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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Not Infiltrating Anything


++No one's forcing me to read any of this, I tell mahseff all the time.

++Tonally, Camila Cabello has one of the prettiest voices I have ever heard, angelic and silken in purity. Love to listen to it all the time. That being said, whenever I hear that song the lyrics R so randomly put together and bizarre that I swear it was written by notabot (aka my favorite twitter account.)

++Shoulda gone with Cookie By the Ocean. Look alive, dailymail.

++I always think about this one observation Amy Poehler had where she said the hardest thing to get used to when moving from New York to LA was how on the weekends everyone in LA is up at the crakka dawn exercising and that no one sleeps in. But that's where you're wrong, Amy, we never sleeeeep, mwwwahhhahhahaha!


++The consonantly blessed Leif Vollebekk plays The Echo on the 25th of April and while I can't predict his behavior from city to city, I'm sure he would want you to come say hello.


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