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Monday, September 04, 2017

Mrs. Worldwide


++Fine, look into my soul, random picture. More like good luck looking FOR my soul!

Oh man, I've been in the most beautiful, restful fugue over the past few days and neglected to post these thoughts from last week:

++It's kind of hard to believe that I hadn't heard of Karl Knausguaard until last week, given that his brand of introspection is on brand for me.

++I took the advice of someone I respect to watch a show I ended up HATING...(HATING!) and now I have lost a ton of respect for the person who made the recommendation. Lesson here is, don't share your opinions on anything..sayeth the blogger.

++Not very, Diplo-matic.

++Won't it be funny if Pamela Anderson is the objet d'affection and a player in an international love triangle between former flame President Kid Rock and Julian Assange? That would be some pulpy Judith (still alive!) Krantz- level intrigue.  Gotta watch out for those world travelling Pamelas.


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