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Friday, June 13, 2008

French Tip

Continuing with Doll day on Stop Okay Go, here's a song by the stunning Mareva Galanter (no relation to L.A's Ruth Galanter, I'm sure...picture here, yeah, guessing they're not related.) The song, Porquoi pas Moi, is completely sweetly sticky awful. Unbearable. The kind of song that would make even the happiest pinkest haired Japanese pop star take a knife to her inflatable Kerrokerropi furniture. 

The video on the other hand.. darling! The fashion, the people, the decor. Are they partying in a giant honeycomb? Or is it a giant replica of the Jarvik 7 artificial heart? I would not put either honeycombs or big fake heart houses past the French. 

I don't speak French so I can't figure out why people keep leaving the room whenever Mareva shows up. She seems like a friendly enough girl. B.O., maybe?  Still, I want to be in this video!  If I could just get off the Net long enough to put the finishing touches on the SOG 1200 Transmogrifier, I too could be playfully whoa-whoa-whoaing and yeh-yeh-yehing whilst strumming a ukulele (at least I hope that's his, umm, ukulele) in an infinity pool. I'd set the dial to mute, though. (via Perpenduum.)

Here's a much better song by Mareva Galanter, avec Jacno which means with Jacno! And its true, I listened to this song (a bittersweet delicate number) and can verify that it contains 75% more Jacno than the song above. (source)


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she is a former miss france (you know, pageant contest and all....)
i'd translate the title of the song by "why not me"
i'm french and i don't see the point of the lyrics.

maybe because i didn't see because i didn't really try to understand. that's an awful song indeed.
if you really want me to translate the lyrics, send me an email.

Ah that makes sense. I'm trying to learn french right now so hopefully I can translate it on my own soon enough. :)
Terrible song but she's very cute and effervescent.

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