Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Meg Duffy

Heyy, how about "3" for Tuesday? WHA!?

Let's go wild. All from people in the same general collective, friend group. All worth a listen! Wait for the guitar solo at 3:35 on this one.:

Monday, October 01, 2018

Writing From the Future


++Not used to seeing this form of a silouhette to represent a woman. Usually drawings focus on one of two areas and it ain't usually hair and knees!

++Have always wanted to create one of these. #dork

++I don't know what my deal is this week but I keep stumbling on people you would not expect to be related, randomly: Gabby Giffords is Gwynnie's second cousin, Blassey Ford is the aunt of the girl from Good Luck Charlie, and Mr. Know It All is married to Emily Nussbaum!

++Love that slight scratchiness in Damien Jurado's voice.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Squiggles to Success

++Wow, according to the caption on this picture, people have been enjoying the cold sensation of something going down my throat for thousands of years. And not one of them has paid me!


++Myyyy goosh, rising video director Cole Bennett's influences are so recent, in my ancient world,lol. Mines would require carbon dating by now.

++Here’s a fun little blip, big green PCH landmark Patrick’s Road House in Santa Monica is named for Patrick Fischler who played Jimmy Barrett on Mad Men.

++On that same note, for anyone old enough to remember, Danielle Brisebois the little brunette girl who was on the Archie Bunker show grew up to co- write Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield and the New Radicals' hit song You Get What You Give. Did anyone inform AWCHIE!?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018



++Is it me or does this bug look like Matthew McConaughey? And here is his buddy Woody Harrelson makin the hang loose sign.

++Inspired. Going to dress like a crepe vendor tomorrow.

++I'm out here using what little influence I have to fight the good fight but MAN is it exhausting. All I want is it to be summer again, sitting on a haystack at some random State Fair eating Kettle Corn anonymously but noooo, I had to be born with a conscience.

++I like Fat Emma Stone from another dimension, wish she would do a road movie with this realm’s Emma Stone.

++Looks like the tables have turned DMV, heh heh heh.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Savoir Vivre

++Have people been posting this? It's only about a day old and I have been locked in an underground bunker of work. I've been into a lot of r&b and relaxed jazz this year. Not going to take to analyze it.

++Ah just so happens that I too am wearing my denim jacket today, but not the goofy grin like this guy. Gotta consult the shopping guide to see where to buy one of those.

++Staying amused by calling everyone I hate a "turdmonger," a corny diss that's about a year too late.


Monday, September 24, 2018



++This Rubel video isn't indicative of my emotional state today, but just far too pretty to pass up simply because I'm not feeling sad, nostalgic or some other kind of undefinable word that English can't describe! Sonically,it's a companion or cousin to this King Creosote throwback. Gorgeous![Update: Hey now,that is a serious,5 chili pepper rating, plea if the translation is correct.]

Sunday, September 23, 2018

What Happens

Well it's Sunday, the day I shoot the breeze... and my addiction to British talk/game shows and comedy panelists continues unabated.  I keep discovering new content going back decades and satellite characters in the panelist universe. A few nights ago found out all about the original Countdown host, who was the most charming of the lot if you ask me. This is like some Prequel sh-t!

Also discovered another short-lived show hosted by Sean Lock called TV Heaven, Telly Hell. My favorite part so far is highlights from the career of Rod Hull (fast forward to 7:40 above )who even once appeared on the Johnny Carson show. It looks easy enough to pretend to your arm is an emu but at the end of the bit (10:32), Sean Lock tries to do it himself and you realize there was a real art form to be pretending to be an emu and trying to control the emu at the same time as witnessed in the clip below.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Chamber of Reflection

++These comments under Tom Misch's Tiny Desk are the funniest. Aw yeah, he's bringing that Nike shorts soul into town. High five, Borat voice.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Between the Vocals


++Here's a spot of good news via Rolling Stone. Though thought to be retired Eric Clapton will be returning with some bluesy Christmas songs. Anything. Anything! To scrub or sandblast Sleigh Ride out of my head. We need you now more than ever, Slowhand. Sh-t now I've gone and done it again.

++Had completely forgotten about the completely separate pot Ronan Farrow was stirring with his own family. He's got all the burners and things are spilling over like a bad episode of Masterchef Junior. Also, an entirely different set/group of people out to get him! At this point even his protectors must be like Simon Pegg "I'm out." Ving Rhames has left the building like I'm too old for this, Ronan.

++Teal Swan: "Just to be clear, this is bullsh-t." lol.

++..All of it is wild for sure, but this guy is bonkers. Dunnoboutthat.

Monday, September 17, 2018

One Hand At A Time


++Gorgeous as it is, I probably would not book this room at Blakes Hotel in London just cuz I'd do this every day upon awakening and that's not amusing at all?

