Monday, July 30, 2018

House of Culture


Was going to write about watching a video of Lenny Kravitz where he gives a tour of his apartment in Paris and goes to great lengths to point out that the tusks(?) next to his mantle are fake done by some artist I was too lazy to look up.


But then I came across this wonderful world of netsuke carvings, instead! It reminded me that I'd been meaning to talk about my one of my favorite stores in LA, Bun-ka Do.


Here's a view of the interior. I like how their product selection ranges from tourist-trappy souvenir trinkets all the way up to very elaborate and expensive items that probably have some antique or collector value. It feels steeped in history, steeped, I say! (unlike hm, Daiso). Or so I suspected. And hey whaddaya know, here's an article on the history of Bunkado for anyone interested. And they have an online store, too. I didn't see anyone on Yelp mention their semi-secret second floor that you gotta take an old wooden staircase to access but that's def worth a peek, too. (Next time I go back I need to make a point of going during Koyasan visiting hours which I sensed was magical from the outside but truly had no idea, now looking at pix! Waaah.)

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Peas In A Pod

++Really enjoying Nadia Rose's laid back flow and the slow natural way she dances. Unlike some other top pop divas, she's not commanding her crew to do militaristic stiff moves. It's almost like she was just walking down the street like a pied piper and a buncha people happened along to start copying her moves. Quite unique with a true dancehall flavor.

Also amazing that the song has 6mil+ views and she hasn't come up with something new to ride the meteor. Interesting how different artists move to their own clocks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Shrimp Delivery


++I love when the lighthearted and curious Seth Meyers just sits back and allows people to do their thing and drop knowledge, and how his booker is kind of a jester. Great variety of guests, lately. Mama like.

++I will go ahead a pretend the writer behind this is the same character in Sharper Objects. (I'm not watching Sharper Objects.)

++Anyone ever do a take using the wordplay Putin's Playhouse? Must research. He does look a little Pee Wee like.

++Every day on the news there's a story about how Santa Monica police are "cracking down" on the Bird scooters. Which is too bad because despite the fact that as someone with OCD I'm bothered by how messy they r just layin' and litterin' the sidewalks, and sure riders often use pedestrians as ramps to pop shuveit on.. still I thought (and still think) the business model with its lack of permits was wild wild west and they're super convenient.


++Was at a Noah’s Bagels yesterday and noticed timelord Sonja Morgan in a pic behind me..someone argued it looks more like Meryl?

++Should I put my shirt in the freezer today? There's a product for ya, Yeti, frozen shirts.

++Country Grammer !

++Culture Abuse sez "Don't let the distractions stack up to the stars."

Tuesday, July 24, 2018



A little hyper today with not much of substance to add to the conversation, in any case let's do this!

++I haven't been following the Bachelorette this year but I'm cheering for Balake...knowing nothing about him.

++Damn, they are doublin' down on the decoupage tweet from yesterday! I challenge you New Yorker. I challenge you to keep coming out with new ways to describe that frickin' shirt. I feel alive again. [Update: ANOTHER one! Did they do this on purpose? The only thing I can think of is that they read my post and are officially trolling me now. But then again I am highly delusional and now a little excited about this turn events. Ooh, I hope they post more descriptions of the shirt.]

++Hm, wonder what Erlend Oye's up to these days, must research (even he seems to look like he's wondering in the screenshot above.)

++Love that someone would name their dog Derek, delightful.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Boxer's Trail


++What these people are going to need is a Schlep Bag made of shmatte for their shtetl!

++May or may not have bought a Mickey Mouse shirt over the weekend inspired by that "Oh boy" tweet from last month. And I may or may not say "Oh boy" all the time now. If the internet has finally killed me, play me out with some Despacito, Alexa.

++Feels like someone shredded a dictionary and made a decoupage tweet out of all the words.

++I know this has been done a bunch but it made me smile, always appreciated on a Monday. And I like the rhythm of it. Remix? Oh look, it a picture of me and my mood today: 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

No Pilot's License Required

++A lot of decor sites try to sell you on wall tapestries. I'm totally down to buy one with a dummy door, or window,just to see people act the fool.  That's how you'll get my money.

++"Purple patina..."

++Thinking about starting a separate website dedicated to oft-used phrases that talking heads use on Sunday Morning political roundtable shows. This includes: "at the end of the day," "playing Monday Morning quarterback," "for what it's worth," "Listen..."

++Why won’t the movies let Lucas Hedges just come out already? Always thwarting the poor kid.

++Got a feeling JLo is angling to get into the next Mamma Mia cuz she wants in on most stuff.

++"Don't forget...about Blade?"I'ven been spending 20 years trying to forget about Blade.

++Idk, commenters, use phrases like photovoltaic skin and my brain just kind of shuts down. Anyway. BlackFly likes M83 Outro so let's get a peep into that. (PS: If your spokesperson for your carplane is saying "sure cars crash everyday?" Maybe, idk, hm.):


++Yikers, no one break him the news.

