Sunday, December 31, 2017


++Since everyone's on the topic, here's my Black Mirror story pitch: Someone's road raging at another driver and they look inside the car for someone to yell at and the car is not only driverless, it is passenger-less!😳 I'd call it "GHOST RAGE."

++Would be nice if they had told me it was a 360 video in the title so I wasn't lookin at the top of everyone's heads thinkin I was losing my GD mind.

++I've been reading this page of pictures of high school students with captions expressing their opinions on a variety of topics and it is absolutely kiiiiilllllling me.

++Been watching a bunch of old Craigy Ferguson videos and Tim Meadows and Jon Hamm were frequent guests. What most people don't know about Jon Hamm (and Rich Hall) is that they pop up like crazy on the Brit panel shows. I like this line from Travel Man where the palm reader tells Hamm he is the year of the pig and he goes "Pig, Hamm, get it?" Fast on his pig's feet, that one. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Bhaddest Bhitch

++I enjoy a good piece of jerky from time to time, an occasional Slim Jim here and there, and when I do people just love when I put on the song above and keep singing "BEEF STICK!"at the top of my lungs whenever the chorus comes up. It's real charming. Every action needs its own soundtrack if you ask me. (Husband yesterday: Were all their songs about the same topic?)

++Here's the Ladybird movie I wanna see. How complex is that relationship?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

No Significance At All

++It's no secret that I adore Califone but the real reason I am posting this video is because it was directed by someone named "Jeff Economy."

++Saw someone literally accosted into wishing someone else a Merry Christmas (to you too, in reply) today. It was a somewhat violent transaction.

++🎶That guy is a real crowdpleaser.🎶

++The most mundane of David Stassen's tweets are the ones that crack me up the hardest.

++Gaddam, still the queen.

++Drove past Target yesterday and said "Tarbitch" and laffed to myself. Then imagined a scenario in which I got into an altercation with a Target cashier and got the chance to call her a Tarbitch. BURN!!! Because I am a total hammer. (Ahh, it was used in Focus, that's why people keep saying it. C'mon, I've put some thought into this but this much thought isn't needed.) (Alternately, you're either a Fatty Patty or a Pretty Nicely.)

++My husband on an actor with, um, distinctive looks: "He has the weirdest head shape. And no one seems to be bothered by it!"


++Uh huh, honey. Whatever gets you through the night. (Anyone who's ever done an experiment knows what "significant" means.")

Monday, December 18, 2017



 ++Can I be the first to make a "Robin Sparkles is mad" joke #yahearditherefirst.

++Man my brain is already checkin out for the holidays. I like to think this video below is the sequel to this video.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mary Sue

++Does everyone feel like their friends are the smartest raddest people in the world? Don't know if that's something I'm alone on...

++Did TCBY ever have a dirty acronym or connotation like Adidas or In and Out? I feel like they really could've gone places if they had let the public mess with their name.

++They said the stamps would be forever. They lied!

++The thing I look forward to most about the holidays are when they are over so that Bing Crosby's Sleigh Ride finally leaves my head. Going on about 12,000 plays this year. It's a reaaal sickness. Then I'll get about 6 months off and as soon as summer is over and the holiday ads start again I'm up on deck, waiting for the sickness to roll in again. I even look the other way at the Asian slurs because hey, he's grandfathered in..

++Whenever James Franco talks about Seth Rogen in interviews he tends to call Rogen by his full name. Not other people, usually just "Seth Rogen."Wonder what that's about. Do they know more than one Seth? Detective LaToya is on the case.

++Checked in with what was happening in the choreography dance videos world last night and the dog at around the 1:14ish mark is totally my Mary Kill Sue.

Don't know if I am using the term correctly but if a bunch of people came up and started dancing like this in front of me I would probably be acting the exact same way. 

++One thing I could NOT be is like a presenter of info in this day and age because, as foretold by PTA, it seems like you have to be a larger than life persona and maybe have a cool chair.  I don't go much in for conspiracy theories but I do like to watch trends and what I'm sensing now is that AI drones will soon be shooting us serfs in the foreheads with cryptocurrency, so a real good skill would be to learn to duck (maybe that's what autocorrect is always trying to tell me!) or jump!  If the guy in the chair is to be believed, the scramble right now will be for the financiers to get control of cryptocurrency.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Streets Tonight

++Sheesh, everyone I know is going to see Portugal the Man tonight except meeeeee. They are kinda, um quirky, but I am happy for their success having gotten on board a long time ago.

