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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Edgar's Birthday Show


++By most accounts Miles McMillan is the model of the moment. Kinda cute but sadly, kinda taken!? Who can keep up with these things, anyway?

++Half my battle in writing this blog is not sharing my many many celebrity encounter stories. And I've had more of them than probably anyone I know from being able to spot them (Catch'em all!) and having lived out here for so long. They're mostly kinda boring stories. They are always shorter than you expect. To quote a Gelson's cashier this past weekend: "They never look as good as they do in the movies. And they're always teeny tiny. One time Salma Hayak came in here with no makeup. Teeny tiny!" #teenytiny.

++Fine, random band I just found...you gotta song called Stop and Go? AUTOPOST!


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