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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Project Pabst

++I probably already wrote this but every time I read the name Car Seat Headrest I think of Headwound Harry. Hm, this might be year 12 of me referencing Massive Headwound Harry.

++Certain terrible people IRL should come with seizure inducing warnings like at the start of You Tube videos.

++Hope of the Democrats Jon Ossoff used to play ultimate frisbee. Finally some representation for that demographic.

++I'm sure Trader Joes is really proud of isself for using the California Grown logo on a lot of its products but it just makes me think of the nonpleasant DMV when I'm just trying to enjoy my pleasant breakfast. Also it is redundant, stating California twice, adding to the ruination.

++I bet Lena Dunham has the reverse of the common bad dream where she's naked in front of an audience whilst giving a speech. She's like all bundled up for a Minnesota winter at the podium.

++New Math: Man, exactly how many Skarsgards are there now? Take whatever number you can imagine and multiply it by minions for a Skarsgard Count. My guesstimate? 14 minion Skarsgards. And this latest one is playing Pennywise. They tend to play baddies in their work, terrorizing us come to think of it, just like those damn minions. And none of us have that weird thing that goes over the "å" in their name to get it right. Gawsh!

++Today's Pick: Julie Byrne who is hitting a few tour dates with the abiding Kurtis Vile. Sure you assume she's in nature but it could also be some elaborate backyard behind a minimansion in Calabasas. Lot of em have fake landscape waterfalls...they're all "hey jules that's pretty, but we got a cookout to start here."



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