Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Lucy Rose

++The title of this song keeps bubbling up on my radar. It's just ok for me but I got nuthin else cookin so why not.

++Post Malone's crushing old Toyotas with tanks, ordering up gangz of Popeyes biscuits and bringing out the mariachi...sounds like he's livin his best life to me. 

++Is everything produced or co-written by Apatow? Wonder if he'll start to branch out into sporting goods and foodstuffs. He must be stopped!

Monday, May 08, 2017


++Mesmerized by this video today.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Strumpet Wind

++(The very gifted)Patricia Bosworth: It's amazing how someone with such dark tales to tell can have such a sunny countenance.

++Didn't realize until today how much the acronym POTUS reminds me of the word "bolus."

++In one of those funny coincidences, Bosworth describes her beloved brother's attempts to emulate Icarus (didn't we all?) and I just found this song today that I plan to use to make my car go boom.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Anti-American Graffiti

++This is one of the most beautiful things I've read.


++Looking at that pic of Danny Elfman I posted the other day, young Elfman could have played Robert Palmer in a biopic. Sure, I'm the only person in the world interested in a Robert Palmer biopic and we would have to go back in time to cast Elfman but I'm sure someone will GoFund this superb idea.

++Anyone wanna see a pic that hangs in my office of Hawaiian Andie McDowell? Check back here later.#HawaiianAndieMcDowell (Update: She fared pretty well aging in the FaceApp before I deleted it.)

++While I still ride for his one big song (earworm for decades now) I haven't given much thought to Jamiroquai otherwise. This song won't change that, even tho it's mostly listenable. The concept's also a tidge played out. Lemme tell ya what I *DO* love here and that is the Native American-like headdresses that function almost like a dog tail in the way they express the wearer's emotions. I don't know enough *Sci-fy* or comics to know if this idea was stolen ..especially the expressive aspect of the headdress, so color me impressed if this is an original idea. I was looking at my dog's tail the other day and was thinking "Man, you'd never be able to play poker with that thing." 

(Post script: His other videos have an insane amount of views. Must be "big in Europe" in a way we don't get here. Like riddim.)

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Not Disappear

++Ooh. I went about searching for some modern and gentle piano music and found exactly what I wanted for once. This one by Soley soars when you think it's about to pull you down. Just lovely.

++Didn't click through but DID laugh at that clickbait pic.

++According to my highly formal survey of YT interviews it seems most entertainers attended either Boston U or Northwestern.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

We Close Our Eyes

++I follow this guy on Twitter and Curious Cat on the reggsies and have been reading about a journey he's been on from the start ..with his pre-trip anxiousness on his way to the Overland Festival to its unexpectedly ugly conclusion. (Not a great year for festos!) The idea of continuously watching horror flix in an isolated snowed in hotel while an immersive game is being played on you is not my cup of Catherine Keener's Sleepytime tea to begin with and then omg the April 30th entry had me like "wha?!"

Anyway..even though I am a total wuss/can't tolerate horror, I do like what I see above. (Though not looking forward to the late night host jokes about the title.)

Am mildly intrigued by the return of newcomer TES, the simplicity in the genre these days and well, the consistently watchable Joel Edgerton in one of the movies screened at Overland. (Or should I say, screamed?)

The trailer does make me laugh a little though because horror movies always lay out the rules (that will later serve as plot devices) like an airplane safely demo. "Don't open the red door!) Too bad they couldn't get Axel: "You're in the forest babies and you're all gonna die!"

Wavy Spice

++Let's do this twofer Tuesday up right! Gonna keep it short and simple with one from j a r j a r j r, who lays Biggie on top of some mellow space-a-phone waves.

And a Moonlight-y one from the punchy Princess Nokia playing with dueling masculine/feminine visuals quite nicely. 

Monday, May 01, 2017


++Lol very famous unnamed person I went to school with... I know yer older than this article that I won't link to says you are! Yous is faking the funk!

++I've predicted a few fashion trends too and here's a wild one that is so out there I'll be amazed if it catches on in the next few years: studs in suede. Just sending that out into the ether. Calling it now.

