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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

And What's A Song Without You?

Peeked into the SOG inbox (so many emails that just keep piling up) and got invited to Resident to see Steady Holiday, tomorrow night. Their video gives me nightmares, so by all means, check them out.

++Wonderful, now after watching Pforks Under/Over I'll think of the Future Islands guy whenever I use the laughing so hard he's crying emoji.[Disclaimer: I have no opinion on the Future Islands guy. Completely neutral. I just don't want any associations with my emojis.]

++Re: the popular phrase "woke." Sometimes I think I'm the right amount of woke, other times I wish I could go back to sleep, and this applies to other people I know who got woke as well. Press snooze!

++We still have Vanderpump, Lana, Jenny Slate, Cate and Huppert all of you who complain Old Glamour is dead. They can all do turbans and big sunglasses if need be and some of them even speak Cape Cod, so please cease with the complaints.(File under: thoughts I'm really having when I look introspective.)

++Sure its free, but where does it lead? DUNDUNDUN!

++Hm, I mights watch more basketball if it was lit by candle light with some Babyface in the back. I say yes!


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