Wednesday, September 06, 2017


++This is what it was like when I used to babysit. (i.e., no supervision..I was a bad babysitter. Almost Billy Bob level bad.)

++Thinking back fondly about a movie a couple of years back that was mostly forgotten and largely unpopular and how much I loved how original and uneven it was. One of the few things to enjoy about getting older, learning to embrace your own personal unpopular opinions and even accepting imperfect forms of entertainment. I think it's courageous to be a little out there, creatively, even if it doesn't all pan out.

++Speaking of which, I listen to Badge by Cream all the time, and it's not a very good song, lol. The fun part is when he mentions "Mabel" and always whispering to myself "F-cking Mabel!"

++He's already been The Bachelor, The Doctor...what's next? The Butcher, the Baker the Candlestick Maker?! Perhaps tinker, tailor, soldier, spy?

++The mark of a good ensemble cast is when you see a lil of yourself in each of the separate characters.

++Have said in the past that even though I am frequently on Twitter, I'm far too sensitive to actually use it. So I was a little startled when I found out that someone famous that I've long admired blocked me! At first I was miffed but then I was like, this person or their handler is aware of my existence? 👍? It's all very personal yet removed, modern and Ingrid Goes West and a reminder that I need to stop shooting off my mouth here on my blog.#cantstopwontstop

++Been trying to find the Will Shortz puzzle that was on NPR this weekend, the one with the scrambled letters that gets you a chance to play live on the radio and more importantly the chance to chat with the effervescent Lulu Garcia Navarro. Couldn't find it online and spent the next half hour searching, curious to see if Shortz had ever been terminated and if the accompanying headline said "Shortz fired."  I adore him and wish him no ill but if you were his boss wouldn'tya kinda constantly fantasize about handing him that puzzle? (H/t to my husband for supplying that scenario.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Lipstick's Black


++Chicano Batman: Uhh,  I guess I'm buying a shirt? So Cali meets Wordless Chorus.Internet taking all my money in the past two days. Must.stop. buying.finger.

Sophia's Sleuth

++Well it doesn't happen too often anymore, that a book or movie will ensnare me just because time doesn't allow and apart from being mostly jaded, there are way too many choices to sift through..

And yet here I am again chasing another wide stallion hoping it provides for a good ride. What got me intrigued was the colors of this gorgeous poster for Crooked House, a book Agatha Christie cites as a personal favorite of her works. The trailer itself and Gillian Anderson's extreme bangs are equally intriguing, featuring Jeremy "Necklace""still somewhat hot though not a felon"  Irons' winsome son Max. (Is Larry just pretending to listen to his views on h20 only to sell him on some fish oil after the video cuts off? That's my fantasy. Guess we'll never know.)


MV5BMTY5MDM1MTkwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDg2Mzk3NA@@._V1_UY317_CR3 0 214 317_AL_

So as mentioned just started noshin' on the book which will inevitably ruin the movie for me, but the foreword by Aggie is charming. She wrote about how much she enjoyed the process of coming up with this family and I hope to share her enthusiasm soon.

(PS: there's a very similar line in the trailer for Julian Fellowes' Gosford Park and Crooked House about hating someone you love. Are the two related? Stay tuned! PPS: Also this! wowzies.)

Monday, September 04, 2017

Mrs. Worldwide


++Fine, look into my soul, random picture. More like good luck looking FOR my soul!

Oh man, I've been in the most beautiful, restful fugue over the past few days and neglected to post these thoughts from last week:

++It's kind of hard to believe that I hadn't heard of Karl Knausguaard until last week, given that his brand of introspection is on brand for me.

++I took the advice of someone I respect to watch a show I ended up HATING...(HATING!) and now I have lost a ton of respect for the person who made the recommendation. Lesson here is, don't share your opinions on anything..sayeth the blogger.

++Not very, Diplo-matic.

++Won't it be funny if Pamela Anderson is the objet d'affection and a player in an international love triangle between former flame President Kid Rock and Julian Assange? That would be some pulpy Judith (still alive!) Krantz- level intrigue.  Gotta watch out for those world travelling Pamelas.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Don't Need A Friend

++Grommitas: Attitude of grommetude. #grommets

++Algae, too? I know someone who supplies her with her pollen #namedrop. It all seems like so much work to keep up with...

++I don't know why all of a sudden everyone is using "back on my bullsh-t" but I say it to myself at least once a day.

++Meeting with someone tomorrow with the surname Slocum and it will take everything in my power not to get sing his name to him and get all up in his face while doing some windmill air guitar power moves.

++If you have dogs and are about to make guacamole, before proclaiming "It's Guac Time!" stop and consider how much Guac sounds like "walk." Durrrrrr.

++No, YOU'RE playing both of these songs simultaneously on Youtube because you fancy yourself a DJ. (Also, it's really funny with all those WOO HOOs!)

++Day is done and no one melded the jealous girlfriend meme with the "vs. what she actually wants" outrage? U have let me down, internet.

