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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Go Green

Manuel-Neuer-on-ground Manuel-Neuer-working-on-his-goalkeeping-parades-right-before-the-start-of-the-friendly-match

++You could probably photoshop verdant & twisty German footballer Manuel Neuer into a Paola Pivi bear installation. Or he could hide out in one in the middle of a cop film chase scene! 

++For a second I thought Mura Masa was a friend of mine who was blowing up and nope totally different guy with a similar sounding band name. There go the dreams of the fancy invites. Still the mixup brought me to this newish XCX collab so insert philosophical Zen Moments tweet here!

++My husband pointed out an actor I find handsome has a disproportionately  tiny mouth and now all I can see is his mouth. Making small mouse noises.

++This seems like the kind of tech-y interaction Doug Coupland might have predicted years ago.

++I've just been told the STEM major acronym (nickname for college students mostly majoring in science who are in high demand) has been around for awhile and I only now just found out about it thru the magic of memes. 2017 has been a really fun and whimsical year for memes so far.

++Continuing on into childhood regression this week, how cute is this book?  Not groundbreaking or anything.  And it's still nothing compared to the one odd book I had where if you held it from a certain angle and shook it the letters would appear to move around the page, or maybe I was sniffing too much Elmer's paste at a young age. I swear those black letters used to give the appearance of jiggling around like ants at picnic but no one would believe me.


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