Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exi Exo

++Don't know who this kid is but he looks like he's got it all figured out. Or 92% of it figured out? (Aha. Looked it up. He's a heartthrob named Kyungsoo from "Exo.")

++Coincidentally, Love Inks' newest offering "Exi" will be out on September 8th. To this day my husband randomly and constantly quotes "You've got black eye on your eye." You just have to say something is "on" something else and, brother, he is off to the races. Created that monster myself, I guess.

++Yikes. You won't find this condition on WebMd.

++If Prince William or Chris Martin ever need a vocal stand-in, Chris Geere's got that upper crusty soft spoken tickle-in-the-back-of-your-throat thing down pat. So cute when Brits use the words chill or "chillin."

++Readin comments like.

++Any relation to Angel or Chet of the great Haze Family entertainment dynasty?!

++I'm continually amazed at the wide ranging and deep impact that Spongebob had on people now entering their twenties. It's sorta charming and hilarious and there could be far worse sources of nostalgia. #oomf #old #weeniehut. 

++Just now I thought, "I feel like posting something that "sounds like Norah Jones."

Here's a fun game, Google: "sounds like Norah Jones."

No j/k don't do that because I will save you a few clicks and say none of those sound like Norah Jones.

Wouldn't it be funny if all of a sudden Google got prissy, opinionated and sick of your triflin' basic queries and automatically redirected you to the realest of answers? Something called Honest Google. Where you enter a question and it replies: "Fool! Ain't none of these gonna sound like GD Norah Jones!! Here.. listen to some Deniece Williams instead!...Damn." (Voiced by Mr. T for some reason in this fantasy scenario.)(Related: I would read this.)

Anywaaaay, let's listen to some new Bahamas instead and scratch that mellow Norah/Jack Johnson itch. Mr. T approved.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cheerios Dust On My Cereal Bowl


++Ah... Kim. Kim, Kim, Kim. Lol. Never knew her but she was obviously the best, on Jesus' speed-dial for good reason.

++Chris Lake and Lazy Rich: "Cloesawh."

++Cartoonist Jen Sorenson recently received the 2014 Herblock Prize for Editorial Cartooning and the "Edgy" stamp of approval from DC rockstar Bob "rain or shine" Woodward. He's to DC what John "Anytime, Anyplace" Darnielle is to Portland.


++Escada: I maybe would've gone a little higher with the belt, say around the neck or forehead. (Get excited parka makers. Now is your time.)

++The SF Bay Guardian profiles recent Warped Tour addition k.flay whose last run of creativity came from eating lots of red meat while listening to Dizzee Rascal. Hey, the muse works in mysterious ways?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life Has Always Been A Rodeo


Short and sweet today, bbs, cuz Mama's busy!

++False advertising: how youz expecting to be sexy without the golf?

++Levi-ites: Been following him on Twitter for quite some time and, um, I think Zach Levi might have quietly crossed over into becoming a cult leader? It happened so gradually.

++Here's something cool I just happened to stumble upon..too busy right now to see if it's an ongoing feature: Record Sleeves of the Month. Wow, Kaiser Chiefs sure do give it their all, don't they. As they say on a popular gossip site: "Are they doing TOO MUCH?"

This My Sad Captains song is givin me the feels this morning, it makes me want to go to small dark club and sway ever so slightly from left to right with other music lovers indicating we are really into the music. Perhaps it might give you that feeling, too!

Trivia: My Sad Captains get their name from poet Thomas Gunn and not from Elbow.

Also: My Sad Captains' record sleeve(above) was done by the very talented recently graduated Phil Goss.

(Hot damn, I love this song. More like "Wanna wrap myself in the cashmere of your voice", dude. Very wintry.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Gimme Chocalatu



++I don't currently have an opinion of Babymetal..


..but I think that going to a show would definitely change that condition?

++NPR gets wind of our friend Chris Denny. His voice is so unusual! Love. (Until it's picked up on by some indie filmaker.)

++This would be a fun new game. I sometimes say Spike Jonze when my brain means to say Spike Lee and am entertained by imagining the resulting today when I was talking about Spike Jonzes' strong feelings on the Tawana Brawley case.

++Wrong reaction, Ruffalo.

++I believe the proper spellings are "squirreleaux" and "loyaleux"? (Related.)

++Do others know about Melanie Valera aka Tender Forever? I'm just discovering this gorgeous sound for the first time. This observation isn't related to this video but lately some new retro videos have gotten to be so authentic looking they look genuinely old like old forgotten one-hit wonder bands and make you long for when you were a kids and acts like PoP! ruled the airwaves. (Seriously, if you were a foreigner not raised here you might have a hard time figuring out what's real and not, and from what era it happened.) Anyway, love this song!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My New Twist


++Hey Nannerpuss jingle stuck in my brain...consider yooself replaced!(Unexplained lapse into Rosie Perez impersonation for no apparent reason whatsoever.)

++This is sort of nitpicky. I like Freddie Gibbs' flow in this verse but the "I suppose" makes his diss sound a bit shy. Like, don't hesitate on the backswing. Either his b-tch wants to f with you or she doesn't, Fred. Characters need to be decisive to drive plot.

++"Need a little hand?"

BtFbPTUCQAEDMg0.jpg large

++Hee heee... nothing like a little Thomas Pynchon and PT Anderson (aka lean for nerds) to get the AV Club giddily asking question after question. Pynchon and PT. Boy oh boy. That'll be a short, breezy lighthearted romp. A Vine, maybe.

