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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Twombly Dee


++Hee hee, sometimes when I am feeling lethargic I wish there was a typeface or font that would indicate that I dgaf like how Twombly writes the word Autumno here. Oh to sign off on emails like that, live to dream, dream to live.


++I didn't think I needed to know this much about strawberries, but here I am. Will just tuck away the fact that these cuties lack the "Fra a1" protein for personal gratification, not to like drop mic when I'm talking to smart folk. That'd be too much. OR WILL SHE? I do know too many know-it-alls who I spend most of the time nodding my head at, not being extra.

Last week I had the pleasure of being cooked something straight out of a restaurant's garden (not at this place) and it seemed both decadent and how life should be all the time, every day, every meal. Was literally sitting in the garden while I was eating the garden's byproducts, which seemed kind of cannibal-y for some reason... if those plants could talk. It woulda been cool if we were allowed to be barefoot in the dirt, truly at one with the experience (at which point the angry plants would wrap their vines around my ankles and pull me into the earth, out of vengeance.)


++Oy vey, as if I didn't have enough to worry about with the current political climate here, nows I gots tah be thinking of Venezuela? Don't usually pay too much attention to world's economies but seems to me if the US is breathing down your neck, you owe Russia money and need China coming to your rescue, there's trouble a-brewin. Maybe I'll just go back to watching dumb Lil Dicky videos.

++This made me laugh so so hard.


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