++lol. I realize that Vice is trying to trigger people with the video below [#racerelations], but the only thing that shook me was like, "Kimchi means cheese? I think not!"(I will from here on out be that dork who says “kimchi” when telling people to smile for a pic.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Yo Yo Ma Ma


++A "library bar", to check out books, and HOTTIES!

++Are people really crying out for light up headboards, Mathis Brothers? I’m not sure that’s something that we want.

++Not sure if I've ever mentioned that I'm a proponent of the humble yo-yo, and keep one around me at home most of the time. And as Naughty By Nature might say, other people love them, too. They're great to have laying about cuz sometimes someone will pick it up while talking to you and forget what they were saying, always a plus. Or if you are bored with what they are saying, you have something to do. Wins all around.


I tend to buy a good old cheap Duncan cuz that's usually around when the impulse to buy a yoyo strikes. Didn't know there were so many flashy models these days as is the case with even the most basic products, where everything is sleek futuristic like its from the LA Car Show or that blue neon-filled Korean BBQ restaurant I went to once that seemed like it was out of the movie Heat. (Link here later when I find that old post.) These two above don't even have strings! (Not true.) Some of them have ball bearings which, I don't know enough about the science of yoyos to know if that is technically cheating when it comes to yoyo fundamentals.


Well all these pimped out yoyos have forced Duncan to step up it's game, rather clunkily..snazzy font!:



Some other merchants have gone the opposite direction, possibly vying for the hipster artisanal yo-yoist. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate might want a working compass?




(Won't make a CBS Correspondent worthy pun to the ups and downs of the yo yo business.)


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bring Him Along

++Heh heh, the lyrics to this very Burt Bacharach meets Jarvy Cocker song by Matt Maltese song..baldfaced envy at its most delightful.

++Not to be all Alexander, but I watched a really terrible, horrible or moreover a strange strange movie on Netflix last night and I actually took time to research it/look it up before landing on the choice, which is what hurts cuz I did it to myself.  (Debating on whether or not to share the title here because perhaps I was dreaming/it was all a nightmare.)

++There was probably a way to generate a headline that didn't slag off Judd Apatow, but I clicked, didn't I?

Monday, July 16, 2018

So Damn Cool


++This is Sven Gamsky from Still Woozy and while I'm not too crazy about this song and its accompanying video (that's some Jade and Alexander stuff), I'm totally all in for the way his voice gets all up in your ears below. Definitely a song a parrot would groove out to in a viral video. Namaste, Sven Gamsky.(Just wish it were a feeeewww seconds longer.)

++My 5 second take while zipping through these pics? Keith's a little narcissistic. Don't just breezily blow off your colleagues with a hand wave and a "co." You heard me Keith! (Probably not, Keith doesn't hear anyone.)

++Troughs be diggin' in!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

For the Birds


++All the summer girls are wearing preppy jumper dresses (shorter than this of course) and I find the whole thing to be quite marvelous. It's been fun watching both celebrity and normie fashion this year, good job everyone.

++Nuthin' better than certain rivers. You know who you are.

++Savin' this gem for the next big family get together, when things turn political: "MAGA make me looose my mind up in here, up in here!" Also in my fantasy I fall to the ground while saying it, in victory, like Biden here.

++Also in old song lyric news, I wonder if Travis Barker named his two daughters after the opening line of Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. I've had that song stuck in my head going on 4 weeks now and the spoken word interlude where Jade talks to Alexander still gives me the heebies. What exactly happened that night and really do I want to know. It's all tinged with beautiful weirdness.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018



++Omg, I'm dying my own very specific brand of nerd death, hahaha. All my favorite things together!! Blunt and McAvoy know what's up.

++I'm like super ancient and I still laugh to myself thinking of the word unbe-weavable. Chuckle chuckle. So immature. I've got a whole hair salon soap opera developed in my head every time I hear that song.

++Gots to stay topical!

++Wolk and Morais sure do like their Canadian tuxedos, and I am fine with it! Looks like their latest line will continue with a lot of major splashes of maroon that was big starting the fall before last. It just keeps going, oy with the maroon.


They say they're drawing their inspiration from Heath Ceramics (WANT!), California cool artists and polymaths like Fredrick Hammersley,(I can see it), Tamara de Lempicka(bold!) and Helen Lundeberg (Inez is over it!).

++Not sure if I've ever mentioned that I once had the pleasure of seeing John Williams live, and happily he is still a-live. Highly recommended experience. Pocito mas from Albeniz below.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Keeps Me Sane

 ++How many times am I going to wiki the same 10 people? #answer:endlessly

++That'll do, Casper. That'll do.

++Guess all those doge jokes paid well.

++This is the only kind of famous I want to be. The only thing I'd like to be known for...

++Heyy, been a while since I checked in on Porter Robinson and now's as good a time as any?