++I like how xmas brings out people's creative the folks on my street putting bows on your windows to make'em look like gift boxes, sure.. I'm down. Live out loud.

++Just when I figgered out what kinds of flowers are ok to eat now you gon' mess around and put succulents in food? [above]. Fine then! (Yes I know they aren't real succulents but Mexicans have been eating cactus all around me for years.) Sea Beans!

++Not sure what that symbol is between Axell and Ingrosso (hung out with all the wrong dudes in math class) or how to pronounce it but the song's ok I guess.

Monday, December 11, 2017


++What if you did a Camelbak with a Guzzler Helmet (ammunition Vest-optional,heehee) along with a stadium pal (TM Dave Sedaris), you'd be your own totally self contained unit.

++But when do they get around to actually building the bears?

++2017 (besides being the year I completely lost myself in Japanese and Brit panel shows and what heaven it was) will be the year that I kept hearing hammer analogies. Was blinking guy surprised to learn someone I know is a racist towards a certain group and said "when you work for [them], they are like hammers and [they] will pound you down." Okeeeeeeyyyyy. Of course, the old standby, when you are hammer everything looks like a nail and "are you a hammer or are you a nail?" stuck with me.  And separately, I kept hearing people say "I resonate" with something, instead of that thing resonating with them, which was new.

++Let's get thrownback to Battles:

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Little Stranger


++Woah, Craigslist now accepting cryptocurrency. #Gamechanger #bodilyorganssoonforsale. I saw a guy yesterday wearing a tee that said "Do you have Bitcoin regret?" Totally bro, if I bought when I first blogged about it, I'd be ballin right now, tee-shirt query man. Thanks for askin.

++Been sniffing around that Chaos Walking movie and discovered the wiki entry for Patrick Ness' first book titled "A Monster Calls." While the plot summary of Chaos Walking didn't knock my socks off I was really super Sophiatherobot intrigued by the Yew tree in Monster Calls and the narrative device of the four stories and then! Then! I comes to find out the story was made into a movie that I missed late last year. So I watched the trailer and alas, it was not what I had imagined while reading the plot line. (It was a ten minute emotional roller coaster.) Maybe cuz I saw the awesome cover art first:


I think I'm alone (most YT commenters were jazzed at the trailer) and no diss to the dazzling direction and visuals, just once in a while I think a much simpler form of animation would be refreshing, like pencil sketches or like Waking Life and black and white would stand out. Maybe it was an association on my part with Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and less Robert Zemeckis, which is not to say Zemeckis isn't appropriate for high fantasy. (Just learned the term "low fantasy.") Are American crowds too soft and spoiled for dark B/W tones in animation anymore, like Young Frankenstein? That would be a shame since so much mystery and evil hides in the shadows like in the book cover above.

++And on the same topic, now that'sa a good teaser of a summary! Wonder if the Ayres family ever parties with the Leonides clan, mm?

Thursday, December 07, 2017


++Two things about this clip of Sophia the Robot: 1) Uh oh I often use the word "super" before phrases too. 2) If it's robots versus humans and Piers is representing us, hmmmm..that's a toughie.

++Sometimes I come up with an idea and am disappointed that when Googled, I discover someone else has arrived at the concept first.. but this morning I was thinking about wifi bars  ... and how some people have more life force than others, like stronger more assertive souls, while others are what my Moms used to call "poor in spirit" and was pleased to find that after some casual Net searching, so far, no one has thought of "soul wifi bars" and now I don't know what to do with this insight.

++Nick Jonas has joined this movie, which is why he is placed next to those words and not some kind of commentary on Nick Jonas.[Meh, your so-called dystopia doesn't seem all that scary to me as long as no ever sees the face I make whenever I drop my phone..]


Wednesday, December 06, 2017


++Am admittedly a downlow huge fan of illustrations that point out where things are with lines or arrows...for example, I recently learnt that thieves are into stealing catalytic converters from cars as they contain precious metals And!Main-qimg-436d3186e775f20926ff3e128e2ccad4
these handy dandy detailed illustrations point out where exactly in a car catalytic converters are located. Just puro crystallized knowledge and almost as fun as bingewatching/learning thru all the episodes of Qi (Steve Fry only, obvs) that Earth has more than one moon, Edison tortured elephants and countries used to use orphans to transport the smallpox vaccine.  Also, this!

