Monday, March 05, 2018

Polite Conversation


++Here's a seriously pretty way to start the week. Kurt Riley's RIYL the phrasing of Jarvs Cocker and the earnestness of my old bb Brendan Benson. One of the most romantic things you can say to a modern love these days is to saucily request that they turn off their phone, lol.

Sunday, March 04, 2018


++If some hoe was after my husband I would send her a bottle of Meyer's and I'd cross out "Hardworking Homekeeping" and write in "Hardworking HomeWRECKING." B U R N !

++Well I guess I can't wear my old reliable/emergency red athletic team sports cap in the rain anymore because someone approached me from a distance and told me they thought I was wearing a MAGA hat.

++A corollary to Andy Warhol's 15 minutes thing is that the fame (at least among the people I know who it has touched) would be You Tube clip related or a quote in the NYT. Not much currency in that, not even dogecoin level currency aka you can't take it to the bank.

++Honey Dijon's a fan of Kansai Yamamoto, though I wonder if you wear his clothes will you consistently need to maintain that bowlegged cowboy stance, with the arms out?That would get tiring.

++The other week Jen Aniston gave Ellen the gift of replacing her doorbell ring with her own (Aniston's) voice greeting anyone who'd a come a ringin'. Somewhere, under her breath, Anita Ward was like, damn...brainstorm.

++Whenever I hear about the Jack Kent Cooke foundation on npr it reminds me of this. Y Kent Jack Cooke?

++You get bonus points as a female celebrity for aging well even if you were never a stark raving beauty when you were young. So hang in there mediocre beauties, if you take care of yourself and live into old age you might be remembered as prettier than you actually were...

++Would I have still liked this soundtrack song had I not seen the movie? It's the age old question like if El-P winks under his sunglasses and no one sees it...

++I've been through a lot of language memes and slang trends over the years and honestly am not that impressed with "quaking!"


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

They Can't Say Nothin'


++Catalogs: People keep movin’ living room furniture into the kitchen and frankly I am not that into it!

++Temple Grandin be all, 'whasssup? Whatchu know about Advanced Genius Theory?!' It's admirable the way they kickstarted the weighted blanket idea but someone forgot to factor in shipping costs.

++I wonder if Radhika Jones and Rashida Jones give each other the stink eye at parties.

++Am, for the most part, a fan of the opinions of the chicas on the net who share my first name. 😍#unite

++I f-cks with graph paper so much that I just googled "premium graph paper" just to see if there was such thing and hey looky looky a sale on this thing.#graphpaper

++Along the lines of the Red Hot Chili Pipers story, it tickles me to think that BTS and BTS share initials. Oh the highlarious hijinx that might one day cause[mentos song]!

++I read a tweet the other day that used the word "chiaroscuro" which for a brief second made me think of chimichurri, but definitely not ChiaraMastroianni.

++Have a feeling that one day I'll look back on this kind of image and be like awww, remember wennn?

++"Do you have a piece of fabric so I can finish my friend's shirt?" "Sure we got lots of fabric." [jkjk I kinda wanna go to the LA Textile show.]


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Before the Snow Flies


++Luvya Rod Stewart,but from one oldie to another, a Monday night is a lot to ask.

++Don’t particularly care for this one reality star but if not her then another equally annoying one would pop up in her place so maybe she’s saving us all time. Thanks, I guess?

++Oy vey, got my finger to the work winds right now and peoples is maaaaddd! Well, whatcha gonna do except maybe listen to some Wilma Archer, fools!

Monday, February 26, 2018


Crazy_03 Det-mostlyfalse
++Snopes' symbol for "mostly false" is a jarring red and white X, when it should be the clerk from the Aerosmith video who's mostly all, eh? whatever..

++To me what Michael Ian Black is trying to say in the article about boys is best summed up by my fave Jon Richardson moment, minus Sean Lock's awesome followup.

++Randomly and unusually obsessed with the name Mandy Teefey. Goin on a coupla years now. Much to the annoyance of those around me who get "Do you know the name of Selena Gomez's mom?" from time to time. When least expected. Its a subtle prank of sorts. U gotta wait for a few months or years til they forget the name. Answer best delivered with a big toothy, or teefey, if you will, firemarshallbill grin.

++I have a lot of questions about this whole thing, like is this a Doogie Howser situation? And if the professor owl is so smart (I mean, a mortarboard and all) then why hasn't he ever seen a baby? But mostly, why is there a commercial McDonalds sized trash container in a residential kitchen?

++$uicideboy$ are on G*59record$. Someone alert Karlie Kloss because I think I deserve a degree in coding for typing out that sentence.


++Couple of thoughts that ran through my mind when reading this Raf article: 1) If you wore this would people come up to you and ask for drugs, and tangentially, this tweet. 2) It'd be funny if Cookie Mueller was Robert Mueller's old nickname, and the book about this "old life" 3) Happy to see Josh Peck's getting work.


Sunday, February 25, 2018



++Lorde AND Mitski? Well awwwryght. If El P winks under his sunglasses and it doesn't make a sound, sigh, never mind...