++Don't know why every food-courty type place I go into lately has one of these diagrams. Another one of those memos circulating, I guess.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Made For Love

++Very rarely do I go in on an Internet longread anymore but this review by Jia Tolentino drew me in from salacious start to finish. It is in fact so fantastically graphic and thorough that I’m not sure if I even need to read the book anymore. If I do it would be to check out the sleep optimization helmet(yes please), Byron Gogol (perfect techie name), the Tangerine feel of the whole affair and all the great metaphors dropped in this piece. Ams a sucker for a slicing, slyly truthbomb of a metaphor!

++Speaking of graphic, I think it would be too on the nose of me to post the pic of the blowup doll that accompanies that article and I'm much more in the mood to look at the purdy offerings from Offshore Studios, presented hilariously larger than usual. Oooh, ahh.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Three Codas

++I'm not a Trekkie (Trekker?)but I may read this book that some reviewers call a parody of Star Trek, similar to Galaxy Quest. Another different book I'm starting is also an imagined extension of a series of books that enchanted me when I was younger. As the old saying goes, if you can't read'em(again)..extend'em. Nah no one says that..does feel like we are seeing parodies/tributes/extensions to beloved stories more and more because we're all trying to get back inside whatever magical world it is that first snagged us good, once upon a time. Visas, if you will.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

That's The Plan


++Everyone's so concerned about Google and Amazon's encroaching monopolies..meanwhile no one is paying attention as Danny Trejo quietly creeps into every part of our existence.

++It's just egg drop soup with corn?? What a disappointment.

++Someone has to have already made this connection, right? JES IN CASE! It's why I'm here#godsplan

++Got a bad case of the hiccups today, here's one by Wooden SHIJips. I mean Wooden SHIJips. (Don't know how they say their name, ahhhh, this week,hahaha, sigh.)

Monday, July 02, 2018

Swing For Your Supper


++The internet is waking up and for whatever mysterious reason wanting to try to make a mold, something shiny like the Oscar, and then picturing yourself sometime in the not too distant future chomping on gold golf balls, all satisfied. The trajectory from passing thought to eccentric reality's so fast now. Preeetty sure I've had this urge in the past, time to explore the SOG archives.

++I hired someone to do some chainsaw work the other day and it lead to me singing "___person's name__" with a chainsaw all that day and the thing about that song and some of Magnetic Fields' songs that I've always enjoyed is taking dark matters and singing them lightheartedly in a way not enough singer/songers do these days...and then along comes Simon (will always link to Association in all matters, they are like my DaRude Sandstorm):

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Homer & Farley

++Shame/Concrete: Suspenders! Let's see if that catches on.. I would be much more likely to stay longer on a treadmill (who we kidding, get on a treadmill) if they'd have scenery where I'm walking around through film in interesting locations.

++Late to the game but I really really enjoyed the Malala interview with Letterman, and the fascinating tete-a-tete between Seinfeld and Michael Richards, post disgrace. Also the old with Louis CK pre-disgrace, which is an interesting contrast.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

No Secrets To Decode

++Heard some teens talking about the "old classic" Superman by Soulja Boy, lol. In that spirit, let's toss some "Classics" up above and below, some DIY.

++Oh no, his name is a meme tin the making.

++When You Die: Man, MGMT...I'll never forgive you for inserting that guy from Girls into my future nightmares. I don't even like or think about that guy! But one day in the future, I'll be real mad at you MGMT. Glooby Loops, brain matter and skulls will figure prominently.

++Some "diet experts" need to "get a life."

++Update: Sebastian Faulks! Not Fox. Everything's coming together now.

++I like how this video with this title was made in the summer of 2017. They had no idea.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Unembarrassed Passion

Everything's A Blur

++It's good to be the wildly successful Elyse Walker[below], who will soon be bringing her boutique "Towne" currently found in Pacific Palisades and Newport Beach to..


..the tiny possibly Canadian nook of Glen Centre.

..Don't know how they'll squeeze it in there and a perfunctory LA "Oy bad for traffic!" but hey, good for her. One of the labels sold in her shops is Adaptation, who have gone both hogwild and HAM and other porcine metaphors (meat-aphors?) on the Blackletter-ish font I talked about last year..with confessions and pleas for forgiveness being common threads/themes. Fascinating!



Monday, June 25, 2018

Adrian the Canadian


++I am in the goofiest mood today and therefore not of much value when it comes to meaningful contribution to the hivemind, I'm afraid. I just kinda wanna live in a world where Miriam Margolyes tells stories all day long. 45+ minutes was not enough! With a side of Julie Walters, please!

++Really? My first question would be can it be used to tape someone's mouth shut when they are suffering from chronic annoying-itis?

++Yes, but will the backpack grow legs and bust out some ninja moves and kick some mugger's assss for me? Will the backpack then suck the life force out of said mugger and go on to destroy us all? Oh boy, I better quit writing now before this all devolves into total nonsense. (I do kinda want this backpack.)

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