++Update: Oh no, vicarious embarrassment is my least favorite thing. #earlyEmmyinterviews

++Totally acceptable in LA business convos to passive aggressively throw in one too many "like"s.

++Always a lil funny to hear the NPR guy put on his super serious/detached/scholarly newsman voice when rushing through the words "Pussy Riot."

++Ok Monday, let's go...(eyeball roll)

Sunday, September 16, 2018


++Some of the puns on these Halloween decor options need workshopping.(j/k, that's funny.)

++It's kind of silly to hope that a band will recreate 28 seconds that have rung around in your head since 2003 because bands never do. Should I post the new one? Or the old one? I'm going to post the old one and those perfect first 28 seconds. Though the new one really keeps trying to get back there. They give it the old college try.

++All my faves wear Onitsuka Tigers.

++Next time I sound like a real know-it-all, remind me of the time I had to look up the word bezel. Even after looking it up, I'm still not sure I understand.(Sounds like the iPhone of the future will be so sleek that it actually won't exist. You'll just be looking at your palm.)("And like it!")

++A video like this when I was a kid would've saved so much time and money and prevented the destruction of things from me trying to figure out how things worked. #pumpupthevolume (people explaining things is my ASMR).(jokes on you buddy, that eye at :36 is clearly a portal for some guy in Japan to watch your every move.)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Elevation Elevation


++It's amusing to me that the Japanese would visualize a spiritual matter like a Victoria Roberts cartoon, but hey we all need our iconography.

++The director Sean Baker doesn't appear to have anything new on the horizon, if IMDB is to be believed, and it is bumming me out hard. (Update: He wants to take on something like Sorcerer, which I could totally see. If he were to use the original as an inspiration it's already close to his directorial style, aka lots of closeups and fast yet fluid, urgent motion.)


++Sounds a little like Petite Noir is saying Brain Fire which is what must be happening to this guy(How Indians visuaize astral planing). This song is earthy and gorgeous. Highly recommend!:

++Read about John Peel, a dominant and prominent British DJ of his day responsible for ushering in all kinds of genres of music for decades. So guy knew music and he requested the lyrics "Teenage dreams so hard to beat" on his gravestone. Yeah, admittedly, kind of a perfect song.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


++Yipes, my day has already been so intense so there will be less than stellar output today, guaranteed. No one can complain cuz this content is all free, but do NOT mention this to my husband lest he gets started on a discussion of "late stage capitalism." It's his "microblading," of late. His mouth is moving but move in closer and all he is saying is "Late stage capitalism."

++Damn, the whole thread is perfect but especially the soundcloud. Hi-lare-eeous. No one can come at you when you have legitimately put in the work.

++Not only is the spam in my inbox getting more elaborate with the emoticons they are warning of the deaths of all these well known TV blondes.

++I'll tell you what the Milgram Experiment provided, and that's a snarling line in this throwback jammy above. And for that, I thank you, sir. #butterflyeffect. (I miss this kind of music.)

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Pit and the Pendulum


++Cali restaurants need to take it easy with the purple tortillas. We're all bored with tortillas but let's not lose our heads.

++Weird/great thing about having a poor attention span is that when you start to get frightened by a story plot your mind has already moved on...(Dave Thomas from SCTV should play Poe in a movie, eh?) 

Sunday, September 09, 2018



++Why are the only lightbulbs these kind and LED? What happened to all the bulbs from the years in between? Where dey go.

++Of course Zephyr Teachout's middle name is Rain. No surprise. I just kinda wish she'd gone full throttle and tacked her married name on there (her husband's name is Nicholas Juliusburger.)

++"..although Maurice had been harmonizing in falsetto for years."

++When I read this article last month, the third paragraph down seemed to anticipate my sitting at home snarkily sniping "I thought we wanted to get rid of plastic." I like when an author anticipates the reader's thoughts.

++All the women in LA seem to be talking and gabbing but the only thing coming out of their mouths if you listen/tune in closely is the word "microblading."

++In an unexpected Confessions of a Dangerous Mind twist, seemingly mild mannered news anchor of my youth Larry Carroll did the controversial album art for Slayer's Reign in Blood among others and an investment scam. This does seem to be one of those occasions when Google possibly has its wires crossed and may be confusing this man for this man who definitely is not this man.

The Hideaway


++I've really been enjoying catching up on old episodes of Room 101 which is an unusual programme where me Brits complain about something they can't stand and the normally bubbly Frank Skinner plays judge and jury before deciding which two items he wants to banish to the vault forever. One thing they debated was tarasalamata, a sort of Greek yogurt caviar cousin of hummus that I have personally never tried. This episode was hilarious/surreal/moving in how Skinner says he can't make it through Hopelessly Devoted To You without crying. The panelists looked like they were about to cry, too. (Cut to about 8:30, for that scene, Carly Rae). Totally adore him.

