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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

We Close Our Eyes

++I follow this guy on Twitter and Curious Cat on the reggsies and have been reading about a journey he's been on from the start ..with his pre-trip anxiousness on his way to the Overland Festival to its unexpectedly ugly conclusion. (Not a great year for festos!) The idea of continuously watching horror flix in an isolated snowed in hotel while an immersive game is being played on you is not my cup of Catherine Keener's Sleepytime tea to begin with and then omg the April 30th entry had me like "wha?!"

Anyway..even though I am a total wuss/can't tolerate horror, I do like what I see above. (Though not looking forward to the late night host jokes about the title.)

Am mildly intrigued by the return of newcomer TES, the simplicity in the genre these days and well, the consistently watchable Joel Edgerton in one of the movies screened at Overland. (Or should I say, screamed?)

The trailer does make me laugh a little though because horror movies always lay out the rules (that will later serve as plot devices) like an airplane safely demo. "Don't open the red door!) Too bad they couldn't get Axel: "You're in the forest babies and you're all gonna die!"


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