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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Only God Forgives

++Pretzel logic: I don't know..maybe it is the final sign that I've lost completely is that I'm looking up pretzel designs. I don't even like pretzels!

++I won't get into it now, but I've been watching all kinds of interviews where Ewan MacGregor has talked about playing twins/doubles. Pretty sure it is in 3 separate projects (The Island, the Jesus one, and Fargo). I get it though, why wouldn't anyone wanna twice the Ewan for the price of one?

++My voice often elicits some kind of commentary...it is a certain kind of voice. For whatever reason, it is the kind of voice that makes women tell me that me that telemarketers tell them they sound like a little boy (or girl) and ask if their parents are home. Those darned telemarketers! Always stating their opinions.

++Kinda forgot about our friend Ariel but I don't mind this song at all!


++Don't usually pay no nevermind to these things but man, is this is mostly accurate!


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