++Surprised no one has used the headline "Art of the Biel" with all the Sinner articles, in these Trumptimes.

++When I wrote the word character autocorrect changed it to charcuterie, clearly overestimating the life I am living.

Monday, August 28, 2017

City Slang

++Pretty sure Beth Behrs is a Sim. She's adorable but def Sim.

++Just chuckled remembering "Jeansus."

++Sheesh, I am off to an inauspicious start to the week if I'm already in veged out/shell shocked mode, excaping into mediocre movies and listening to echoes of grunge. I really am enjoying what EMA is doing here h/t to @Doritoshangover! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


++Kinda hilarious, all the hidden and unexpected internet love all over the world for Rowan Atkinson.

++Get the look.

++Today's pick seems like the right choice for Sunday going into a necessary pick-me-up Monday. Sure, you think it's a lighthearted little ditty and then it whops you with some socioeconomic theories behind caffeine! (Love the chord/key changes.)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Useless Class

++Haha, when I thought that this song was sung by some basic chick I was like just ok with it, mostly tolerable, but then I comes to find out it's actually the dude from Portugal the Man and now think it's hot as hayale.

++Credit to Lorde for doing that weird dance of hers to come up out of the sophomore slump but I would have loved if she would have gone for a more Sade and slinky sound like she do on Magnets.

++Just finished watching this marvelously thought provoking interview on a show I'm unfamiliar with..(pretty backdrop! Are they in hayle?) wherein noted historian Yuval Noah Harari posits that sometime in the near future the war won't be between man and robots as we have all long anticipated. Nope, it will be a class war between those who can afford to add tech gear to their enhance their bodies and the poor who can't. See, *WE* become the robots. Forget Botox! I want that thing where your arms are in the other room doing dishes for you. And the Paralympics will make Iron Men out of all of us. Imma slap some rims on my feet, tell you whut.

He also says that those who survive will be those who are mentally tough and emotionally healthy. (This probably puts people who walk around saying Urshers Herpers and laughing to themselves out of the running?)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lies Worth Believing

++I'm not one to make fun of people's downfalls, but I AM one to amuse myself by saying Urshers Herpers to myself, just like the ehmergerd girl everytime I read an item about Usher and herpes.

++Mmm, play it Stills.(1:55) Wish there was more of that.

++Am I the only person in the world who doesn't have a close personal relationship with Shep "Supermensch" Gordon??!? That being said, I feel like I still owe him a favor.

++Hey Mickey you're so gropey. HEY MICKEY!

++Did you know that Alan Parsons Project is behind that sci-fi sounding song they play when the NBA players are introduced into a game (usually the Bulls)? I sure didn't. Anyway, the comments on this video are high-larious, especially the top one: "I finally found you, you motherf-cker!" Hahaha.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Good Old Way

++Lal and Mike Waterson have a new(?) song called Bright Phoebus out but after a lil research I found this older gem,from another lifetime when they harmonized in a most unusual way with their family The Watersons. People usually set out to blend smoothly together into one when harmonizing. Not the Watersons! It's like a dinner table where everyone is raising their voices jockeying to be heard at the same time.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Let It Sleep

++Aack, this week! Going to put this up here as a placeholder for now and NOT make my usual "hineni" reference.

++Over the weekend I was playing with a cat and made the observation that maybe cats aren't saying "meow," maybe they are looking around & saying "wow..." like they are just amazed by all the marvels of life. Surprisingly, this observation was a real hit with the company I was keeping. #goodcrowd

Sunday, August 20, 2017



++Jordan Barrett: Sometimes I wonder things like if the photo editor kept the guy next to the streetpost there on purpose.

++I get the feeling that Daily Mail isn't even trying anymore...(Move those tassel earrings out of the way when you phone it in, DM.)

 ++Got no music for today but I love the visuals of this thing that I stumbl'd on by Sweden's Christian Larson. It's gotta beat you can dance to...CDLP is a brand of underwear but it doesn't play so prominently in the video. This is exactly like one of my iPhone photo memory videos, only with 99% less dog.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


++Parts of this Candlebox song still make me do the snakedance.

++Am always amused by the one shoe you see everywhere. A single sneaker hanging from a phone line, a black pump chucked to the shoulder of the road. Where's its mate? And then I picture some Sliding Doors alternate version of my life where my double with better hair is seeing the shoe's mate. #12yrsofslidingdoorsreferences

++Also just had a funny vision of DT in the Oval Office in a white veil softly singing this to himself.

++Are you seriously not allowed to do poppa wheelies on a motorcycle? Seems like that would be the entire point of owning one. Hell, I try to do them in my car.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16 Parkside Lane


++Re: the final line in this trailer..uh oh that's gonna be a bad Uber review. ("I guess I'm not a millennial" she whispered to herself while browsing but not clicking on any of the article headlines.)