++And because I gots nothing else, here's a band, No Small Children, that Paul Feig recommended on Twitter..they are elementary school teachers by day and rockers by night and if you can rock Good Morning Sacramento, then that's something.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Twin Fantasy

++I not only get songs but sometimes sing-song language patterns stuck in my head and all this past week it's been the trope Tom Papa does live on NPR on the weekends called Out In America.. and the way he repeats “Have you ever ______?” always followed by “I have!”  I pause and listen when that segment comes on, because the hooook brings you back. (I wait for it just like the two handclaps in Mitski's Nobody.

++Might have mentioned this before but when in the middle of business small talk a great conversation stopper I like to use is "As Blondie says, Dreamin' Is Free!" It works in a variety of contexts, an ace card of sorts, it's friendly and people don't know how to respond when you say it so the conversation ends...love that!

++Can't locate the tweet I saw last night with a pic of a possum screaming "Baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle?!" in all caps and all is lost.

++Ever since I watched that video where Fred Armisen does all the regional accents across the country, I can't un-hear where (usually) a guy is over-pronouncing every syllable of a word as I walk past him.

++Based on the bug-eyed expressions alone, no one will ever be able to convince me that Cory Booker isn't actually Keegan Michael Key starring in one very long, elaborate sketch.

++People on Twitter kept referring to Colin Kaepernick in shorthand as “CK”, which is also the nickname for Louis CK and it was confusing.

++More fun with Giphy: Amazing livefeed video of people at work pretending to move things forward, when they're not taking action at all.

++I’ve been told the proper pronounciation of the word Pho is “Fuh?” with a questioning tone of voice but did you know that also happens to be the way you say Vincent Van Gogh’s last name?

++You sometimes hear POC and LGBTQ folk talk about the importance of representation in media. I personally feel most “seen” when my husband texts me the word “babe” and it gets autocorrected to “Bane” because I am secretly quite villainous.

++Likely won't ever be 'throw out your underwear everyday' rich, but it would be nice to be 'don't soak your paintbrushes and throw'em away on first use rich.'

++If they were going to use that Magic song for a pharmaceutical it should have been for Chantix and not Otezla. Oh oh oh it’s Chantix...you knoooow.

++It’s sometimes an odd sensation to listen to someone, in this case Will Toledo from Car Seat Headrest.. talk about things that are about to change in the very near future. So many times during this video I muttered “I hate to break it you, but in 2018...”  Much has changed in the span of just a few years.

On the other hand he’s also about to discover some fun stuff and I’m jealous of that first discovery. A hate buyer! Extravagant.


Tuesday, September 04, 2018



++I feel like the oversized Martha Stewart tote would have been the better choice for this outfit.

++Oh no, wtf. It's only September 4th. How did Sleigh Ride start playing in my head even earlier than usual this year? Ack! I will see you in hell, Bing Crosby.

++There's like a billion people who wanna kill Ronan Farrow, I'm sure. That would be a real whodunit. He better get the same security detail guys that protected Obama all those years.

++Will always enjoy a new sound, or new sounding voice, even if it is from 2 years ago.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Humanity Doesn't Deserve the Mercy of An Apocalypse

++What a lovely inspiring long weekend it's been, steeped in movies and music [mostly older schtuff] versus last weekend's printed material. Who's to complain. I've also belatedly gotten into old eppys of Frankie Boyle's New World Order and Room 101 that I'd previously given a test drive but were too caustic at first blush. Frankie Boyle has a very thick brogue (?) that I initially found difficult to decipher (but now realize is quite brilliant) and Room 101 is basically people complaining about things they hate. As a generally optimistic person, I used to find the notion of people complaining to be a drag. Now, in the massively depressing and apocalyptic political and cultural climate, someone griping about Spanx seems innocent. Frankie Boyle, not one to shy from controversial material, had one joke about how landed gentry ought to consider breeding with other's outside their own circle because one man shown in a video clip as weirdly "his own uncle." lol. I'll see if I can find the clip and try to post some music related info in this spot momentarily....(Footnote: My brother's favorite comic Doug Stanhope seems too strong a spice for American audiences but fits perfectly into the Frankie Boyle's strata.) (Update: This'll do just fine. Bye bye summer.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Scorpion 3

++The best actress award should go to the brave soul who held it together and didn't crack when going head to head with Catherine O'Hara.

++These ancient pix of Beto they’re diggin up from the 90’s(?) that are meant to embarrass him are only making me like him more lol #dreamofthe90s

++I don't just fluff my bed pillows, I punch'em down like I imagine Jillian Michaels probably does. Kick your asses, pillows!

++That'll fool the robbers.

++Oy vey, more longwinded thoughts on scooters? Sorta...after the JUMP!

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