Thursday, July 24, 2014

My New Twist


++Hey Nannerpuss jingle stuck in my brain...consider yooself replaced!(Unexplained lapse into Rosie Perez impersonation for no apparent reason whatsoever.)

++This is sort of nitpicky. I like Freddie Gibbs' flow in this verse but the "I suppose" makes his diss sound a bit shy. Like, don't hesitate on the backswing. Either his b-tch wants to f with you or she doesn't, Fred. Characters need to be decisive to drive plot.

++"Need a little hand?"

BtFbPTUCQAEDMg0.jpg large

++Hee heee... nothing like a little Thomas Pynchon and PT Anderson (aka lean for nerds) to get the AV Club giddily asking question after question. Pynchon and PT. Boy oh boy. That'll be a short, breezy lighthearted romp. A Vine, maybe.

++I really only know a little bit about Rick Ross, so I've been doing some research. Wondering with all these celeb appearances if Wingstop'll become the new Chiltern Firehouse?

++That's gonna be tough, Pity Sex.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lani Tsunami

For the past 6 years or so Wiki and the foodie community in general have bestowed the title of Best Restaurant IN THE WORLD to elBulli in Catalonia, Spain. (Its name is a lil too close to E. Coli for me and fwiw, that pronunciation guide is of no help whatsoever Wikipedia.)

Chef Ferran Adria has come under fire for potentially harming his patrons with toxic ingredients (all in the name of texture). C'mon, how harmful could "bubbles" be?


++I remember once laughing at a tweet where someone said that she wanted the level of fame where when you googled her the phrase "feet" came up attached to her name as the first search suggestion. I think a cool level of fame would be where you could have your own vanity site and sign off on thoughts with your first initial and your fans'd be like, ooh. Ahh. 



++The phrase "Somebody Up There Likes Me" could be a great title for a romcom about a tiny lady and a toweringly tall man.

++And just like that, I'm officially bored with striping and paneling on dresses. Please stop now, ladies.

++Exclusive: Updated Lennon lyrics.

++The production on this new Kehlani track is thiiick!!Yum.

I love when you got the headphones on blast and those fatty beats boom all the way to the back of your skull. Her voice is silk, too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Up, Get Down


++I was reading an old interview with the Charlie Day-ish lookin lead singer of the Man where he talks about UNIS clothing and Rick Ross and it made me think of all the time and money that Ross probably saves by not wearing shirts. If Einstein were around today he'd be like, "genius time saver Rozay..well played" before enviously clenching his fist at the sky and yelling "Rozay!"*



++Even tho it seems like premeditated hipster bait I did in fact mess around and watch this entire Sylvan Esso video. A couple of thoughts went through my head as I did.:


•I like that logo. Who's like the Carine Roitfeld of the logo world I wonder. Older people know how to dance; dance and small talk..lost arts.

•There's that baby/powder blue again and those thin foldy socks to the power of yes!

•Cold coffee in summer, warm coffee in winter.  Remember that one-off site that was all "is it time for iced coffee yet?" One off sites are funny, too cool to be bothered by all your extraneous wordage. I wanna create a one off site #plans #dosequiswoman

•This is like the chill flip side to that ETID Fight For Your Right to Frontal video that I watched the other day, now with 50% less surprise twig and berries closeups.

•Ohh gettin cornered in the kitchen by the guy who talks and talks. Wurst. Border collies. They are like those old hockey game board goalies where their carved out track is to corner you into kitchen corners.

•This song kind of bores me and yet I love it? Hypnotic. Listening to it feels like walking into a clean overly organized beautiful home with lots of white fabric. It's not comfy but interesting to behold. Do I like this song? It is quite pretty and simple and cleanly produced.

•This is like that car commercial that showed all the different decades of fashion but all moshed into one. We are now all evolved past trends and retro fashion, ayyboddy just wear whatever you want from whichever time period, twirl parasols with doc marten wedges and throw in some normcore..whatever!!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Secret Ladies' Man

++Cute and all, but something tells me if I buy this it'd set me off on an eccentric path where eventually I'd be twirling a parasol while strolling around town conspicuously eating ladyfingers. Who has the time?