++Here's an old story of an event long passed but I think the pop up is an ideal format for fun ideas like restaurants that recreate recipes from your favorite fictional shows or movies. Geekstronomy!

++Wikichievements: (ok that'll be the last of the wordplay.)While no one will surpass being in wiks in one's bathrobe, being recognized as "Big Norm" for posterity gets honorable mention.


Sunday, April 30, 2017


++I've had that old GD Enrique Iglesias song Bailando rolling around in my biggole melon head for a week or so now, and truth be told it's not even the Enrique part I like. I did some snooping and finally found the name behind the distinctive testosterone filled growl I like:Alexander Delgado. It reminds me a little of the guy who used to do the 7up commercials. He's a member of Gente de Zona, and is so full of life force that he's the real horsepower, the Busta Rhymes driving the vehicle. Delgado doesn't even get named checked which is kind of a shame. He really needs a) a better moniker(something stickier) and b)Pitbull's agent. Another song I don't really like? The Macarena. However, it's got nostalgia, mah boy and some pleasing Wayne White inspired set design so here we are. (Everyone is high key rippin off White and Alex Prager these days. Do NOT get me started on this one paint commercial.) 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Routing Guide


++Dood. Girls is already over, will it continue to spawn thinkpieces into infinityandbeyond?

++Walmart's purchase of Bonobos made me look a little deeper into both their concept and that of the current project of Bonobos founder...Trunk Club. Online retail is moving (the direction corporations are anticipating)toward virtual personal stylists and tailors who want permission to stalk your social media for style cues. The initial questionnaire has a Buzzfeed quiz feel to it. Hm. I will say it really appeals to the laziness of the consumer to not only outsource the decision making process (me) but have it all delivered to your home (so me!). But should I eff with them and give fake out cues make them "Dress Me Up As A Robber?" (Excuse to post a perennial standby, por supuesto.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

44 and X

++Said it before, will say it again.. would like to visit this world. Where's the VR tour? Hm, gwine to do a lil more research into the purple lovin director and see if that leads to anything.

++The Good Doctor: Hey, aren't You supposed to tell ME what the show is about, imdb?

++Funniest part of most Bruno Mars videos is how commenters are tracking "Julio"'s rapid ascent from chauffeur to scampi server.

++Business Plan: Seems the only thing people can agree on in this contentious world we live in is the love of complimentary homemade muffins.

++Do You See It? : Lol, Huffington..it ain't *that* hard to see. Not over here asking for a cryptex, settle down.

Monday, April 24, 2017


++The Bride: Succumbed to my Id this weekend and bought some old school Asics. Not the kind that the runners of today use that are tall and gel-filled but that flat profile once used by Bruce Lee. The specific name is the Onitsuka Tiger (and I got the Serranos and not the Mexico 66s; NERD siren!) 
named for the Japanese military officer who began working on variations in sole surfaces for both runners and basketball players as far back as 1949.


Bees vs. Wasps: Servicey


Back then they used to sell for $6! (One last fun fact per Wiki: Asics is an acronym for "A Healthy Soul in A Healthy Body." So Japanese!) Will post a few vids later today of Onitsuka himself and one very good salesman...

(Update: They arrived today and totally live up to the hype! Also, FaceApp is blowing my mind.)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Everybody Squats


++Sure everyone's like squats-this, squats-that, but clearly no one has heard my husband tell the second hand tale of Henry Rollins watching someone's kneecap pop out at the gym while doing squats and fly across the room. That can't be true, can it? I refuse to look it up.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What To Say


++I generally like the people I follow online but am way more concerned about the welfare of their dogs.

++Fischerspooner: Some people just know how to accessorize. Lol what was happening back then...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


++So chill.

++What if instead of Moana they told the musical tale of Moesha? #wouldwatch

++All These Sleepless Nights: Man, this reviewer is really obsessed with this actor's head and all its attributes, qualities, dimensions..his face. He better hope the reviewer doesn't take up brain surgery to get really inside his head. Run!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Vip Vop

Quick takes on The Cramps' Lux Interior and Poison Ivy (who like the pic I posted of John Lennon the other day could still rock this outfit today.):

++Am always amazed at when couples tell the story of how they first met the woman usually makes a mental connection while for men it is a more visual experience.

