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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Blossom Tour

++My two favorite kinds of tweets are when either a) someone talks about their phone like it's a person ("What should I get my phone for Christmas?") or b) accuses Angela Lansbury of having been a mass murderer when she was pretending to solve crimes. Those two types of tweets only come up every so often, never get old.

++Another one of my favorite things is when you can't understand what a singer is saying. Then it becomes whatever you want it to mean. [Above.]

++Wasreading about all the people including his mom that Jay Z has on his new album and I had the funny thought like what if DJ Khaled's son was listed as executive producer? Like people are all, how cute, Khaled loves his son so much he lists him on his projects...but like really Asahd is some hard working dope ass savant studio wizard prodigy. Can't even walk yet, knows ableton.

++Looked at a box of almond milk, whispered the phrase "shelf stable" and thought for a moment that maybe there is such thing as too much knowledge.


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