Beach Bum

++I know Harmony Korine's idea is to make Zac Efron look "grimy" but it looks costume-y and Liberac-ey to me-e. We'll see though!

++As mentioned yesterday I’ve not been so fecund(ew, that oozy word) creatively over the past few days, but yesterday someone was telling me that she finds Margot Robbie robotic and I said you could call her “Margot Robot but pronounce her last name with a soft French accent like her first name.” Some might argue that it might be a good thing that my creativity is momentarily stifled.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Orange Blossom Trail

++Oh man, a little sunny weather and my work ethic goes down the drain. Let's hear a little from Leilani Wolfgramm to get me back into the swing of blogging and out of cooking my brain with sun and chill. Otherwise I might never resurface.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018



++Some of these are better than emojis, tbh.

++If you talk to me on the phone with a monotone vocal fry, apparently I will respond to you with the same tone of voice.

++These are such nondescript names for characters. After all the ominous warnings, what would be fun is everything turned out to be fine, just fine!

++No idea what all y'alls are talkin about. Looks like my kinda jam, though!

++Randomly decided to look up the CEO of Time Warner Spectrum and did not expect him to be so young and dashing? That's gotta be a made up picture and name. They could've at least lifted a more recent pic of Dermot Mulroney. We're not dummies!

++Besides The Apartment and Billy Wilder, Cam Crowe talked about his affection for Monterey Pop, one I haven't seen. And now after watching this trailer and hearing the act-by-act description song, hm, maybe I don't need to watch it?

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Life Is the Best Writer

Just got done listening to a crackling, percolating interview with Cameron Crowe and Alec Baldwin for Baldwin’s podcast and I feel alive again! Weird thing to say/write in this jaded age but I challenge you to listen and NOT come away with the same feeling.

Both men have the enthusiasm of two Labrador puppies boisterously pawing at and tearing apart Crowe’s catalog and career. They share a fanboy love of music (from a generation slightly older than mine) and a good basic story, that they describe like a solid cup of coffee. I closed my eyes briefly while listening to Crowe at one point share his anecdotes peppered with vivid and visceral impersonations of showbiz legends. He's got such a great command of the language too that I was like, oh yeah, forgot he's not only a director but a writer at heart. Forgot about the writer part of him, I guess. He sees the world through both lenses. Creatively ambidextrous. Fun fun fun.

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