++Here's an InStyle home tour for ya!

++Commenters always say what you are thinking, namely: How does he get those pants to stay on?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Project Pabst

++I probably already wrote this but every time I read the name Car Seat Headrest I think of Headwound Harry. Hm, this might be year 12 of me referencing Massive Headwound Harry.

++Certain terrible people IRL should come with seizure inducing warnings like at the start of You Tube videos.

++Hope of the Democrats Jon Ossoff used to play ultimate frisbee. Finally some representation for that demographic.

++I'm sure Trader Joes is really proud of isself for using the California Grown logo on a lot of its products but it just makes me think of the nonpleasant DMV when I'm just trying to enjoy my pleasant breakfast. Also it is redundant, stating California twice, adding to the ruination.

++I bet Lena Dunham has the reverse of the common bad dream where she's naked in front of an audience whilst giving a speech. She's like all bundled up for a Minnesota winter at the podium.

++New Math: Man, exactly how many Skarsgards are there now? Take whatever number you can imagine and multiply it by minions for a Skarsgard Count. My guesstimate? 14 minion Skarsgards. And this latest one is playing Pennywise. They tend to play baddies in their work, terrorizing us come to think of it, just like those damn minions. And none of us have that weird thing that goes over the "å" in their name to get it right. Gawsh!

++Today's Pick: Julie Byrne who is hitting a few tour dates with the abiding Kurtis Vile. Sure you assume she's in nature but it could also be some elaborate backyard behind a minimansion in Calabasas. Lot of em have fake landscape waterfalls...they're all "hey jules that's pretty, but we got a cookout to start here."


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Asatru Alliance


++Today's Pick: A lil dose o' disco (mmmm*) from 2015 via a Siriano show.

 ++Highlander/Yasuke: When will the Black Samurai battle the White Princess? Gotta watch those middle managers, man, always gunning for the top seat.

++A man in his forties I think is kind of cute but everyone hates is yet another case of my ongoing quiet personal rebellion in a world that tells you what's right.

++All My Friends Are Heathens: My favorite part of any FAQ is when the responder is all like, "No!" and gets all steamed.

++Nico Mirallegro is no Nacho Vigalondo is you ask me.

++But if I get the iPhone case then I will never want to stop eating them. (#Areawomaneatsphone.)

++I had to turn off the SOG mailbox because it's too unwieldy but I am constantly plagued by worry that I'm missing an invite to a great show/new venue like poor Alison Becker is plagued by Kathy Griffin in that Viberzi ad.

++Had another celeb interaction yesterday which is always weirdly dreamlike and surreal. I used to be a fan of King of Queens and it always reminds me of when Eddie Money or Lou Ferrigno show up in normal people's lives.

++Will always have an affection and the slightest smile that comes to my face for "Not great,Bob!" ..and hoping it is never used as a reference or as a band name. There are so many things I wish had been allowed to stay unrevisited or left alone. (Oh here she goes!)


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++Pretty par for the course that one day you're living in Southern California and you wake up and you have a Sublime tattoo and a   Doyer cap on your head. No one quite knows how it happens... it's like the tooth fairy or puberty or something. Anyway, Bradley Nowell's son Jakob is all growed up now and quite talented and musical despite his mother's best efforts to keep him out of the spotlight. Am not too fond of the name of his band (Law) but at least he has a beer drinking entourage of one, and that's a start. Gotch'all covered on the celeb offspring beat! [fingerguns]

Tuesday, April 11, 2017



++Can't decide whether or not I like this new Karen Elson song or where to place it on the Jenny Lewis/Joanna Newsom continuum of favorability. It's kinda pretty.

++Did they ever show the Bernie dreamhouse? Guessing it looked like the place from in Wanderlust.

++I feel like almost all the TV I watch is bad in interesting ways.

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