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Let My Mama Tell Me

++I dunnnno, am I posting something from Red Bull Records? (I'm posting something from Red Bull Records.)

++Am not one to keep up with sneakers but these Jerry Lorenzo Fear of God Vans are at least attempting patterns in shoes...


Monday, December 04, 2017


++Why are so many 2018 wall calendars featuring different kinds of animals doing yoga? Who issued this edict?

++Heeere's Jimee: It's Been a while since I posted a mostly synth Junior Boys type jam. Perfect start to the week.


Sunday, December 03, 2017



++Super thrilled at the onslaught of year end lists like GVB and Fader, and that there isn't really a consensus for the Top 3 as in years past. It's been a kooky year, high stakes poker and everything's wild as George Meyer might say...Hey Fader good call on Phoebe Bridgers and I was  gonna give U all the props for having a "skip to the top 25" but for me at least the linky no worky! :(

++Absolutely love that clip of the Eagles end zone celebration dance where the guys pretend to be bowling pins getting knocked down. Key and Peele would be proud.

++Am blissfully reveling in the woefully thin LA Times Image section this morning. Something that surprised me while reading this is that Mr. Bloody Shoes himself Christian Louboutin wears dirty flip flops from time to time!


He's recently collaborated with "textile enthusiast" and Bollywood costume designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for what's called a "capsule collection" at the Just One Eye boutique in Hollywood. I do wish more inventive patterns would make their way down to us masses, including things like coptic crosses and florals in shoes. What a delight that would be for us sensualists...


++And for no good reason, a short clip from another fave Brit panelist Alan Davies talking to Jon Ronson that kind of encapsulates how I feel about aging having lived a pretty rich life. For longer listening, Ronson's old talk with Marc Maron still holds up.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


++Annabelle Chairlegs: Lindsey Mackin's got one of those voices bound to draw comparisons. The Austin Chronicle hears Janis Joplin, I hear more than a little Bjork. This video went up in January and if her nerves were jangled then, someone should definitely check up on her now.

++Ah my first guess was sea cow. This is better.

++Speaking of time travel, I was startled to find this pic of Leo Tolstoy from 1908(!) looking like some kinda GD fashion time lord...could've been taken today.

++Been thinking about that old Marc Anthony song (I Need To Know) and wanting a J-Lo response called "I Told You So."I told You No." [Sample lyrics sung in the same key: "Ay Papi boy, I told you, no..."].

Tuesday, November 28, 2017



Here it comes...another intimidatingly long video! Just could not resist posting this "The Art Assignment" video because it's fantastically enlightening on so many levels. I wasn't familiar with Gordon Matta-Clark and the cut outs he did of buildings. #badlieutenant#badtenant

You really get the sense that he was fascinated by the rules of the physical world, and poking through and blurring those rules. There's also something charmingly philosophical about wanting to see through and break through the barriers that close us in, literally.


Other stray thoughts:

++Frog legs in their natural form look like tiny human butts that I want to put in tiny pants.

++Finally found the point in time that I'd time travel to; that restaurant! Back to the "Food"-ure, haha. The ideas, the intensity of the people involved, the music and those meals. And it only lasted 3 years..

(loving the snark and craft that goes into this series, mostly the ones that involve cooking. Hannah Hart's 5 picks episode is recommended, too!)

(The real question I'm left with is does the creepy omniscient voice narrate their every waking move on the daily?)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Harley Stretren


It's a very busy time for you if you are a Flume right now! Flumes are creating a certain Japanese ambiance with Ta-ku...

Some Flumes are also Hyper Ambassadors.

Other Flumes are changing into many different suits and accepting GQ awards.

Or working with the Gorillaz...

Whassat you say? It is only *one* Flume? Well, that's one busy Flume.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pickled Sharks


every single spot painting contains my eye, my hand and my heart

++In yet another example of me taking the wrong thing away from my educational videos, I saw this Damien Hirst quote in this video where the lady is trying to provoke conversation about how we feel about art's origin, whether it is from computers, the actual artist or artist's assistants (as Hirst uses) and all I wanted to do a remix of him saying it to the tune of that dirty Khia song, lololol.

