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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Sandman


++Was listening to an old Fresh Air podcast with Noah Hawley, above, creator(?) of the Legion and Fargo programmes.  The best part of the conversation centered on the discussion of the word "uncanny," when the interviewer said that in Legion you don't know if the scenes you are seeing are real or the main character's (a man with schizophrenia) hallucinations. Hawley said that the original title of the X-Men includes the word uncanny, and that Sigmund Freud's definition (which is too long to elaborate upon) is the (and I am paraphrasing Hawley here) sense of uneasiness one gets when you are expecting someone to act in a certain way, say, according to societal norms, and they veer from the expected. He gave the example of a haunted house, or as I like to think of it as related to the original X-men's meaning/intention in today's parlance...the Uncanny Valley, or that feeling when you see a robot that's seems so close to human but something's...off. How difficult that must be to have hallucinations and he gives the audience a taste of it. Just great, thought-provoking stuff and even there is too much media to possibly consume these days, I love the variety of stories and perspectives available.


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