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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Anti-American Graffiti

++This is one of the most beautiful things I've read.


++Looking at that pic of Danny Elfman I posted the other day, young Elfman could have played Robert Palmer in a biopic. Sure, I'm the only person in the world interested in a Robert Palmer biopic and we would have to go back in time to cast Elfman but I'm sure someone will GoFund this superb idea.

++Anyone wanna see a pic that hangs in my office of Hawaiian Andie McDowell? Check back here later.#HawaiianAndieMcDowell (Update: She fared pretty well aging in the FaceApp before I deleted it.)

++While I still ride for his one big song (earworm for decades now) I haven't given much thought to Jamiroquai otherwise. This song won't change that, even tho it's mostly listenable. The concept's also a tidge played out. Lemme tell ya what I *DO* love here and that is the Native American-like headdresses that function almost like a dog tail in the way they express the wearer's emotions. I don't know enough *Sci-fy* or comics to know if this idea was stolen ..especially the expressive aspect of the headdress, so color me impressed if this is an original idea. I was looking at my dog's tail the other day and was thinking "Man, you'd never be able to play poker with that thing." 

(Post script: His other videos have an insane amount of views. Must be "big in Europe" in a way we don't get here. Like riddim.)


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