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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


+++Soooo, I try to just write about whatever I am interested in at any given moment...seems to have worked for me in the past.

Right now, because I've been busy, I've been watching this one very long episode of Big Fat Quiz Show in fits and starts from way back in 2006. It seems like an eternity ago. (Yes, I've written about TBFQ before, I keep coming back to it!)

I find it entertaining not only because of the wit and repartee between the contestants and Jimmy Carr(and their use of high falutin' vocab that you don't get here). Anyway, am only halfway through and am thoroughly charmed by Noel Fielding. I've tried to get with Mighty Boosh in the past w/o much success (I think its an acquired taste but am starting to get there). Am not a complete Anglophile, but I do love how men can be dandy and fey and are just considered eccentric. Sure, there's still a slight mocking, but between him and Brand I find it interesting how you can be both effeminate and studly which is so different from here....

Also, this is also very dated, not just cuz of the fashion but the "Go team" attitude that may be more Euro and maybe never existed here?


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