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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

House of Mien

Several weeks back I remember Terrace House trending on Twitter and I finally had time to check out a few episodes just recently, though there are far too many to binge watch at once. The bleep on the radar back then was that the show, about twentysomethings living in a koolhaus in Tokyo was that it is so boring and that's why people loved it. And believe the hype because the show is very quiet and slow moving, and all the residents are genteel, clean looking, well reared and attractive. It's a far cry from America.This is by no means a recommendation to watch this show because I have a high tolerance for quiet and boredom. Most people would probably move on to something more exciting after the first two episodes.

Thus far, my favorite part of it all has been the commentator panel that watches the show. They're bawdy and older and register reactions true to what we we're feeling at home. It's a little like a cocktail party of old jaded Hollywood has-beens watching babies play at the park.. or Japanese Best Week Ever.

Here are a few of them that I'd cast in a poorly received, controversial (See Ghost In the Shell) movie about them (the movie would be about the commentators and not the show itself, obvs.)


Ryoto Yamasoto: The de facto leader of the group, who kind of reminds me Graham Norton. He's more cynical and searingly quick witted. Would be played by Mark Duplass with the same glasses. He's the best! #legend


 Yoshimi Tokui: Voice of reason. He's the charmingly sedate foil or counterpart to Ryoto. We would have to bring Serge Gainsbourg back to life to play him in the movie.


 And then there's Reina Treindl who serves as, like, the moderator of the group. She doesn't chime in often..I'm just including her because she may be a robot, her features are so perfect, and that would save me money in the movie. Otherwise she's played by Carey Mulligan. They look so similar, she may actually already be Carey Mulligan.


And then there's you, no not you, dear reader, the lady in the pic above who calls herself YOU. She often reclines and I swear she's missing a cigarette holder and martini. We would have to get a time machine and get Brenda Vaccaro to play her. (Is Brenda Vaccaro still alive.Hm.)


And lastly, the baby of the commenting panel (there are other members but these people pictured are the main players): Ayumu Mochizuki. I'm not quite sure why they included someone so much younger but he's quite wise and quiet, an out of the mouths of babes situation. In a weird way the panel treats him sweetly with a kind of reverence..he may be a popular actor out there..and it adds to the fun. (Played by a yet to be cast unknown, young Haley Joel Osment type.)


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