++I wanted to post a funny Bridger tweet today and now the problem is there are too many choose to just one. Lol.

++Ayyboddy's lookin to cash in on that YA book market. Ayyboddy!


++Speaking of books, Douglas Coupland is purposely setting out to damage his readers' souls and wonders if Angela Lansbury is an ax murderer.

++Just like television shows ...there are certain ad campaigns that are fun at first and then overstay their welcome. I think this about the Dos Equis man ads til they make me chuckle once more. *Almost* played out (but please don't go just yet).

Was talking with someone the other day about how men aren't as macho, perhaps as accomplished, as they used to be when I was a kid, and part of the appeal of the campaign is a little bit of nostalgia at the former construct of what it used to be to be a man.

++This Volumes band is not my jam but I do love the clashing of voices. I like when a dissonant voice comes into a song jarringly, like "a voice inside my head" out of nowhere.

++While the theme is rather played out this video for Berkeley Pit's My Status is Blue is beautifully executed, and the color blue is so warm bright and salient.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Believin

++The New Yorker breaks down how to make lean. (RIP lean.)I dunno, maybe a pinch of Allspice? That's just me.

++Was just watching a terrible EDM/Ibiza-ish video and animation is getting so realistic and music sounding so artificial I wonder how long it'll be before we all get catfished/millivanillied into believing a robot is an actual, living singer.

++This is late but it made me full on LOL.

++An article by Magic Molly Young on the Instagram trend of Russian women posting pix of themselves with large amounts of flowers is all kinds of amusing. It's done in a nonjudgy, women laughing while eating salads kinda way.

++I wonder if people who frequently do that pretend bike-riding upside down while hanging off strings have a hard time getting used to putting their legs back on solid ground, like that sensation you get after you get off the Peoplemover conveyer belt at the airport. Do you have to set them back upright when they fall on their side like an RC car?

++I was looking for what Guns N Bombs have been up to because I still listen to their remix of Chromeo's Fancy Footwork with that realistic sounding siren that will make you pull to the side of the road. It gets real inconvenient. Anyway no luck on that front but I did find this beauty from old fave Metronomy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Mozart of Madras


++Composer extraordinaire A.R. Rahman (listen to a snippet from Bombay here) is increasingly moving deeper into electronica, working on a project with Oll eyes on him! When Rahman's not jammin with 'Superheavy', Mick Jagger's supergroup.. he's opening music schools, doing charitable work or inventing "Qyuki" a Cisco-funded social networking platform for story tellers to exchange ideas.

++Woody Allen is in Providence shooting a movie and this woman who was an extra details the director's dress code, that calls for mostly muted colors. That sounds about right. For whatever reason I haven't had much desire Woody's latest work, but I might hand over some greenbacks to see Joaquin and Parker P.

++Benjamin Booker: Isn't that just the way of the world nowadays? One day you're working as a record store clerk with a White Stripes poster on your wall, the next you're performing on Letterman and opening for Jack White?

++Hm, this headline. Are the people excited for Kate Hudson's activewear flipping literally or figuratively? Because fitness folk are pretty excitable. I am just going to go ahead and pretend exercise people are so flippin excited that they are flippin all the way to the flippin store.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Buy A Thrill

++I like how, from year to year, Nikki keeps giving us running updates on the amount of money she makes per verse, like she's her own personal NASDAQ.

++I see this homie all the time while surfing and I REFUSE to research this further to see what his deal is. Refuse. Ya hear me Internet?

++Today's Pick: I've been watching some videos by You Tuber Fletcher Shears. She's got a lot of Burger Records on her channel. (Hm. Still been meaning to make it down there to see if actual burgers are being served. Journalism!)

Love the first few notes of this Puzzle instrumental. Been super into lo-fi over the past couple of days and this sounds like INXs meets someone learning a new music program and this is a-speakin' my language today. The song maybe just needs one vocalization..a sample of someone yelling something out like "BASS!" about 20 seconds in or so. Or one real weird sound effect in the middle? Anyway, keep on keepin' on Puzzle.