++I really only know a little bit about Rick Ross, so I've been doing some research. Wondering with all these celeb appearances if Wingstop'll become the new Chiltern Firehouse?

++That's gonna be tough, Pity Sex.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lani Tsunami

For the past 6 years or so Wiki and the foodie community in general have bestowed the title of Best Restaurant IN THE WORLD to elBulli in Catalonia, Spain. (Its name is a lil too close to E. Coli for me and fwiw, that pronunciation guide is of no help whatsoever Wikipedia.)

Chef Ferran Adria has come under fire for potentially harming his patrons with toxic ingredients (all in the name of texture). C'mon, how harmful could "bubbles" be?


++I remember once laughing at a tweet where someone said that she wanted the level of fame where when you googled her the phrase "feet" came up attached to her name as the first search suggestion. I think a cool level of fame would be where you could have your own vanity site and sign off on thoughts with your first initial and your fans'd be like, ooh. Ahh. 



++The phrase "Somebody Up There Likes Me" could be a great title for a romcom about a tiny lady and a toweringly tall man.

++And just like that, I'm officially bored with striping and paneling on dresses. Please stop now, ladies.

++Exclusive: Updated Lennon lyrics.

++The production on this new Kehlani track is thiiick!!Yum.

I love when you got the headphones on blast and those fatty beats boom all the way to the back of your skull. Her voice is silk, too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Up, Get Down


++I was reading an old interview with the Charlie Day-ish lookin lead singer of the Man where he talks about UNIS clothing and Rick Ross and it made me think of all the time and money that Ross probably saves by not wearing shirts. If Einstein were around today he'd be like, "genius time saver Rozay..well played" before enviously clenching his fist at the sky and yelling "Rozay!"*



++Even tho it seems like premeditated hipster bait I did in fact mess around and watch this entire Sylvan Esso video. A couple of thoughts went through my head as I did.:


•I like that logo. Who's like the Carine Roitfeld of the logo world I wonder. Older people know how to dance; dance and small talk..lost arts.

•There's that baby/powder blue again and those thin foldy socks to the power of yes!

•Cold coffee in summer, warm coffee in winter.  Remember that one-off site that was all "is it time for iced coffee yet?" One off sites are funny, too cool to be bothered by all your extraneous wordage. I wanna create a one off site #plans #dosequiswoman

•This is like the chill flip side to that ETID Fight For Your Right to Frontal video that I watched the other day, now with 50% less surprise twig and berries closeups.

•Ohh gettin cornered in the kitchen by the guy who talks and talks. Wurst. Border collies. They are like those old hockey game board goalies where their carved out track is to corner you into kitchen corners.

•This song kind of bores me and yet I love it? Hypnotic. Listening to it feels like walking into a clean overly organized beautiful home with lots of white fabric. It's not comfy but interesting to behold. Do I like this song? It is quite pretty and simple and cleanly produced.

•This is like that car commercial that showed all the different decades of fashion but all moshed into one. We are now all evolved past trends and retro fashion, ayyboddy just wear whatever you want from whichever time period, twirl parasols with doc marten wedges and throw in some normcore..whatever!!

Continue reading "Get Up, Get Down" »

Monday, July 21, 2014

Secret Ladies' Man

++Cute and all, but something tells me if I buy this it'd set me off on an eccentric path where eventually I'd be twirling a parasol while strolling around town conspicuously eating ladyfingers. Who has the time?

++I wanted to post a funny Bridger tweet today and now the problem is there are too many choose to just one. Lol.

++Ayyboddy's lookin to cash in on that YA book market. Ayyboddy!


++Speaking of books, Douglas Coupland is purposely setting out to damage his readers' souls and wonders if Angela Lansbury is an ax murderer.

++Just like television shows ...there are certain ad campaigns that are fun at first and then overstay their welcome. I think this about the Dos Equis man ads til they make me chuckle once more. *Almost* played out (but please don't go just yet).

Was talking with someone the other day about how men aren't as macho, perhaps as accomplished, as they used to be when I was a kid, and part of the appeal of the campaign is a little bit of nostalgia at the former construct of what it used to be to be a man.

++This Volumes band is not my jam but I do love the clashing of voices. I like when a dissonant voice comes into a song jarringly, like "a voice inside my head" out of nowhere.

++While the theme is rather played out this video for Berkeley Pit's My Status is Blue is beautifully executed, and the color blue is so warm bright and salient.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Believin

++The New Yorker breaks down how to make lean. (RIP lean.)I dunno, maybe a pinch of Allspice? That's just me.

++Was just watching a terrible EDM/Ibiza-ish video and animation is getting so realistic and music sounding so artificial I wonder how long it'll be before we all get catfished/millivanillied into believing a robot is an actual, living singer.

++This is late but it made me full on LOL.

++An article by Magic Molly Young on the Instagram trend of Russian women posting pix of themselves with large amounts of flowers is all kinds of amusing. It's done in a nonjudgy, women laughing while eating salads kinda way.

++I wonder if people who frequently do that pretend bike-riding upside down while hanging off strings have a hard time getting used to putting their legs back on solid ground, like that sensation you get after you get off the Peoplemover conveyer belt at the airport. Do you have to set them back upright when they fall on their side like an RC car?

++I was looking for what Guns N Bombs have been up to because I still listen to their remix of Chromeo's Fancy Footwork with that realistic sounding siren that will make you pull to the side of the road. It gets real inconvenient. Anyway no luck on that front but I did find this beauty from old fave Metronomy.

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