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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cult Icon

Richard-avedon-dovima-with-elephants-c-1955_a-g-7393941-0++The great thing about black and white is how much more intense the edges become...the way the light plays on the words ARTCOM.

++I think most everyone in these parts loves Santa Monica College and despite that I think we can all agree that the logo is a little extra.

++Hi listicle, I'm a huge wuss and will take you up on exactly NONE of these suggestions!

++So for Today's Pick I'm gonna throw it back just a few years to a song that I used to love though haven't listened to in forever: Usher's Climax. When it first came out it genuinely felt like a game changer for it's starkness, briefly moving Ursh slightly afield into indie/alt territory. While still gorgeous, it sounds much more plain now. Production has moved forward. Same thing happens to techie movies or anything that seemed innovative at one time. People jump on, augment and ultimately exhaust whatever came at the forefront of a trend and then you look back and think it's dated...but back when it was new and you were wading in it, it was something special.


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