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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


+++Maaaan, if I was Cherelle I would don the editor hat and take out the word "whiny" all on my own. That's just disrespectful.

++Huh, as an active person I often eat on the run and today, perhaps a first, I have misplaced a sandwich. #roguesandwich#wheredatgo?#therewillbestench. (Also, as a busy person, I F-CKS with a cute tote bag. Give me utility or give me death. Also style.)

++Can't remember if I posted this video above already...pretty much every comment is some take on Harry Potter. Poor Harry Potter.

++Speaking of wiks: Last week I was thinking how weird it is that the word nazi is in Ashkenazi and was like ((((whoa))))) then I met someone who one upped me and introduced me to the idea of the Khazarian Conspiracy, which is kinda meh as far as conspiracy theories go. Far more amusing to me is that there is something that calls itself RationalWiki. And their standards are "nosebleedingly high!" In that case I'll see myself out...

++For a second, as my boy approached the stage, I nervously thought "will my boy be able to hang??" [My boy was able to hang.]


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