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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Hormonally Yours

++Hmmm, don't have much chaff in the old hopper in terms of content for today. Pondering my amazement at the way actors and performers such as Colbert and Alec Baldwin, as well as friends and relatives are able to memorize lines from movies and long passages from literature in a way that I can't. The only line I've been able to memorize is the first few lines from Jabberwocky, shruggie?

++It's always puzzling to me that issuu never took off. You can turn the pages, people!

++It'd be kinda cool to be a musician so you could name your kid Django. I suppose anyone could name their kid Django but being a musician would give you license to do so. It would almost be expected

Here's a comment re the song above. Man, I don't even think this much about myself and I am quite self-centered! A lot of things could be an analogy for heroin?

My take on the song is, it's sung from the perspective of a drug (e.g. heroin) talking to its user and taking over his life. Both Marcella and Siobhan represent the "light/high" and "dark/low" effects of it. Marcella, in a calm and seductive way, is telling him not to leave the room, then "you must only think of me... when you're pride is on the floor, I'll make you beg for more". Those are dead giveaways, IMO, that Marcella's character is NOT a nurturing, loving, selfless, motherly figure or a "guardian angel" in any way. She is the drug's "high" as it takes over the user's life, and he thinks "this is beautiful, I feel great, I could STAY in this state forever, and it will be alright. I want more". Nothing else matters in that moment and the user can be in a room for days and without caring about the world outside.



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