++If I had a boyfriend named Juan I'd lovingly croon this song to him all the time.

++Conversation earlier today: "I just had a terrible thought, was watching this Kars for Kids commercial and I could swear they replaced the old kids with new ones that are lip syncing and the first thing that came to my mind was 'crisis actors’."
"You mean Krisis aktors with  K’s?”

++Might have written this before but there's never not a time when I'm about to get down to cooking and MacCauley Culkin's voice doesn't run through my head saying "I like a clean workspace."

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Lips On TV

++Wow, taxidermy(taxobama) and gerrymandering are such hot topix right now. What a time to be alive.#NPR

++No the Key and Peele teacher wouldn’t do well with a gun but he would probably be the only one who’d get Timothee Chalamet’s name right.

++Your Own Personal Census: Pondering one particularly rednecky branch of my otherwise elegant family tree I thought to myself: All my friends are heathens, but only SOME of my relatives are Juggalos, thankfully. (Heh just occurred to me that Pizza Hut should option Depeche Mode to sing  🎶“your own personal pan pizza.”🎵)(Love the Juggalos, that sentence just worked right, rhythmically.)

++Movie scene that doesn’t exist(or does it?) where a crossword puzzle themed serial killer upon killing his third victim looks into the camera and sneers “3 Down!” (Evil laugh)

++Way too many Natalie Morales around. They are multiplying like Skarsgards!

++Whatever floats yer boat, man.

++Not to get all archaic Canterbury Tales in my slang but slay'em hard girl and slay'em deep.

++I like to think he said "Be the change you wish to be in your eBay Watch list."

++Our indispensable friends at The Scenestar say Aisha Devi has a show coming up in May at the Echoplex...and I thiiiiink she may be Kate Wax? One in the same? Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, about this and black holes/singularity. Toley open to suggestion.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Carpetbaggers and Bombers


++I know I said I wouldn't write today but I lied! And It will be boring!

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Field Day


++I know I have no right to be complaining but it is kinda cold by California standards. Am bundled up like a Tuskegee Airman/Airlady.

++So like, a lot of diets now recommend avoiding nightshades but doesn’t that particular food grouping sound so seductive like a spy peeking at you from behind an ornate handheld fan?  Lady Nightshade, how can we resist your culinary charms?

++Moses Sumney: Gonna get a jumpstart on tomorrow's post cuz even though this song is older, it's too good not to share. He'll be in London on June 1st if you happen to be in the neighborhood... 

Different Animal, Same Beast

++Know what celebrity baby name hasn’t been used yet? “Planned Obsolescence.” You could call her “Plannie” for short!

++You just can’t tell by looking at people what music they’d be into. That’s one of the things I love about music.

++Careful now, hoarders.

++What I sometimes think to myself after reading a puff piece on an actress.

++Guess even Neanderthals gots to deal with the art critics. And they didn't have shapewear(above), poor things.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


++Many moons ago I decided that I wouldn't make a really inappropriate joke about the MTV VMAS, and a performance by Robin Thicke and I've held to that promise to myself despite the fact it is a REAL zinger. I'm still in the same snotty mood I was at the start of this week and came up with a cute, yet still inappropriate joke about Josh Homme that I will again, choose not to release into the world. But it's a qt of a joke.

++Always a bummer when you can't look up the words to a song with no lyrics.#deep

++Double negatives aside, fwiw I am never not impressed by the art of the upsell. Take me to the cleaners, you quick witted smooth talker!

++Today I was telling someone about my undying love for Henry Mancini and they drudgesiren alerted me to this song. Also pranked the person that Mancini wrote this, which was fun for a few minutes.

++I still got nuthin' as of almost noon, just to say that I was completely entertained and charmed by these jacked Kim Kardashian memes. Once in a while we can still have fun. And KK loves all attention so no one loses in this scenario.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Making Hay


++A few late reviews/purchase updates for products I've posted about in the past: 1) I did end up buying some OG Onitsuka Tigers quite some time ago and honestly? What you read about these shoes is totally correct. They are as comfortable as all get out, and feel like a second skin. They are literally the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. But the minute they get wet, you might as well be wearing plastic covers on ice skates on an ice rink because you will be slip sliding away everywhere. Major drawback.

2) I also did end up getting the ZZ Top keychain as a stocking stuffer, as requested, and upon opening it I joked to my husband, "Watch now my luck will turn around and everything in my life will improve." [As often happens in their videos once someone receives the keychain from the band.] I'll be damned if some of my luck didn't actually improve. Thanks, ZZ! Highly recommended.

++Well, Day 2 of being busy and feeling positively uninspired! So I'll toss the ball over to UtR who points out that Drinks, a project from Tim Presley of White Fence fame and Cate Le Bon of being supremely talented Cate Le Bon fame have something new on the horizon. Here's an oldie:

Monday, February 12, 2018

Good People Living in LA

++Know what would be really thrilling? Is if the publishers of thrillers would use a different font!

++Go on, Willie.