I also want to do a Trump remix of the Shaggy classic.

If only I knew how to do these kinds of things.

Anyway, I'll probably get blocked by Hirst next.

This crowd funded series is pretty the one where they cook Georgia O'Keeffe style. Very clever and informative. Yum, chilies. Ahhs fu-ks with chilies!

Maybe next time they'll whip up some delicious pickled sharks.

Here's another example mentioned, composed with artificial intelligence:

His Lilywhite Hand

The truth is out there
++A thing I think about all the time is how people used to get enraged because A-Punk would be the first song to sometimes unexpectedly start playing on their iPhone (or the A Team theme depending on the nostalgic depth of your musical library). If Vampy Weeks did that on purpose, well played? It is the equivalent of AAA Plumbing companies back when people used to use phone books.

For years we all managed to trudge through our lives bearing this miserable problem until the clouds parted and a guy composed a song to tackle the issue. There was rejoicing on the streets and a collective sigh of relief that the scourge had been lifted. And yet every now and then some youngster will still tweet that the A-Punk problem vexes them. It kind of amuses me. They walk the earth, still spinning about in their rage not knowing help is available and that it does get better. Keep searching, Twitter stranger. The answer is out there!

++Met a guy the other day and asked him what business he was in and he said "Monkey business..." with a smile. Corny but I will steal it for sure, when in a small talk pinch.

++Found that old Skeng song from the cryptic article in my last post, tryin' to figure what he's rappin about (love it). I think he's in a doctor's office trying to call a nurse about a problem with his urse.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


++They seem like they're doing those polite smiles that people do when they've had some bad bathwater under the bridge. #dontspeak

++Imagine if you buy tartan anything right now and then you're stuck with tartan after the holidays....what a scam.

++There's this one celeb that I've been following for a while, who I won't name, who is both talented and confusing (in his personal behavior) and therefore an everyman/relatable. We're all pretty unknowable when it comes down to nuts and bolts.

++Pretty much everyone I know has gone to Palm Springs at some point this year, and my only regret from the last time I went there is that I didn't engage in more pinball. (My husband upon viewing this site: "What are thooooooose?" Answer: Pinballs.)

++I sometimes like to think I am up on things, but this article is like a completely foreign language to me.

 ++Emma Johnson: Why don't more people incorporate wood into practical ceramics? It seems like a no- brainer to me, bein' less conducive of heat?

DFf-YxeXUAAt4Bb.jpg large

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Celestial Dictators

++Lol, how much of a nerd do you have to be to use the orphan J in place of a happy face? Pretty niche.

++I don't know who he is or what he did but everyone seems to be making fun of Dylan Byers, like some kind of Dylan Byers Club. #dadjoke#needsworkshopping

++Will never understand why people hated on M83. Hm. Loved that Midnight City song at the time and at the very minimum they contributed that cover art that I'll keep in my quiver for a "Tfw" tweet should I ever decide to tweet again.

++I was watching a short snippet of an interview where Stephen Fry explains why he is an atheist and he makes a pretty compelling point (essentially, what God would create an insect that bores through the eyes of children causing eventual blindness?) when you consider half the Net is terrified of bugs. You gonna win a lot of support on that point alone, big man.

In the comments section, one of Fry's critics accused him of haughtily wearing his intellectualism like badge and, hey, if you're searching for a true, hardboiled man of reason look to Peter Hitchens, conservative brother of Christopher. That lead me to these two spirited debates on drug treatment versus criminalization with Hitch 2.0 versus the former Chanandler Bong, and Russell Rockets Brand. And then on to the video above that's probably one of the longest and greatest I've posted (and I'm only halfway through it!) where Chris goes head-to-head against Pete. It's frankly a marvel to behold because to me an honest debate is one based on facts, rather than personal attacks. While both men are guilty of low blows at times, they're both persuasive and erudite in their arguments. This year of British programming I've been subjecting myself to has been less about Anglophilia and more "lalophilia"?

(Probably my favorite line in all of this is when Christopher talks about how essentially religion is surveillance from cradle to grave, like North Korea, and then even after death you are still monitored. "At least in North Korea you get to die!")

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