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Sunday, April 30, 2017


++I've had that old GD Enrique Iglesias song Bailando rolling around in my biggole melon head for a week or so now, and truth be told it's not even the Enrique part I like. I did some snooping and finally found the name behind the distinctive testosterone filled growl I like:Alexander Delgado. It reminds me a little of the guy who used to do the 7up commercials. He's a member of Gente de Zona, and is so full of life force that he's the real horsepower, the Busta Rhymes driving the vehicle. Delgado doesn't even get named checked which is kind of a shame. He really needs a) a better moniker(something stickier) and b)Pitbull's agent. Another song I don't really like? The Macarena. However, it's got nostalgia, mah boy and some pleasing Wayne White inspired set design so here we are. (Everyone is high key rippin off White and Alex Prager these days. Do NOT get me started on this one paint commercial.) 


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