++Phew, today is another one of those runaway train days. So just gonna put this upbeat older song I heard on KCRW the other day for kix...coming to a soundtrack near you. Seems like gingers either become troubadours or snowboarders. (Just a little theory I'm workin' on.)
Fun wiki. An instructional guide to becoming a musician if I've ever seen one.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

With Ears

YouTube kept suggesting this video to me and so I almost got around to watching all 8 minutes of it until I realized I had somewhere to be. So many sparks between these two:fiery, funny and loving and fighting. I like the charged banter, which is really representative of what some couples are like. You watch couples over the years and they fight like crazy and stay together forever til death do them part and someone finally takes the L. And other couples seem lovey dovey and eventually just quietly drift apart. Never know. Chemistry is such a mystery, despite what the good man Neil Clark Warrens gonna tell ya...

An indoor/outdoor room would be totally lovely to have if you could have help to clean out the eventual crickets, thorns and crusty old leaves wrapped in cobwebs and possibly human remains that come inside. We get crickets sometimes and while I heard they are good luck to some cultures so I was loathe to kill them  I discovered they bite human skin and ruin your sweaters. That info ain't never part of these tours!

Friday, February 09, 2018


65e5081d3f27f7b384d5388be764dea3--awkward-family-photos-family-pics Chundomilk

++It's been about 15 years of blogging about Miggidy Mike McDonald so why stop now? What, pray tell, what new observation could you possibly come up with about a song you've sung to yourself once per week for decades?

Here it is: for some reason I want to re-create this video Keyboard Cat style..with Weimaraners wearing clothes, cuz that what it reminds me of. Sadly I am not on drugs, stone sober, probably need to be on drugs? It's a vibe. The Doobies got that laid back Weinmaraner vibe here. Picture the paws on bongos.. this needs to happen.

++Give me any and all of your James Spader interviews, Internet. You got the bandwidth width, I got the time.

++Big year for the name Stormy/Stormi. 

++Speaking of Snooki...all these ladies from China I'm looking at model blazers on eBay all look like Snooki.


Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Choo Choo

++I like to follow A24's output and while I won't post the trailer for the movie Hereditary (since I already posted some tripped out trailer action yesterday) I will share my train of thought whilst watching it: 

"Love Toni!"


"Where'd they find that girl?"

"Shoulda used the music from the Kylie video for scarier effect"

"Ooh that'll be a gif one day."

"Oh good, Josh Peck's getting work"

"Yeah that'll be a gif, too."


++I've written about the Cool S before, but I like how every time I check in, the legend/mystery and mythology continues to grow. Won't be long before someone turns the whole thing into a Nick Cage treatment.

++While I don't always agree with her there's no denying that Ana Navarro is terribly entertaining on Twitter. Sassy aunt!

++Do you need to do all the
hand and finger flourishes for these hacks to work?

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Are You Scared of Me?

++Please. Let us not politicize the humble tortilla chip, even the corporate kind. #tortillatalk

++Ohhh boy, I am so busy today so I got nuthin', and I know I should be posting music--however--these two trailers are the only things of interest to me right now, just becuz I think that as a society we need some new kinds of masks (also, what is happening here? I must know! I have no idea what this is)...and I love both David Tennant and Lissie Moss, Scientology be damned. Has this already been released? if anyone is coming to SOG looking for info, I am just as lost as you are...[Update: Oofers, apparently it was released in April of '17? Where? Everything is so confusing now.][70s were so wild, man. What with all the screaming and rebirthing. I think it would be accurate and an honor to be described as a "jig woman."]

Monday, February 05, 2018



++I'd love to own the painting above but not this one for sale on ebay just because for some reason it reminds me of sausages, and whenever I'd look at it I'd mutter to myself "now that's how the sausage gets made." And you don't wanna be thinking about sausage making in your free time.

++Have had this funnel for years and only now realized, accidentally, that you can push it in and collapse it. Hahaha, lordy sometimes I am just NOT paying attention.

++Feelin' overly sarcastic yet self aware this morning so I will not make the obvious jokiejoke I wanna make here. #jokester


++People are already pretty showy with their redbottoms, slowly and overly crossing and uncrossing their legs, imagine how they'd be trying to work these into your visual field during conversation.

Sunday, February 04, 2018


++Lots of things hidden inside dresses this year.

++One thing you can count on, maybe every week or so, is for Twitter to let you know the three things J-Lo avoids in order to stay young lookin. It is as predictable as the sun coming up every morning. One of them is caffeine. It has been drilled into us since the start of time like the Pledge of Allegiance. But lately there's been a twist! A-Rod slipped up and said her secret vice is chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, both of which contain trace amounts of caffeine. You been ratted out J-Lo. Bus-ted. I for one, feel betrayed.

++Those kids givin' lip to their COPD grandpas are real brats. Real surprised that no one has done a parody/satire of the CNN Apple/banana commercials. #cnnthoughts #catheters


Friday, February 02, 2018


Wha-wha-what? A Friday post? I've been kinda hyper this week and thoroughly enjoying my listening to all these little girls on the commute....

And fir some reason, walking back in time for another walk with these sexy effers. Playlist time! (Three is the most I ever do.)(Porter Robinson, Ariel Pink and MGMT have been sooo influential to the kids.)

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