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Monday, May 07, 2012

Heavy Hustle

++Dissertation idea: The Cultural Significance of Burj Khalifa v. Wiz Khalifa. You. Are. Welcome!! In other exciting news, I've spent the past 5 minutes trying to quickly freehand that ^that "W" up there.

++What, only 55 guests saw Marshall Crenshaw? Travesty. Those are the coolest 55 people in KC.

++Jacno was, how you say in French, easy on the eyes*? Fiddling with knobs before people even knew what that was all about. Like Skrillex meets Alain Delon.

++Just like I was able to see Big Gilbert's clockface I can see the Schoolhouse Rock in this dress. Am way too suggestible these days.

++Ohh, there are going to be so many methane jokes in the cafeteria at Beverly Hills High School today.

++Don't know why this Tango in the Attic video is so appealing since it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel. It just feels so mellow and easy, like the musical equivalent of throwing a frisbee.  Look out for a brief appearance by the chicken lady at 1:20. Wonder if the band ran into John Mayer out there on the open road.

*Answer: All french phrases translate to "easy on the eyes." Ze french love life!


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