++Well world news is a mess and I am crazy busy yet here I am (hineni!) still finding time to look at Wendy Stevens purses and William Henry money clips of course...Ooh ahh purrrdy!


++Speaking of news just noticed this past month the sudden use of the phrase "dog whistle" everywhere. Despite the context I'm a sucker for evocative imagery...

++Was watching the video for Get Lucky and lol'd at the comment "I almost flipped my crap when the figures started moving near the middle of the video." Haha. Also there is much affection for the summer of 2013 which I too remember fondly.

++Once U find out, let a sister know.

++Thomas Krestchmann has quite the trivia section on imdb. And likely an ax to grind with one Seth MacFarlane, probably. I've swam in del Toro's waters for an afternoon and  frankly it surprises me he knows who Seth MacFarlane is...

++Vehicles used to fly around a lot more back when people got "stoned" in songs.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Barely Speaking

Guess I'll get a jump on tomorrow...

++Got a card just for yoo, Fr. Jarm Marsty! Smooches, SOG.

++While others balk Jeni's like, "High Fructose Corn Syrup welcome here"...probably, I don't know...

++Was looking around at dentists and Miley's wears sneakers and recommends Sonic Care.

++A beaker you say? This is some Breaking Bad sch-t. Ain't go no time for a beaker in the morning.

++Cracking wise aside, just like I was more alarmed about Venezuela than N. Korea the thing that most alarmed me from yesterday's events is that few people are paying attention to Stephen Marche's observations on Terry McAuliffe's handling of the militias and the larger issue of gun control. People are looking in the wrong direction.




++You can do it, guy!

++Ever since I read about Jayne Mansfield all I can see is the  Mansfield Bar on big rig trucks whenever I drive around. It's a little like a gruesome never ending Highway Bingo.

++I haven't watched The Bachelor in forever. The most interesting part of any recent season is that people are still named Dean, apparently?  

++Kinda feelin this LeeLee Haxi song from late year. What'll happen if they up and change the area codes though? It will distort her whole world view!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


++I've been thinking of the Euro phrase "on the dole" today, and it sounds so much nicer than government assistance or 'welfare' and I think it is because it partially conjures up a pineapple association. I think I've actually posted about the eyecatching Dole logo before that is similar to this Labor logo. And perhaps I have told the story about how I once unsuccessfully tried to bribe someone to cut in line for a Dole Whip? Disneyland, the great class equalizer. Man, all I do is talk about food anymore...


++This picture of new Clipper Milos Tedodosic suggests he may need a little iron in his diet.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Team 10


Oh man, this day!!

++Up and coming actress Anya Taylor-Joy, soon to star in M. Night Shymalan's Glass has the most interesting facial structure...

++The exclamation point on Aronofsky's Mother(!) makes it seem like every Tweet and tweeter is so excited about it!

++Wonder if I'll ever get the chance to publicly "slam" something or someone. 

++Vegan chicharron seems unnatural, against the laws of science and nature, Frankenstein-y.

++Ya caught me.

++Everyone has their approach to politics these days, Chelsea Handler's is kinda AYSO coach?

++I'm still tickled that the word salty has made a comeback. This video is basically dissing someone for their inadequate business plan? 

++Yes, the video presents itself plainly but the song starts to heat up at the 2:00 mark. Highly recommended (as heard in Armani Fall 2017/18).

Monday, August 07, 2017

Blue Bloods

++Sully: All these years, still looking for something that comes close to the feeling from Orb's Salt, all these years coming sooo close but never quite there.(above)

++Hm. Slogan needs a little fine tuning. Why did I think that Haribo was a Japanese company?

++Robert Sean Leonard always struck me as the kind of guy who had a secret he wasn't letting you in on, damn him!

Franklin is strongly reminiscent of another storm that formed in the same area in 2012: Ernesto. Franklin is forecast to make landfall over the Yucatan at almost the exact same location, date and hour as Ernesto.


++Idk, maybe don't keep telling Franklin how he doesn't measure up to Ernesto? Way to stoke a rivalry.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Tijuana Makes Me Happy

++Here's a little something from Fussible, one of the projects of the Nortec Collective, which may sound like the name of sci-fi dummy corporation but was(and is) a sound created by creatives from Baja combining Tambora and Nortena music dating back to '99.

++Always wanted my toilet to look like da club...they need this at my favorite Korean BBQ place where everything is blue neon.

++Misread this as (Horror, intentional) at first and was like, oh good it wasn't an accident.

++I got nuthin against satellite radio but one of my favorite things in the world is commercials for local towns and communities that all take on a certain similar flavor specific to that region. I love the conversational commercials of Cape Cod where it's usually two people softly talking to each other (one explaining something to someone else) and how when you go out to the desert here in Cali people in commercials are hawking things specifically cater to "us desert people" who "understand."

++Sure, who doesn't want to think of beetle exoskeletons while eating their corn?

++Lololol. And the hat, what makes this is the hat.


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