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Sunday, July 23, 2017


++Wow, I think I set a personal record speed time for money spent after signup using the Wish app. Might be a lowkey publishers clearinghouse type scam,lol. Whatevers, I'm a huge sucker for cheap kitchen gizmos that peel garlic (fkcn garlic and shoelaces are the bane of my existence) or little plastic men that hang from boiling pots for some practical reason. Also hilarious how picky I got when selecting free giveaways. It's the kiddie dentist freebie treasure chest all over again! I think sites like this, depop and Poshmark will give the big stores a run for their money, until they get gobbled up by the whales of the commerce sea.

++If I had my shot at asking a celebrity question, a shot at the "big time" with Parade magazine, I might not waste it on a personal attack against Marion Cotillard, but that's just me. The supposed French good time girl ain't helping her cause with her next film, though.

++Serkis stuff: Just had a dumb thought (not even clicking on article): Maybe he's really a chimp that's been trained to be convincingly human.

++I heard Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want at the store again yesterday and since I've made it my life's mission to take this song apart (this might be the fifth time I'm writing about it?), this time I zeroed in on the line "He says all the right things." Constructive criticism, maybe work on the high opinion of yourself?

++Sometimes I listen to songs like Ms. Skeptical, like I think Amine might be too young for flip phones. Also the Rihanna song where she's poppin off football stats, I'm like, Hm I don't think so... That'd be hilarious if she was really a huge sports stat head...


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