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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gouda On Ya

++I've always had a certain fondness for The Strokes but didn't realize what an impression (mmmhm) they made on the music scene. From the Lizzy Goodman book to this guy professing his love for them through mandolin on NPR I'm sure even they don't realize what an impact they had...they're probably way too cool to worry about clunky ol' "impacts."

++Well the Terrace House fever has finally been broken and I can go about living my life again! By this I mean screwin around watching random YT videos. I got interested in replicating some of the Japanese recipes on TH (am somewhat of a demon in the kitchen) and it lead me to the most amazing series of videos. I hesitantly clicked on the "Cooking with Dog" thinkin 'Uh oh if that's one of your ingredients u may not wanna post that,bbs.'Think twice and' #petaminute! #Ulintroublenow!

Thankfully the series is named for the dog sits and observes the chef at work. That is one well trained dog. These videos have all my current interests rolled up in one piece of dried nori: Japanese culture, ironic narrator, jaunty music and dogs! I like how they give the dog something to eat to try to pretend like he's talking at the start.

The other fun video I watched was on Stroopwaffels, which you sometimes see for sale in stores in boxes, a sad lifeless replica of the real thing made with treacle, the British word for molasses. (What a vivid visual next time something is described as treacly!) While it's a fun sounding word it just translates to Syrup Waffles. They were originally created by baker wishing to repurpose leftovers/leavings, which next to accidentally coming up with a new flavor is one of a cooks favorite things to do.



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