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Wednesday, March 08, 2017


++I've long found one of my favorite writers Brian Moylan's love of Erika Jayne and her whole music career "cute".. indicating a sort of snobbery on my part. That was until this morning when I just keep hearing the phrase "None. Not one. Zero zero zero,done" rattling around in my head. (This is because I am fighting with someone.) And for some reason, it's mixing with the Work It melody. So that's where I'm at today.

++With a name like that it seems like they should sell pot? (They don't sell pot.)

++I'm pretty accomplished but how do people get the confidence start sentences with "I mean, look..." conversationally? #authoritative.

++The chemical reaction that occurs whenever you open up a new jar of kimchi will never NOT amaze me.

++Nerd Siren! Longread with some thoughts on MC Mike Crichton after the jump:

 ++These days..for whatever reason I keep circling back in conversation to Michael Crichton: "sounds similar to that Michael Crichton concept of..." when talking about some new tv show or movie plot, etc. This interview is one of my favorites because as someone with a few closely guarded and deeply held unpopular beliefs I have tremendous respect for anyone who goes against the grain especially when it is done calmly, rationally and dispassionately...regardless of whether or not I agree.

Was entertained by his Einstein anecdote and genuinely alarmed by the story of the man getting treated for a rare disease, because (next to having my personal image being unwittingly turned into a viral meme) one thing that has always scared me is stories of people who wake up in a bathtub having had one of their organs harvested. It never occurred to me that this can also happen with one's genetic material nowadays. Yikes! Also, the notion that diseases can be "owned" and not in the comically pwned internet way!


Anyway, Crichton would probably be the last person to believe in hokey conspiracy theories but I find it a little curious that he died shortly after this interview, hmm??

Bonus material: This goes pretty nerd-deep but did you know Crichton did a video game? You had to be a lot more active as a player back then. Type in an answer? Ugh!


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