++I'm not a huge fan of MCR so I don't know why I paused to watch this...but I'm all for people following their inner calling. And for Anglophile Gerard Way that means paying homage to Gang of Four and britpop in general. Way's new song Action Cat is just aiight for me. I think I'll post this one instead. I do like the quality of the angst in his voice, always his strong suit.  It's got some nice melodramatic/melancholy echoes of Jarvy Cocker (2:33). Oh if only they'd closed the deal on those final notes. Anyway, hoping he'll keep driving his lorry down this kind of street below.:

Monday, July 14, 2014


++I was showing my husband local gang signs my friends have shown me over the years and he pointed out this article.. We are all now walking search engines.*

++Lotsa moon news lately.

++While there's nothing wrong with acting as a profession.. every time I hear the name Lennon Parham I think how it would've made a great name for an ambassador/statesman or a poet. Post career careers, LP?

++From the inbox: Hey whaddaya know...The Generationals are back! Aw, memories. Good times. Their new album is titled Alix, was produced by Richard Swift and is out on Sept. 16th.

++If I was a band promoter or agent I'd wine and dine the music guest bookers on late night talk shows. Hm, Scorsese plot in the making? I can envision the long take now.

++Yeah so, all in all, my weekend gently rocked the most. I got inspired by a variety of things (the very definition of a good weekend) that once again lead back to fellow LCD fan Yuksek whose latest project is presiding over a creative collective called Partyfine. As of this writing, Partyfine has not yet branched into the inevitable line of party supplies (industry term for this is "Pippa-d") but I think I know of a certain party planner who'd be interested if that should that ever change...

Here's the jam-o-the day..something that you don't hear often which is a symphonic disco sound with depth. 

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Timelessness of Cool

++So thrilled to hear that Ryan Gosling and Robert Downey Jr. are having a baby together. Mazeltophergrace!

++Woah, okay ETID, I guess full-frontal without any warning is now allowed on You Tube? Not cool, mang.

++Fine. I'll give this video one more go-round if only because I like the way Never Shout Never pronouce the word "blossom."

++I've been going through a buncha of these Young Hollywood videos and here's a belated review that adds nothing to the conversation: I watched Neighbors when it first came out and was somewhat surprised by how much I enjoyed Zac Efron's performance..since I've never been much of a fan or given him much thought.

I went into the theater expecting a few gross-out Farrelly laffs, which were there, but ended up admiring Efron's skill at portraying (air quotes) subtly troubled and related to the movie's larger message about wanting to be cool as you age. (Though honestly, that doesn't seem to be a thing anymore. Aimee Mann wears fishnets with Chucks, ergo, so can I. Separate dissertation for another day: how Chucks are now worn at all ages?)

Anyway! Watching this I'm also impressed by how the interviewer works in the word "indulgent" (the Magnum Bar talking point/keyword) and thinking that I maybe need to raise my standards for what I consider impressive.

(Also the adlibbed Rack City ref was lost on our knockkneed, starry-eyed host. Snappouttaoffit!)(Also how funny is it to think that Efron probably sings the song to hImself as Zack City?)

  Mgid uma image 9397377

++Hey, speaking of Dijon, I love this header picture choice of YG explaining his thoughts. Very philosopher. Hoping it becomes an ongoing series called "YG Thinks.." along the lines of Kings Things. (Looking it up just now, I never would've have guessed Larry King  was a Trey Songz fan or that Rita Ora was a media mogul .) Someone I know says that it was actually Lil John that first created the sound YG refers to but I'm not comfortable enough on hiphop ground to put forth this argument...


++Ever noticed how gossip sites will show a pic of a female star and her "hubby" but never a male star and his "wifey." Because that just sounds wrong/sexist. Wait a sec, I just lost track of which side of the gender wars I'm on. 53baf61321a602ab3bf6df92_indie-movies-summer-2014-09

++All of the movies! Please give me aaall.of.theeeeemmmmm!!! Cantcha see, I'm no good without them?

++Lulu James: This video above is a little glossier than what I usually post and not re-inventing the wheel, but it has a chill, light vibe that's scratchin' the itch for today. I've only listened to it once.. seems like it would be a great choice for a wedding playlist?

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