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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mind Rhyme

++Definitely some alpha male power play posturing from the big sax man trying to control the narrative and spice it up til Shaw toots at him in a special musical code (that we can't understand) "Boy, sit yo arse down!"

++Speaking of oldies, dis my bish ri' here.

++Why does Messina get an "Outside Interests" category? Never seen that one before. They need some standards for uniformity out there at Wiki hq.

++Pretty seamless outro from last 30 seconds of Reckoner into first few seconds of La Ritournelle.

++The Guinea Pig Club: Convalescent Blues sounds like a Jack White song waiting to happen.

++Just had an amusing thought: in Australia do they pass the dutchie on the right hand side?

++I no watch-o HGTV so had no clue what "shiplap" means. Looks a little spooky to me and those floating silouhette heads ain't helping matters either.



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