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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Tijuana Makes Me Happy

++Here's a little something from Fussible, one of the projects of the Nortec Collective, which may sound like the name of sci-fi dummy corporation but was(and is) a sound created by creatives from Baja combining Tambora and Nortena music dating back to '99.

++Always wanted my toilet to look like da club...they need this at my favorite Korean BBQ place where everything is blue neon.

++Misread this as (Horror, intentional) at first and was like, oh good it wasn't an accident.

++I got nuthin against satellite radio but one of my favorite things in the world is commercials for local towns and communities that all take on a certain similar flavor specific to that region. I love the conversational commercials of Cape Cod where it's usually two people softly talking to each other (one explaining something to someone else) and how when you go out to the desert here in Cali people in commercials are hawking things specifically cater to "us desert people" who "understand."

++Sure, who doesn't want to think of beetle exoskeletons while eating their corn?

++Lololol. And the hat, what makes this is the hat.



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