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Tuesday, July 11, 2017



Sooo I haven't had much to say lately because I've (still!) been so absorbed in my belovedly boring Terrace House and binged/mainlined it so hard that it has fully entered my bloodstream. ...(Longwinded read after the jumpy jump)


Now when people talk to me I often have to stop myself from doing that "hai" and subtle head bow they do in conversation in Japan when agreeing. 

This and another movie I saw over the weekend (what a great year it's been for movies! I say that every year but man this year😍!) have been so civilized and uplifting. The break from the regular news cycle, the sweet escape to alternate universes is too tantalizing to resist. And with this many episodes of TH available the show is enhancing and ruining my productivity.

Enhancing because one major difference I've noticed between our culture and theirs is the emphasis on hard work, productivity and inspiring others while pursuing goals. I always knew this about Japan, I guess I just didn't understand how culturally ingrained it is to try to be supportive of others over there. In contrast, America and its rugged Americans love to break away from the pack to stand out...and maybe prize leisure more? It seems like the endgame here in the US is to try to find a way to not work and still make gobs of money, so that you can eventually do nothing. I do love individuality and loafing though, so I don't know which mindset is necessarily better. In the episodes I've seen thus far, people there seem to see vocation as an enhancement to life and not a burden placed on top of it.

This excludes the commenters though, they are funny and jaded af.

Anyway, with that and the other media I've recently been absorbing I happily bow (hai!) to my uplifting, positive overlords of the moment...



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