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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Asatru Alliance


++Today's Pick: A lil dose o' disco (mmmm*) from 2015 via a Siriano show.

 ++Highlander/Yasuke: When will the Black Samurai battle the White Princess? Gotta watch those middle managers, man, always gunning for the top seat.

++A man in his forties I think is kind of cute but everyone hates is yet another case of my ongoing quiet personal rebellion in a world that tells you what's right.

++All My Friends Are Heathens: My favorite part of any FAQ is when the responder is all like, "No!" and gets all steamed.

++Nico Mirallegro is no Nacho Vigalondo is you ask me.

++But if I get the iPhone case then I will never want to stop eating them. (#Areawomaneatsphone.)

++I had to turn off the SOG mailbox because it's too unwieldy but I am constantly plagued by worry that I'm missing an invite to a great show/new venue like poor Alison Becker is plagued by Kathy Griffin in that Viberzi ad.

++Had another celeb interaction yesterday which is always weirdly dreamlike and surreal. I used to be a fan of King of Queens and it always reminds me of when Eddie Money or Lou Ferrigno show up in normal people's lives.

++Will always have an affection and the slightest smile that comes to my face for "Not great,Bob!" ..and hoping it is never used as a reference or as a band name. There are so many things I wish had been allowed to stay unrevisited or left alone. (Oh here she goes!)


*no YOU'RE a doll!


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